Saidit's voting system: Why it's awesome and how to use it by magnora7 in SaidIt

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Up-bulbed and funnied for maximum boosting!

Should the "funny" vote be called the "fun" vote? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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I'm for fun change! It's less degrading sounding as funny.

Entertaining is a bit hard to convey in the current emoji and may overlap too much with insightful.

We can even explain it to the Germans:

"The People's directives" Demands made by the yellow vests in France by useless_aether in Europe

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I agree. A few things I don't know (like: Pajemploi help system) and a few things I really don't know enough about (Elimination of of the Senate.) and I hope 'Maximum 25 students per class for all ages' is only for schools and not universities.

But this seems like a dream for both left and right, so all the people.

End of the business tax credit. Use this money for the launch of a French hydrogen car industry.

Wait a sec... is this a /u/Chop_Chop instigated revolution?

"The Streisand Effect" concerning: "An update on the FireEye report and Reddit" by Tom_Bombadil in conspiracy

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I can't talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE? Why can't I talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE? Oh okay, I'll tell everyone not to talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE!

... Excuse me, did you just talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE?... Oh you weren't talking about the YEMEN GENOCIDE, okay then, carry on but remember to not talk about the YEMEN GENOCIDE!

I think I mentioned the YEMEN GENOCIDE once, but got away with it.

Saidit is becoming an echo chamber by wizzwizz4 in SaidIt

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Papers, please!

Saidit is becoming an echo chamber by wizzwizz4 in SaidIt

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Happy Birthday Jesus by d3rr in whatever

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Santa is sitting on that sweet NorthPole Oil money!

SaidIt is a psy-op malware infiltration and elimination secret operation. by JasonCarswell in ConspiracyTheory

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I mean we say pretty things to each other that we all agree with, right?

Nope and this is a fine example of 'not a pretty thing to say' and 'a thing I'm sure we don't agree on'.


Tumblr to ban all adult content in two weeks by Mnemonic in Internet

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The fediverse is now being flooded by tumblr lewd/adult posters sigh