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To be honest I feel like they're just making shit up. I mean some transwomen also claim that they can get "periods"/hormonal "menstrual cycles" from taking estrogen, how credible are their claims?

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Lesbian transitions to be a trans man, can't find dates with women anymore, dates other trans men, calls herself a gay man now. I'm pretty sure that's how it happens.

They're so ideological that they will redefine their sexual orientation rather than admit that sex is the basis of their orientation.

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I wonder how many of the people making these declarations had meaningful mental health evaluations before transitioning.

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I've talked to multiple people like this. Hormones dont work the way people think they do. In the old days throughout pathologizing and medicalizing homosexuality, doctors in the 30's thought "gay men just need more testosterone and they'll be so manly that they'll want to have sex with women!" and that "lesbians need more estrogen pumped into them so they can become sexually submissive to men!". It really doesnt work like that.

I also traced down and found the person who had rape fantasies about gay men and she identified as a gay man. It turns out, throughout her profile, she believed she was a lesbian most of her life simply out of confusion. She's a female but has very "masculine" dominant urges. She believes she's sexually incompatible with hetero/bi men because she likes dominating and it's gotten to the point where she openly talks about her rape fantasies. She fetishizes gay femininity. She's also a trauma counsellor by the way. She helps rape victims. This is a gender thing.

People like her (AAP) end up in lesbian communities the same way straight and bi men believe theyre gay when they suffer from AGP so they think theyre gay and then slowly realize theyre trans "lesbians". So the gay and lesbian community are temporarily storing AGP's and AAP's both hiding in our communities and when they realize theyre not really that same sex attracted, they launch themselves into the other same sex community.

She also has "theories" on homosexuals. She sees them more as social categories and not "born this way". She kept talking about fluidity. She believes that homosexuals are traumatized and hiding their opposite sex attraction and need to work through it. This isnt the first time i've heard this.

So they see our genders (gays being more feminine, lesbians being more masculine (as stereotypes) and think their gender is similar to ours, they must be same sex attracted (or exclusively same sex attracted)

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I have heard that in some cases using the hormones for a really long time changes their sexuality a bit. I don’t know how true that is though.

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It might be possible if they were already bisexual to begin with. Biological pathways are strongly triggered by hormones. The code to program attraction to both men and women already exists in everyone's DNA it's just a matter of having it turned on. If a pathway becomes expressed then it's much easier to cycle the switch on or off.

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HRT might change some of your sexual preferences, but I don't think it can change your sexuality. I think a lot of the people who claim to have had their sexuality change are just dishonest bisexuals who like the idea of a different label. The one example I know of a trans person who claims their sexuality changed on hormones - Contrapoints - is just a bisexual who likes the idea of being a lesbian.

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I thought Contrapoints was a pretty clear case of Blanchard's "pseudobisexuality". Ultimately straight, but into the idea of dating a man as like a prop to his identity as a woman.

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I’m not so sure about that. A lot of people say they have this orientation when they actually don’t. It’s possible that a gay trans identified man thought he was straight and didn’t explore his orientation until after he underwent surgery. He could claim that his "transition" made him attracted to men, but the fact is, it was his internalised homophobia that kept him from realising his homosexuality but deep down he knew it was there. Rather than accepting that he’s just gay, he decided he was a woman because of his attitude that "if you like men, you’re a woman", so he transitioned and then felt comfortable acknowledging his attraction towards other men. But he will deny that he’s liked men even before he took cross-sex hormones, because then he would have to acknowledge that for a period in his life he was a homosexual - he still is, by the way. To acknowledge that would cause him psychological pain. And it might even cause a painful realisation - that he’s still a man. And not just a man, but a homosexual man.

As for the woman who’s been into men since she’s "transitioned into a man", there are several possible explanations. She was never a lesbian, and was just lying. Or she is still a lesbian, but her girlfriend is also a trans man, and they both call themselves gay men to keep up the delusion that they’re both men when in actual fact they’re not.

Or maybe she knows she’s a lesbian, but she doesn’t want to be one. She transitioned to "male", thinking it would make her happy, but straight women still don’t want to date her because she lacks a penis. Other lesbians don’t want to date her because she’s damaged goods as far as they are concerned. Bisexual women won’t date her because they only like men with penises and they only like women who look like women, or they see through the bullshit and don't want to play pretend, or they are intimidated by the transsexual lesbian because those testosterone shots can make a person aggressive. No woman wants her. However, this woman is terrified of dying alone. And those hormones and surgery have crippled her body to a point where she will need somebody to look after her when she’s in her 60’s or 50’s. She doesn’t want to admit that she’s made a mistake, so she insists she’s now a man. But because no woman wants her, and she doesn’t want to be alone, she pairs up with a man. It’s ugly, but this is the best she can do now that she’s destroyed her life beyond repair. So she finds a man who is not interested in sex, or who prefers to have multiple sexual partners but does not want to have sex with his spouse because he wants his spouse to be his second mom (or second "dad"), and she agrees to be his "husband” on condition that he keeps her company and he agrees on condition that he can sleep with men and/or other women on the side. But because such a relationship would be stigmatised, they pretend to be monogamous, so the trans identified lesbian says she’s a gay man so nobody will suspect that her husband is cheating on her.

This is what transgenderism is doing to our community.

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Among Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms:

Distorted and unstable self-image or sense of self

People with borderline personality disorder may experience mood swings and display uncertainty about how they see themselves and their role in the world. As a result, their interests and values can change quickly.

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Sexuality isn't a choice. But some people don't know or acknowledge who they are until life forces them to. Human existence is stifled unless people allow themselves to grow and evolve, and life circumstances don't always present the right opportunities.

Also, cross-sex hormones are powerful and will change the human body. The brain and body work together.

Lesbians who transition and become gay or bi men: Testosterone is a hell of a drug. Testosterone is the first hormone that is checked by doctors when women experience low libido or low sexual desire. T is responsible for those urges. High T-levels in women are a medical disorder and/or permanent. So lesbians who take it and suddenly like men were either bi deep down all the time and didn't know, or the hormone influenced them to be different.

Straight men who transition: Estrogen changes physical attributes, but it is NOT strong enough to override T, the hormone responsible for libido and desire. So either these men were bi or gay deep down and didn't know, or they are imagining themselves AS WOMEN and using other men to affirm that. So they are HSTS (homosexual transsexuals) or fetishists. Fetishes exist outside of sexual orientation.

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It's difficult to make sense of how trans people describe their sexuality, because they've redefined everything in terms of gender and also sometimes in terms of a split attraction model (romantic + sexual orientation nonsense). When they apply terms like gay or bisexual, it doesn't mean what we think it means. They refer to their actual sexual orientation as "genital preference".

With that in mind, I think I understand the phenomenon of how heterosexual men start identifying as bisexual after transitioning into transwomen. Their sexuality never actually changes. Make no mistake, they are still straight men. But they are straight men who try to live a life defined by female stereotypes. One of those stereotypes is that women should show sexual interest in men. Their female identities are validated when they are seen as sexual objects by other straight men. Adopting a bisexual identity and showing a reciprocal interest in men allows them to achieve that validation. They aren't actually bisexuals, but rather pseudobisexuals whose homosexuality is just another performative addition to their female costume.

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Sexuality does not change. All transgenders are self hating. If they hate themselves so much to the point of fucking their bodies up with ‘transitioning’ is not hard to believe that they are just self hating of their sexual orientation too.

I have seen many times heterosexual ftm aka ‘trans gays’ saying they want to be gay men because they hate ‘liking men as a woman’ due of misogyny or the double standards that generally put women in disadvantage on het dynamics, I suppose. So technically in their mind their sexuality changed because due to their delusions their label changed, they went from straight woman to gay man, but in reality their sexuality itself did not changed at all, they are exclusively attracted to men like they always were. Anyone that can be loyal to material reality can acknowledge they are heterosexual females. That apply to lesbians ‘het transmen’ and gays ‘het transwomen’.

For the bisexuals, the ones that ‘started’ to like a different sex demographic, they are bisexual. I have heard many times of bisexual’s sexual preferences changing over time, they used to prefer one sex over the other and eventually their preference switch; from normal “cis” bisexuals and the transgenders alike. That said, I don’t think it’s all on the fact these people are confused and can’t decide, there’s also the self hating aspect of it. For example, a mtf that claim he only liked women pre-transition and ‘suddenly start to like men’ post transition was probably in the closet and liked men the whole time hence why he wanted to be a woman and transitioned in the first place. Most of those types, hate the fact they are gay. They rather force themselves into be with women or pretend to be into women in order to be a straight guy or ‘become a woman’ so they can be with men and ‘remain straight’ than just accept they are gay.

As for types like Gigi Gorgeous and Riley Dennis that exclusively dated men before transitioning and then started to date women post transitioning are just dishonest bisexuals really. They aren’t gays that became straight, they are just bisexuals. Probably could not lay a woman in ‘boy mode’ because they were extremely feminine men or did not thought they were supposed to like women because they wer extremely feminine but once they ‘became women’ they get more comfortable to be honest with themselves. There’s also the label misuse too to confuse people even more. They always label themselves based on their delusions instead of reality. Gigi is a good example of it, this guy have said he’s gay when he dated men, said he’s lesbian when he met his wife, and now he’s gay again because his wife now pretends to be a man. I bet if he eventually divorce from her and start to date a real men he’ll keep calling himself gay then start to date a ‘cis woman’ he’ll call himself lesbian again. In reality he’s just bi. There’s also the ones that sincerely just learned their bisexuality but instead of recognizing they are bisexual they claim they ‘went from gay to straight’ or ‘went from straight to gay’ but as I said this is not a transgender’s thing, that’s a bisexual’s thing in general. There’s plenty of “cis” bi men and women that do it, laterboom “gays” and “lesbians” can give you an idea.

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This. If you have enjoyed years of relationships and sex with opposite sex and then at some point discover a preferance for the same. that makes you bi, not gay. It's just so dumb how this people can't use the word bi, and need to pretend to be something they're not

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They turned from straight men into "lesbians"

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I think they were either lying or deep in denial pre-transition. Many of the MRA types who transition and then suddenly discover a desire for teh gay sex were imo just gay and in denial and transition allowed them to discover their sexuality.

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It's possible they were always bisexual, it's also possible that changing hormones could change people's sexuality. We don't even really know what causes people to be homosexual, its entirely possible that introducing other hormones could cause it to change. This would not make it a choice. They didn't choose to change their sexuality it was a result of the chang in hormones effecting their body.

Or like other people said they could be lying, but given the significant lack of research in this area I'm not going to pretend to know whether it is or isn't possible.