Magnora7 is a lying drama queen riding my ass with his tiny pricks and jabs to avoid the real issues. Am I right or wrong?

I have no more need to respond to someone who won't listen. Yet again, I'm being the bigger person and stepping away from the futile nonsense. Now I'm resorting to seeking your counsel.

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And that's just today. There may even be more, but I can't be bothered to dig and that should be more than enough to give you the picture. If you want a back log of his embarrassing nonsense it's not difficult to find.

He's on the hunt for me. I stand by what I know is right and unlike him I'm not afraid to correct course and admit mistakes, so I don't care - however, I do care about what you all think.

  • Should I shut the fuck up?
  • Should I keep pressing for improvements?
  • Should I wake the fuck up?
  • Should he wake the fuck up?
  • Could I have deescalated things better?
  • Could he have deescalated things better?
  • Was I okay until I did this lame post?
  • Is this post opening your eyes to his bullshit?
  • Am I helping cleanse SaidIt?
  • Am I harming SaidIt?
  • Do you even give a shit?

I want to hear from you, especially those of you whom I respect most - those who do not manipulate, spin, deceive, and cling to illusory power via secrecy. If we've conversed civilly and I've not had to call you out repeatedly, then I likely hold you in high regard. STABs (shills, trolls, and bots) can fuck off, and you know who you are.

Share your thoughts, opinions, advice, and most importantly: solutions.

Save this and/or screenshot it if you care and/or think it will be censored.

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