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Its a cult recruiting members. Not all cults kills you, but they can fuck your whole life. Maybe they should ask some detrans people instead of pretending they don't exist or they are 0,3% of cases

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I've seen lots of variations on "drag is innocent" memes. Of course, the friends pushing this do not even know what kind of "drag shows" are being pushed on children. So they smugly think they're tut-tutting right-wingers.

None of them are going to bother to find out what is really happening, because they're comfortable with parroting what their other lefty friends say. It's tedious and disappointing.

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Things that didn't kill kids today: sex segregated bathrooms and locker-rooms, exclusively same-sex attracted sexual orientations, human biology textbooks.

It's honestly kind of interesting how they can't seem to make up their minds about whether drag is offensive or not. Like it seems like half the time TQ+'ers are whining that drag is actually transphobic and offensive, the other half the time they're raging about the bans on drag shows in conservative states.

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when a conservative man (usually religious) does it they'll say "see? the drag queens are wonderful UwU"

when one of their own does it, it's "umm not all drag queens sweetie!!!"

like i have no love for either of these groups but please be consistent in your idiocy 💆‍♂️