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Buck is definitely NOT right wing - I cant think of any right-winger ever promoting pornography or sex toys ;) They're just saying that because that's what they do to opposition - name-calling and deflection. Buck became opposition by recognizing and acknowledging biological sex. Which is funny, because thats what truscum and transmeds do. They just also believe you can change it.

Buck does not. There are many cases of trans people getting tossed aside from their own community for the same reason.

Truscum tend to be the more sane trans of the lot. They arent tucutes and they believe in gatekeeping. They believe dysphoria is necessary to be trans, not self-ID. That feels familiar to many of us, especially anyone around in the 90s and earlier.

But make no mistake, they still live in todays society and are not immune to the indoctrination of modern TQ+. With their ostracizing from the LGBTQ+ crowd, they are also targets for grifters. With grifting comes worn-down acceptance, and then propagandizing.

I dont believe the OP of that post is actually truscum. Looking briefly through their post history, they very much do not like known right-wing people. They mock Caitlyn Jenner and Blair White, both of who are more on the truscum side of things, and call out Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson. They post in traaa, make tucute memes, and post validation selfies of their hormone timeline.

I think that OP is planting seeds to change the tone of the truscum sub. And there are users in there parroting back TQ+ mantra and getting upvoted. For example, the entire part of your quote:

sex isnt really immutable though. there are maybe 3 ways we can identify sex. through primary and secondary sex characteristics or through chromosomes.

primary and secondary sex characteristics can, for the most part, be completely converted.

it actually hard to know what chromosomes you have unless you get them tested, you might have primary and secondary sex characteristics typical of that of a male but have xx chromosomes.

or we could use both, which still doesnt really tell us anything about sex being immutable

gender is the immutable one really

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I think that OP is planting seeds to change the tone of the truscum sub. And there are users in there parroting back TQ+ mantra and getting upvoted.

This is why some one the actually truscum people left that sub for transmedicalist subs. I remember checking that sub from time to time and seeing the periodical complains about truscum sub there.

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this kind of logic they're pushing that sex is not immutable and is even easily changeable is exactly why we're in this shithole right now isn't it?

It want so long ago they were screaming at us that sex and gender were different so it was ok to use terms like men to describe a female... we were dumb for not realizing this, and of course they knew they weren't actually a male. But that wasn't good enough for men who wanted to breastfeed and menstruate, or women who of course were gay men even while using their "front hole", now we have to believe they are actually biologically who they say they are. They went from claiming woman and man to now also claiming male and female. So now we have veronica Ivy on the daily show saying she is of course a biological female and the audience applauds. This kind of thing makes me worry that we are to far down the rabbit hole to ever come back to sanity.

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Ah yes, genitals, reproductive systems, musculoskeletal structures, pfft that shit is so easy to change, we're like Mr. Potato Heads, really. BUT MY DESIRE TO WEAR PRETTY DRESSES WAS DECIDED BY THE GODS THEMSELVES.

At this point transgenderism is truly like religion and you can't convince me otherwise. It's ridiculous to reject the objective reality but consider your beliefs to be something what is before the objective evidences. It's the same logic you see in religious people. For example Christians who reject evidences of evolution or that the world is older than 2 thousands years old because their beliefs matter more.

And science doesn't really back up gender identity - to be clear, there is just no actual concepts made around it yet - it only exists as a discourse among activists. There is no coherent definition of this concept while you can actually find various empirical definitions for concepts which are also psychological like - intelligence, emotions, personality etc. These tend to be understood slightly differently between professionals but even these different understandings tend to be coherent on their own. Because of the fact they could be conceptualized and professionals could create tools to measure them!

Meanwhile with gender identity? It's always described in a terribly vague way. Scientific concepts shouldn't be vague and up to someone's interpretation. They should be clear cut so anyone, who learns the definition can understand it in the same way.

Imagine trying to create a tool to measure gender identity like you have such ones for personality or intelligence. That's impossible to make without bringing up gender stereotypes. But since out TRAs insist gender identity is detached from gender stereotypes or anything social, then imagine conceptualizing that. How do you wanna measure it? Since you can't, then to me it feels like gender identity is more like a name you choose for yourself or someone. With new sets of pronouns, new name etc it really feels like gender identity is a "complex name" you attach to yourself.

Sorry I just can't. If discussion around transgenderism was based on acknowledging your biological sex but also acknowledging that in your mind you feel comfortable more as the opposite of your sex (because of severe distress aka gender dysphoria) then I think there would be no need for this sub even.

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I keep repeating this, but this is a common rhetorical move I'm SO tired of. Any time you are critical of some position from the TQ+ fringes (I'm not even going to call them the "left" because this isn't really a right/left issue.), they immediately start screaming that you're a conservative or right-winger even when that's patently untrue. Like we've seen on this sub, people who are generally left-wing, moderate, or conservative can all agree that Gender Theory is full of logical holes and that the TQ+ are demanding policies we disagree with. That doesn't make you right-wing or conservative.

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Idk if anyone who posted in here will return to read this but in general the definitions being used by everyone are scrambled due to colloquial use.

Right wing = in favor of social hierarchy with a vertical power structure.

Left wing = in favor of social equality or flattened power.


Trans ideology is inherently right wing because it demands a power structure. It is not conservative. It is transgressive. A power and social structure different from the traditional patriarchal society is still a hierarchical power structure.

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Not surprising at all that they attack another trans person and one of the first super public out transmen who did porn, prostitution, etc.