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I live in Greece. These sightings are very rare. On the other hand the insane queer ideology is already here,working discretely behind the scenes. Some years ago when the clown leftist government of ΣΥΡΙΖΑ (translation :Coalition of the Radical Left) was fucking everything up,especially the dept crisis issue,they attempted to pass a law which legalized self ID and sex marker change on identification papers in minors without parental consent,as long as the minor was over 16. After a huge backlash from various medical orgs,especially pediatric ones and heavy protests from the mighty Greek Orthodox Christian Church,they backpedaled and now minors with dysphoria can do that as long as they are over 18...A couple of months ago,I read that incarcerated transwomen were transferred in women's prisons,but at least they were kept at separate areas,away from women prisoners. I sometimes see young people with neon hair but it is a very rare sight. Of course the previously sane LGBs orgs and the stupid Left are now taken over by the insane queer ideology activists. They managed to make some progress,but we are not in the same horrible condition as the UK or USA which has political parties and Supreme Court candidates refusing to say that woman = adult human female.

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Part of this is just counterculture... The dangerous part of the whole trans wave though is that some portion of them buy into the surgery or HRT part then end up too deep to grow out of it.

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Part of this is just counterculture...

Question: As a young person, I don't really know: To what extent were countercultures of the past political? I know they were at least a little bit, but how much so? How does it compare to now?

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In the US most generations have some form of counter culture. Goth, punk rock, hair bands, Woodstock, hippies, flappers. It's usually very political but I feel like past political counterculture was very intelligent or pointed or anti authoritarian. The TRA stuff seems fully dumb and pointless and on top of that these people are fully invested in authoritarianism. At universities they beg the power structure to limit speech and ideas.

This reminded me of an interview. Listen to the similarities between these kids and the garbage the modern TRAs talk about.

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Your answers will vary by user and location. I can only speak from a US perspective, California specifically, and growing up in the 80s and 90s.

Our counter-cultures weren't anywhere near as politicized then. The most "political" thing any of us engaged in was pop/celebrity expression. For example, musicians were using their art to try to help wake us up to the real world and other cultural experiences, so standing by and for those musicians was our rebellion. The rise of rap and RnB, and grunge, and lets not forget Rage Against The Machine. There's politics around what they were speaking of, certainly, but Rage was the only overtly political band that was embraced. There was an underbelly of punk on the west coast, but not as well-known as other areas in the world. We also had goth and rave culture becoming more public.

Gay men (and lesbians) went through the AIDS crisis while I was growing up, and that definitely had political and public influence. But as a tween and teen, it didn't have influence over ME, it was adults experiencing that. The LA Riots occurred and that shook things up, but again, it wasn't influencing ME. We had the Gulf War, no influence. We had a president cheat on his wife with an intern, no influence. During all of this, some celebrities were speaking out about capitalism and the overreach of corporations, or religious organizations and coverups of crime, but even that had no influence on me.

Politics and regular everyday life were separate. I was a poor working-class kid just trying to make money to help keep a roof over our heads, I had no way to relate since none of these things that were making headlines trickled down to teenagers or even my early 20s life. Our counter-cultures were "you can't tell me what to do, I'm going to look and act how I want!" ... typical young rebellion where you think you've found an identity, but you eventually grow out of it and move on to the next one.

The difference is that we didn't have laws being changed to support our teenage whims. We didn't have worldwide financial and political backing for us to stay locked into that whim.

When I got my nose pierced by a random shop at 15, there weren't protesters outside fighting for or against my "human right" to do so. When I convinced adults to buy me cigarettes when I was 12, the media and activists didn't praise me for "being my true self". Schools weren't allowing teachers to have curriculum or discussion about my "self-identity", and no one was championing for that (at least until a little bit in high school).

The internet really changed things. It's given a platform to everyone who has a voice, whether they should be listened to or not. It's brought about peer pressure in a totally different way, what's now called "cancel culture". And cancel culture now extends to adults too. It's like society has regressed to the age of 13, and I'm fucking baffled about how we're ever going to get beyond it.

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I have to agree with you. I too am baffled and I did all the stuff you did. Also beyond the age of 13. Society has regressed to the age of 35. There is no boundaries anymore.

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This is a new youth subculture including teens getting mad "it's not a phase, mom! It's who I really am!" if you try to imply that. I'd tolerate it if not for a fact it involves HRT and surgeries! But also I think it is also harmful for actual gay people - as some of these people think being trans gives them a pass to being overtly homophobic as long as they frame it as trans issue.

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