Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid. by HongPongHooey in whatever

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Hmmm, looks more like an unchecked cast? i.e.

var foo = new DBNull();

var bar = (string)foo; // am ded, crash

// x x

// ~

Beep... beep... beep... beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep by Chipit in memes

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...they blew up a functioning approved conduit to use their neither useful nor ready other pipe for "clever ruzzia polytick thinks"?


Possible, but only because dictators make monumentally dumb decisions from time to time. Not because your argument makes any sense. Because it doesn't. It's shit

Identity by Tarrock in politics

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The Roman Empire only truly died in the 15th century with the Turkish conquest of Constantinople - the then capital. I'd say it was a husk after the Venetian crusade, but that's hardly "hundreds of years" after "Rome"

Those parts of Europe converted "a thousand years later" were converted by the same Greceo-Roman Orthodox-Catholic culture. Hands down.

You are showing your ignorance of history and making the same mistakes as those disagreeing with you: you've simplified history to the point of nonsense. But you are correct there is no "white" culture, the particular cultural thread they are grasping for can be found anywhere in any skin colour or ethnicity: to deny that is to betray the core tenants of what they supposedly admire

Identity by Tarrock in politics

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Roman Christian heritage with the unique benefits of: Charity Rational and Reasoned Intellectual Investigation leading to: secular science metaphysics applied ethics Only significant reduction in use of slavery / involuntary labour (at least until it was reintroduced by Protestantism. Sort of).

Although the English speaking world refers to the "Byzantiums" that brought Orthodox Christian civilization to Eastern Europe as "Non Romans" that is a lie by Gibbons and other British Empirialist Apologists. They considered themselves the Eastern Roman Empire and just as Roman as any point in history.

So there is a common cultural root, slowly fading of course.

Jewish Atheist i.e. Kefir culture rejects most of the above (as well as its own rich heritage) so would have to excluded as not sharing similar culture

Also, paktun / afgani people can be "pigmented" and look more "white" facial feature wise than most European Latins yet they wouldn't be included in a shared cultural heritage, so your argument falls over a bit there

So Kiwifarms is down. Could be Saidit be next? :( by [deleted] in censorship

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It isn't something Jewish people as a whole present to outsiders - the idea of Kofer or Atheist Jewish People and the litany of problems arriving from some of them for the world and faithful Jewish people.

I wonder if us on the outside don't hear about this because Kofer are the ones in positions to make their voice heard: and suppress Orthodox messaging. Just look at the horrid and bigoted "Unorthodox" Netflix series.

Attempted assassination of controversial anti-state Russian philosopher, Aleksandr Dugin, missed but murdered his daughter in a car bomb. by JasonCarswell in conspiracy

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There is a not-miniscle likelihood incidents like this in Russia could be perpetrated by either organized crime or a cartel / monopoly. Large business concerns bullying of smaller outfits is huge problem for their economy

I have been doing some reading on Jesus by [deleted] in whatever

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None of the original sources or those who wrote shortly after with near access to the sources agree with anything you've said here. And the new testament + early writings are far far far more in the vein of accurate accounts than anything else from classical antiquity.

You think Titus was remotely unbiased? Livy? Plutarch? Please. And don't get me started on the Classical Greek historians, they would have been right at home with today's NewsShow hyperbole. You should read what Josephus had to say on them. Ouch.

The development of a working metaphysical model for scientific investigation, as well as the very concept of charity and the freedoms won by peasants by the late middle ages prove that the Western and Eastern traditions of Christianity have contributed more to civilization than anything else.

But you'll unfortunately likely only realize how wrong your "theories", supported by nothing more than your hate and spite, are when you plunge head first into self torment after your brief time is up.

Any search for Truth cannot be a bad thing but ask yourself: are you really prepared to accept the truth, even if it means Christian Tradition was right all along?

Hillary Clinton operatives secretly worked with DOJ to raid President Trump by cottoneyejoe in politics

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No your'e right that the education aspect is good. Notice parents do this with their pre-schoolers during whatever time, long or short, they spend with them, so if it were an evil, everyone would doing bad.

The 30/40 hour a week loss of being with a parent is the problem. And it's deliberate. Besides early childhood caregivers are not raising education standards, the numbers show instead significant loss of core language and math fluency across populations that use these services

Hillary Clinton operatives secretly worked with DOJ to raid President Trump by cottoneyejoe in politics

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Her early education push is the same tired critical Marxist horror story intended to break down the traditional family unit and shore up unproductive corporate cartels with cheap, compliant young female workers.

Pre-school childcare puts the child at high risk of a swathe of behavioral problems that never leave them. And gives progressives the opportunity to sexualize them at the same time... doing this sort of shit to young kids is psychotic -and- evil.

China says it WILL shoot Pelosi's plane down IF she travels to Taiwan under US fighter escort by [deleted] in news

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Well... yeah... I mean "US fighter escort". There has to be places she would travel to as representative without military hand-holding i.e. visiting Iran or perhaps something a little less drastic but non friendly.

It's a straw man on china's part though, like saying "we WILL put Pelosi in jail if she murders someone (stare)"

which one of you dicktasters removed s/wtf from s/all by yelgy in SaidIt

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Add it back or this site is wtf

Arizona Secures 'The Biggest School Choice Victory in U.S. History' will expand vouchers to all K-12 students by iamonlyoneman in news

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That's why the private friendly societies early 20th cent. were good: sure you'd get welfare but they come round and check you weren't laming it up and help you back to work. They had their Dr's. as well to keep things on the level.

And if you didn't like it? Could always change who you were with. Can't do that with State Monopolies.

Arizona Secures 'The Biggest School Choice Victory in U.S. History' will expand vouchers to all K-12 students by iamonlyoneman in news

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Very very few. Any such socialist mechanisms I would hope to be rare and a last resort

Arizona Secures 'The Biggest School Choice Victory in U.S. History' will expand vouchers to all K-12 students by iamonlyoneman in news

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That's a better system: it's more or less private citizens looking after each other

Sgt. of Arms who died suddenly before being able to testify before Jan. 6 kangaroo court admitted all of the 'agitation was done by paid agitators' by Chipit in news

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Reads like "Master Barista who closed shop suddenly was unable testify to customers admitted 'latte was done with low fat milk and was TOO HOT to drink'"

Hyperbolic inaccuracy serves no-one but the news outlet

US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for US withdraw from NATO, end to proxy war with Russia by AXXA in politics

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Wrong - SouthWest Turkmenistan would've bitchslapped the both of em.

SWT is the true secret of military geopolitics

Draft bill: Corrupt government wants the power to SHUT DOWN media outlets who don't follow the official narrative by Site_sux in WorldNews

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Yeah they've transitioned to using Cyrillic did you not get the news

Hot Steaming Garbage by Questionable in politics

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Huh. That's a nice shade of red. Shame the shoes are so ugly... kinda like the skin of a blue-haired land-whale: wouldn't be so hideous if it wasn't so disgusted with what's inside it

Arizona Secures 'The Biggest School Choice Victory in U.S. History' will expand vouchers to all K-12 students by iamonlyoneman in news

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Nah - the random word soup button is broken: I wrote that all myself arent I clevers.

As in "classical liberalism": i.e. turn of last century most Americans welfare was provided by private non- profit friendly societies, not welfare. It has been argued that much of African American over representation in negative demographics is due to the destruction of the family unit due to socialist welfare programs brought in by FDR. FDR admitted that his program would hurt them , but if he knew by how much is unclear (to me)

In the same mode school choice is a win for the family unit that keeps society healthy

By small school taxes I mean that rather than 100% of your tax component that goes to schools being converted to vouchers, only 99% with 1% (say) helping those who can't afford schools i.e. a parent with multiple sclerosis

Arizona Secures 'The Biggest School Choice Victory in U.S. History' will expand vouchers to all K-12 students by iamonlyoneman in news

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I am horrified everytime I read about situations like this in the states : it's shocking how anti- liberal developments in the USA over the last 50 years or so have been.

Not that other western nations like mine are better... as you say choice on how to spend your money leads to better choices. But do you think -some- small schooling taxes should be withheld to support the really poor families?

Hoes be mad by Chipit in memes

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Premise of the title is false

That they are mad, maybe, but as hoes, their attempt to sustain a livelihood by prostitution would have resulted in their starvation

Well I guess it's back to rusty hangers in an alley behind the White Hen Pantry again. by SMCAB in memes

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No, a fart so loud it drowns out your in-laws boring monotone. Once you've achieved that you can die in peace

Let's see how many of our new members claim me to be a pro-whateverthefuck buzzword of the day is instead of realizing they are on a meme page. by SMCAB in memes

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Dude, whateverthefuck is bad, don't be pro that. It killed like a gazillion Trump seal penguin climate babies.


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No, not many, simply untrue. Pro-lifers believe in the case of real danger to the mother saving her life comes first. Weirdo outliers that believe evil shit are not an example against the whole. I've met leftos that actually believe the Catholic Church used to burn witches. I don't other progressives on their ignorance.

Read a little more what other opinions are before representing them. I.e. I understand the pro-choice concerns regards reproductive rights. And it's a valid concern and worth listening to

New Friend by [deleted] in memes

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But sometimes we just want to be friends. Honest.

Btw, what's your exact browser build, version and screen resolution? Just asking, no reason

Scientists accidentally create super-vicious HAMSTERS in a lab after gene editing experiment goes wrong and makes aggressive rodents chase, bite and pin each other down by [deleted] in technology

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Huh. I wonder if my inlaws are part GMO hamster

LG by [deleted] in memes

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Can confirm as I own a 50 inch LGBT +

Colleges are actually necessary and have an important role to play. by [deleted] in whatever

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Pfft... CIA... you really think An Organisation With Publicly Known Name is the one actually responsible?

For all we know the -real- dept. with the strings is called Happy Sunshine Behave Trombone or something

House Speaker’s husband Paul Pelosi charged with DUI in California by [deleted] in politics

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This is UK tabloid level gossip bullshit. We should leave public figures families alone unless their action involves said public figure

What is your survival plan for the first 3 days of the zombie apocalypse? by [deleted] in AskSaidIt

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What us survivors of them last zompocalypse knows that you folk don't is that zombie steaks is good eatin. None of this need for food stocks.

So long as you can hoodwink yer neighbors into going out and "meeting" the zombies early on, youse gonna have food crawling over yer fence nuff time for you to hunker down till it blows over.

Ain't nothing juicey-like a goodn zombie sirloin, maybe'n a penne zompasta bisteca, or a nice vinda-z-loo on rice, topping o taytoes....

Teen Who Says He Knew Shooter Shares Disturbing Details He Says No One Is Reporting by hfxB0oyA in news

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Direct interview article reporting, with a potential substantive witness, who's content matches its title is not clickbait.

Throwing insults that have neither substance, nor are backed up with logic argument in order to sideline opposing views is Class A prog-crit-marxist bullshit.

Face-Tattooed mother, 45, who was sexually abused by her brother from the age of six reveals she gets at least one new inking a week to cover the 'emotional scars' from his torment by [deleted] in NotTheOnion

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"Half brother" "Grew up with her mom and several siblings"

So another broken home where the mum pops kids out from multiple guys has produced horrific child abuse. When is every one going to start admitting that the destruction of the traditional family unit, replaced with free sexual liaisons, has caused Planet Clown?

It's sad (or telling?) when Tucker Carlson has the only rational reaction: Following Texas school shooting and Buffalo tragedy, leaders should ask this question by SoCo in politics

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Except they did. Fox's Guttfield and his rent-a-friend segment raised the complexity of the issue and its resultant conflicting solution propagation -which included gun control-.

Tucker Carlson's segment is real investigative journalism packaged into a short rhetoric video-bite. There is clearly real depth behind his (teams) work, but the reductive format introduces omission and semantic errors; there's a couple of obvious ones at the least that I find each "episode".

MAN this site is dead by yabbit in whatever

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Sorry, you called?

MSNBC 'military analyst' posts video game clip claiming it's Ukraine war footage by Rob3122 in politics

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Being a called-in-expert on a network is usually a cushy position semi-retirement reward for supporting agendas from their org. that have a strong vein within the studio.

I don't understand the pure laziness here: it's easy enough to do a sample frame analysis to check the alleged geolocation of the video...

Ive seen lots of this from the progressive/ CT side of the house: be interesting to see what form this sort of snide blazen unprofessional "expertism" takes among conservatives.

I'd also not trust anything above Major rank that much as "experts", as they advance above that, their career becomes more beaucrat and less subject matter.

Biden just now starts work to fix US's baby formula shortage crisis from last November, which went into nightmare-mode months ago by SoCo in news

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This does show clearly the problem with right leaning media that is hyperbolic. In their oversensationalisation they are attacking Biden by saying he is useless for not being able to fix this.

What, you -want- the government to intervene in a market problem? So your on the political right but advocating for communism. Brilliant.

Obviously I'm not referring to The G but other coverage