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This is all it needs to be called for any of us, L, G, or B. The Logic Ceiling.

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The fuck no, red flag ceiling.

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Bloomer ceiling,

Pantaloon ceiling

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Hmm I would personally pick the Pantaloon Ceiling

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I'll start printing the t-shirts

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I don't think making up your own ceiling name is really how it works (the other two are terms created by TRAs) because the word "ceiling" itself is part of a "break though the ceiling" idiom.

That being said, bisexuals being treated like a communal sexual resource is certainly a problem.

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It is very much a problem and a gross one.

Also we can totally claim this ceiling nonsense and define it according to our terms. Even if we didn't come up with this bit of territory, they're shoving it at us, so let's just take it over already.

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Ironically, that's probably why some stay in the closet in one way or the other. Choice. Come out and lose it, in more ways than one.

Anyway, the ceilings are indeed TRA made terms/concepts meant for trans, but if I were to think of something for bisexuals, it wouldn't be a ceiling they'd have to break, but a valley they'd have to transverse(pun not intended): The Uncanny.

Afaik, no one has made it to the other side...

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lesbians and gay men to "break down our sexual boundaries" because saying "no" is discrimination


the trans community just sort of "expect" bisexuals to sleep with them.

These are your answer, lesbians and gay men have a major sexual boundary of "no dicks" or "no vaginas" but you'll never hear a real bisexual person have an issue with either of those, meaning that being bi is "acceptable" and there is no need to convert them. Theres also the possibility that, since cotton refers to lesbian women and boxer refers to gay men, bisexuals just get grouped in with whatever sex they are.

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you'll never hear a real bisexual person have an issue with either of those

Erm...yes you will, when we are presented with poor approximations of those bits attached to the wrong bodies.

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Ok yeah, but those aren't the real thing so I wasn't considering those

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Won't it be great when we can get back to that as our default understanding? /rhetorical /sarcasm

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What do you mean you wouldn't want cut up genitals??? Bigot uwu

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To quote another recent thread: "If you make your crotch disturbing..."

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Some terms I can suggest are

Briefs Ceiling or Trunks Ceiling for bi men.

Panties, Silk, Polyester Ceiling for bi women.

I believe that lumping bi men and women together with homosexuals ignores the sexual harassment they face from TRAs that are unique to them. They are already invisible in many aspects of life, but it's extremely important they should not be in terms of sexual harassment and coercion.

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Aren't these terms used by trans people when someone won't sleep with them? I don't think they really care about the difference in the way they harass gay people and the way they harass bi people.

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Don't be naive, for at least almost two decades I have heard from T/Q and TRAs that 'Bisexual is literally violence, transphobic, and you must identify now as (the slur) queer, or pansexual!!1'

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I remember years ago when bi was accepted as only attracted to men/women, and pan meant attracted to men/women/trans. Then again, I personally don't think adding the letter "P" to the alphabet soup is a good PR move.

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Do you live at Ground Zero for TQ+ insanity? Two decades is a lot longer than most of this has been around in a visible way as far as I've ever heard and I live in a pretty LGB[unmentionables]-friendly place.

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I suppose I might? I saw trans people in public before they became super mainstream, and trans people would go to my city to get surgery as it was not done elsewhere. Granted these were adults, not children or teens and they were in super low numbers like maybe five or six trans people for a million non-trans. I would talk to the trans people and they told me how they had gone through years or decades of psychotherapy and lived as the sex they are biologically and genetically before ever deciding as adults to transition. This is not happening today at all.

Also it was always super open and accepting of LGB people even during the 1960s and 1970s and before Stonewall, but most people were discreet or kept it private.

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I've seen everything you described above in pretty much the same way, except for this, which I have never heard uttered until the last few years: "Bisexual is literally violence, transphobic, and you must identify now as (the slur) queer, or pansexual!!1"

Hence why I was asking. If any of the small number of trans people I knew 20+ years ago had that attitude they sure weren't admitting it around anyone I knew who knew them, or around myself.

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The Cotton/Poly blend ceiling?

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I suppose TRAs would call it the "sexism ceiling". Because they would find it "sexist" that a bisexual person would have different expectations for what a man has as to what a woman has.

I just call it reality.

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I don't think we need a ceiling name, because they assume that bisexuals should automatically be attracted to trans people since we already like both, and they try to convince us to believe that trans people are the "best of both worlds". They say that we "don't have an excuse to have 'genital preferences'." We're not allowed to like our men to be men and our women to be women anymore. We're all just sexual freaks that are expected to coddle and have sex with them after everyone else turns them down.

Even if they initially don't want to go after bisexuals,** they use us as their last resort when they can't find any homosexuals (or heteros for the HSTS) to go after them to "affirm" their new gender.

On a side note: I'm pretty sure that we don't have any recorded data on this, but I'm pretty sure that like at least 70-80% of bisexuals, if not WAY higher, actually see trans people as the WORST of both worlds.

** Quite a few trans people actively AVOID dating bisexuals initially, because no matter how woke their partner is or how much they affirm their partner's genderfeelings, they don't want to deal with the idea that their partner sees them for the sex that they really are. Case in point: An HSTS trans-ID-male went on a date with a man who turned out to be bisexual, HSTS goes into psycho, calls him a "transphobe" and a "faggot" for being into men. Also quite a few cases of AGPs saying that they prefer dating "real lesbians" over bisexual women.

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Off-topic a little, but in your post, are you just calling "lesbophobia" the female version of homophobia and reserving "homophobia" only for males? We experience homophobia in different ways but it's still the same root. Idk I'm just confused about your use of language here.

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Lesbophobia encompasses both homophobia and the specific negativity and prejudices experienced by lesbians. It's a blend of homophobia and misogyny. In the context of transbians attempting to force themselves on lesbians, they frequently use both homophobia and misogyny, so I felt it was apt to use it.