Literally Reddit 2.0.... Sigh... by prometheus in SaidIt

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What is the sub in question?

If it was /s/ChildPornPics or otherwise went against the it's not something to whine about, is it now?

I just got a ban on "incels" sub by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Going around posting shit about their sub while they did in fact answer you, seems like they aren't charmed by that kind of talking behind their backs.

I'm from a country with freedom of speech, but I won't be surprised if I'm not allowed into a bar when I go around town talking shit about the barkeeper behind his back.

Issue regarding the pornographic rule by HorseMeat in SaidIt

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Hey since you're new:

In the footer of the site is a lot of other great stuff.

You can spank your monkey anywhere, crank the shaft anywere on the web even or oogle boobies on facebook! It's more of a problem when people, and they do, link to clearly illegal (or borderline illegal nobody knows the origin of) It's an easy way to send the feds on someone.

And again, if you read the introduction post you'll get a clearer picture of saidit and that it's Not just a reddit clone, one of those differences is the porn rule.

Anyone thinks Saidit is turning right? by [deleted] in SaidIt

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That has nothing to do with "the right", the left and right has nuts.

Also, kicking my own teeth in, the left-right paradigm is just a Divide and Conquer scam.

What do you miss about the internet circa 2009? by compultantuser in AskSaidIt

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ytmnd and

Before the whole 'Free speech means I can shit on everyone and they just have to allow me to do it'-era began it was a creative free-haven with self enforced moderation.

The /s/Incels sub looks stupid. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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Your previous could be explained in at least 2 ways as it's not well formed. Instead of choosing to answer normally to a question asking you to clarify what you mean, you choose the "joke on me" route.

Look no further as to why people stop engaging.

Moon landing, 2019 by SierraKiloBravo in funny

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I like how the reporter is an older white male, like the head of any news outlet.

Should Saidit be hosted in Norway or Switzerland? by magnora7 in AskSaidIt

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I don't like Switzerland so here goes: (2017) (2016, about that surveillance increase and the people of swiss wanting it)

Protonmail is based in Swiss because of the Privacy laws, which is something different. Basically something todo with your PMs and account login only. These privacy laws are not protecting your freespeech as it's used when you post/comment on saidit, it's public, like you can't claim privacy when you yell BOMB on a airplane and expect to get away with 'I said the following message is for my friend, you all could have ignored it'. For the use of saidit I would say it's a meh+, like nice to have but basically useless unless you use saidit as a PM service to conduct illegal activities and then it's not as setup as Protonmail so you're 'dun goofed' anyway.

Side note:

How do these 2 countries handle that the owners are not in their country and (probably) were not there for the contracts? I have no clue about this but I know for the infamous Swiss-banking thingie you need to be in Switzerland IIRC.

The /s/Incels sub looks stupid. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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They did explain it in a reply, at least their 'reasoning'. You even replied to it, not asking for clarification, just asking if the poster was thirsty... I mean, you didn't even try.

Does anybody actually ever feel left out because they don't use social media? by Jesus-Christ in whatever

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Only one time I got accused of being a creep because a girl didn't believe I didn't have a facebook and thought I was trying to cheat my nonexistent girlfriend. So having no facebook makes you a natural bullet dodger ;)

Most of the time if there are 'big' things I missed because I lack fb/sc/tw/insta I get updated in normal conversations, friends come sit with me and show some 'awesome' photo on their phone and we talk about it.

Like everything 'social media' takes up time and you're probably better off watching 2 TNG-Star trek episodes a day than spending on that. (Or read a book, listen to a podcast while walking outside or whatever hobby thingies you like).

Some answers to the 'why not?' question:

I wouldn't be active on it anyway, messaging me on that would result in me not reading it.

Any of these reasons

And "I'm not comfortable with sharing that kind of information for the public".

Honesty works best.