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I love Elon Musk and what he's done with Twitter. He shut down the propaganda machine and equitized journalism, it's a beautiful thing to see and we're all benefitting from it.

Poking through the tweets, they're mostly coming from straight British women, which makes sense given that's it's midday over there right now. We'll see if the hashtag is still going strong in a few hours.

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He SAYS he has, but in fact hasn't done either of those things to any provable or meaningful degree (and it'd be far too soon to say so even if he had), but he has abused a crapton of people in a very short amount of time, destabilized the platform, made a joke of himself and the hard work of those who came before him, and on and on. It is not yet truly evident if GC people or others unfairly censored will have more freedom to speak, but he might well simply destroy the platform before we find that out for sure.

Believing what comes out of his mouth is as wise as believing what comes out of Trump's at this point. The evidence is pointing decidedly in another direction. Like every other narcissist, he talks big and then takes a dump. Maybe randomly a good thing will happen here or there as a result, but the carnage that goes along with it is always greater.

Just like a broken clock, he's right twice a day (if he's lucky), and not like anything more functional. He's been propped up for many years by actual talented people doing the actual work. That's very clear at this point. Dude is a joke.

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Yeah, no. I use Twitter and there's already been a significant improvement in the site function. I never had a blue check, so worries about that aren't my problem. They are noticeably censoring much less and the general mood on the site has lightened a great deal.

Synthia China Blast (or whatever his name is) got released from prison a couple days ago and immediately jumped on Twitter to complain about feminists. He rightly was excoriated and I could feel a sense of healing. Nature is finding its balance again.

I don't hate Elon Musk, he seems fine. I never hated Jack Dorsey either. Elon runs Twitter better than Jack did.

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quite the shit show of Elon Musk WTF behavior

What's he doing now?

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