r/CanadaMassImmigration has been banned by xoenix in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Isn't it every country? The UK is overrun, Ireland isn't far behind, Sweden is gone, they're working their magic on Norway and Finland, Spain now has Muslim only areas, France, well, we all know what's happened there.

The gotcha is that there is no political party to vote for that would tackle the issue from the top. There's lip service bullshit of politicians pledging to "bring immigration down" but what they are actually talking about is the young productive person applying to live and work in these countries legally, waiting for a Visa and then coming over to fill positions we may actually need given the lack of investment in our own people. Nobody is talking about the boatloads of migrants arriving into these countries and flat out disappearing off the radar, god knows where they may have gone. Probably a warehouse somewhere with their fellow Muslims planning to suicide bomb something no doubt! Wait... didn't that already happen? Oops.

New Study: People Who Undergo Transgender Body Mutilation Surgery are 12 Times More Likely to Commit Suicide — Headlines — May 24, 2024 by carn0ld03 in WorldNews

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I don't think the surgery is really the core reason, only a catalyst. What is causing those statistics is simply unchecked mental health issues.

Compounded with the effects of social media and the constant negative messages that comprises modern digital life, the advertising campaign convincing people to change their gender and thus promoting gender dysphoria, there are seemingly little to no services to nip that in the bud at a young age and psychologically evaluate young people. Instead of either attempting to therapize it or just letting the kid run out of steam, instead we are pushing them into promotional medical intervention immediately. There isn't even time for them to consider if what they are doing is a mistake or not. It's off with their tits and on with the terrible face piercings asap.

So yeah, no wonder they are coming of age, realising that this isn't what they wanted but now they have to double down and commit to it, convince others to follow suit even in order to validate themselves, but ultimately realising that what they needed at a young age was either parents to understand it was a phase, or a therapist to talk them back down to reality.

Et tu, Valve? by xoenix in Gaming

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They should make this game and make it appropriately realistic. When the protagonist reaches the first boss, they are offerred a choice of continuing with the quest or having their bottom suegery. The continue option is greyed out and not clickable. So off they go to have themselved hacked up.

When they get to the second boss, the dialog can simply remind them that they have not "transitioned" they merely mutilated themselves and whatever gathering of hacked together flesh they have down there is neither functiinal as a penis or vagina.

The boss then just laughs at them. The protagonist then chooses whether or not to dive off the cliff to the fatal depths below, or take to reddit to complain. The game just loops like that until the inevitible game over screen with a link to Zoe Quinns Depression Quest.

Great game, 10/10, would play again

Thames Water tests for vomiting bug contamination as families fall sick by Cancelthis in conspiracy

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Amazing. According to an update, thames water and united utilities have confirmed that there is no problem with the water.

This is despite the fact it has now spread to south london and devon.

Another toll paid. You'd think white women would learn by now but they don't by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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She is indeed. She's worked out for herself that in 2024, black kids are not worth being friends with. The black girls just want to fight and the black boys think they are entitled to your body because you are white. The teachers of course are completely impotent. Unless of course you're the white kid in the equation. The black boys used to constantly sneak phones into the girls changing rooms to film, in most cases having their sisters walk around with them. What did the teachers do? Took all the white boys and told them how wrong they were for being boys. Black boys could opt out if they wanted and they did completely.

You really can't hide this shit from kids. They don't even need parents to tell them what's going on. They see it for themselves. During those sessions, some of the boys pointed at certain black kids who were excluded from those rape is wrong sessions who were responsible for the filming and distribution. The teachers, impotent as they are, just brushed it aside and double down on how dare they question what is being told.

I took them out of that school a few years back. We moved to a predominantly white neighbourhood and they go to private school now. None of that bullshit. Surprise surprise, because there are hardly any black kids. There area a good few muslims, but you can't do much about that. They get everywhere. Well, they are everywhere. But my kids are already wise to them. And it's the whites that welcome them. Where I live, the whites haven't had the full taste of diversity yet. They are still on the whole love on another and "How smart are Muslim kids!" thing. They have yet to have the Muslims black up the area to make property cheap then buy it all out, meanwhile use it as tools to destroy the cohesive white communities and smash any semblance of neighbourliness to smithereens.

White people do it to themselves with the left wing narrative blazing into their faces. This place may be predominantly white, but with the ultra left wing champagne socialist stances most of them have, I don't give it long. One of the parents at the school has a daughter already with a black boyfriend whose main profession appears to be not going to school and dealing drugs. You can see the Dad smiling through gritted teeth about how proud he is of her. I do wonder how he can say that with a straight face. Then you see the mother and how she is all about it. Leftism starts with the women! She's all about what wonderful looking babies they will have. Bitch please, your daughter is going to come home to you with a couple of trophies and a couple of black eyes while her ex is in prison. He's already been done for possession twice before the age of 18.

My wife and I laugh at the mother in private at how stupid she is. How you can be happy that your own child is being thrown to the savages while you only praise her stupid actions. The people we feel sorry for are the daughter's white friends. She's constantly bringing around her boyfriend's troupe of black friends unannounced to her friend group in attempts to get people hooked up. Free white women y'all and all that banter. My daughter stopped hanging around anyone near that friend group after that as did a good few others. Some stayed for the trap, but hey. Let's just say when the friend group did come around, they were a lot less than gentlemanly.

Remember, children today is like walking that tightrope. You should not give your children the narrative of leftism. Allow them to see its hypocrisy for what it is and then listen to them. They will work it out. Teach them how to see when authority figures batter and belittle them to fit the shape and regurgitate the narrative. In their old school, half the homework my kids got were all about bad whitey. Luckily being private, there's more mathematics than social justice warrior-dom. As white parents, you need to constantly look at what your children are doing. I am not a nut, nor a conspiracy theorist. But yes, they really and truly are here for your children.

Another toll paid. You'd think white women would learn by now but they don't by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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One of my exes did the same. In general I have nothing against tattoos in particular places, but destroying what was once something beautiful with some stupid slogan was my end for her. She was surprised when I dumper her the next week. In fairness, it was a turn off for me completely.

I think she found most other men of value thought the same. She had to go black after that as nobody else wanted to give her the time of day. Ironic the next time I saw her out and about (few years later like) she was wearing her black eye and pushing a half caste kid around.

In honesty I am so happy to have had the experiences I have had. I can recognise if my daughter is going off the rails and coerce her back to normality soon enough. And the thing is I don't even have to work hard. It's all very evident. Whenever she tells me about a fight at her school, she hates how the black kid tears up even though whatever happened was their doing and they're after the race card.

It's amazing. Raising daughters in 2024 is like walking on a barbed wire tightrope with a pit of snakes at the bottom of it while trannies, black sympathisers and the media pelt you with water balloons and call you racist for trying to get to the other side.

Feminism thanks to jews by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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There is nothing wrong with giving women equal rights. However that is called women's liberation. The ability for women to access education and to work was arguably a good thing all told.

Radical feminism however is detrimental to any society. It isn't about keeping women down, it is demanding that women should work and become parts of the cog in the machine at the detriment to any natural drives toward Motherhood and the near castration of those women who do decide to become traditional homemakers.

There are plenty of women out there who would love to become homemakers, have children and concentrate on motherhood as their life's calling. Those women who manage to do so are demonised for doing so, told they are oppressed and that their man is somehow controlling them. This isn't true at all. But it is how the media portrays it - even going as far as calling such a family unit alt-right or racist. Yep, it's racist to have white kids and a white wife being a homemaker.

This is all to keep women in the workplace. Even the social promotion programs that effectively put women in positions that they really aren't suitable for are part and parcel of all of this. This is what keeps wages down while cost of living skyrockets. It is now a world in which even if as a woman you want to be the homemaker, you have no choice because to exist you have to work. Sod to the idea of being a mother.

I am in an extremely fortunate position of having a wife that does not need to work. While the whole situation is balanced on a razor's edge, I'm happy that she dotes and raises our children. But seeing your reflection in things like adverts, TV programs and news articles that define you as bad or wrong for being a homemaker is just ridiculous. You need a parent in charge of the children in this day in age. If the school and media aren't trying to turn your children into transvestites or convince them that they are gay, you have the entire other end of the spectrum after your young girls trying to teach them to sell pictures of themselves on onlyfans, or telling your son not to bother studying, go take a low paid position somewhere and hope for the best.

The state is not on your side. Modern Feminism is a huge weapon being wielded towards the traditional nuclear family model today. And most people are stupid enough to fall for it. Women were never just baby making machines - that is a lie forced into your brain by Feminism and used to batter you down into the good working cog that you are.

While religions do espouse old school values when it comes to interaction between the sexes, all were written and predicated upon a time where that was the social norm. While you are free to practise your religion, a degree of balance is expected between your religious teachings and the modern world. I'm sure if you went and spoke to your priest and asked him the best way to beat your disobedient wife, I'm sure he'd have the cops on you if not telling you that you're an idiot at the very least. I can't say the same with Islam in fairness - there's a reason they cover their faces after all. I know one white girl who was briefly married to a Muslim. She finally separated from him when he broke her arm clearly in two. You'd think that white girls would learn, eh?

You can take what you are spoonfed at face value if you like. But then, that is exactly why you fail.

Can't even have a kindergarten graduation without chimp outs by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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I love how they put the religious guy at the end. Just a subtle reminder of "Wow those crazy white people have out-crazied the blacks fighting at a kindergarden graduation!"

Thames Water tests for vomiting bug contamination as families fall sick by Cancelthis in conspiracy

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This was already happening in Cambridge not too long ago.

It's amazing that the UK's water supply is so low quality while at the same time the water companies are petitioning our Government to let them ramp up bills by 4-5x.

This despite their billions in profits every year...

iPhone owners say the latest iOS update is resurfacing deleted nudes by Drewski in technology

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How desperate do you think "they" are to see your naked ass? Not being an asshole or anything, but I doubt I would want to see it even if you were waving it in my direction for free.

Why Equity at Universities cannot be Achieved without Discrimination by GuyWhite in whatever

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More than that. We had to sit through an entire afternoon while some lefty woman described all the benefits and monetary help you can get.

What was completely apparent was that if you were non-white, there was everything. I even asked, "Is there anything for white kids" only to get told I was privileged and it was racist to ask such a question. "That would be a no then, would it?"

Microsoft stoops to new low with ads in Windows 11, as PC Manager tool suggests your system needs ‘repairing’ if you don’t use Bing by PanzersGhost in technology

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This is all well and good but is there really an alternative? So far I say no.

I have no intention of buying into Apple. I use Linux daily for development. Do I want to spend hours sodding around with it to run the odd game or application? Nope.

Why Equity at Universities cannot be Achieved without Discrimination by GuyWhite in whatever

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I have spent most of my career watching people attaining professional and high profile positions simply on account of what the trendy thing is.

At one stage, it was Indian and Pakistani people were what was needed. I didn't meet many that could actually problem solve, some I found even had faked qualifications. When people tired of that, they moved onto black people who were socially promoted. Then it was women during the heights of me too, then it went back to blacks again very briefly until it went hardcore LGBTQ.

I had one experience where we had a photographer into the company to take some group shots for a brochure. We were working away waiting for the photographer to call us down for whatever shots he wanted to take. We were never called, thought little more of it. Then we saw the brochure the company that had created. Hardly a white face in there, unless it was a white woman with a black colleague. It was so overt, it was nearly disgusting. And of course the black man had to have his arm around the white woman of course having fun in the bar (yes, the building had a bar attached to it). Even the most wokey types couldn't fail to notice how orchestrated it was. One idiot had the audacity to complain. He was gone within a week quite literally.

This is not the only company I have found this. I have done well for myself simply as I'm good at what I do. I have in many cases managed to transcend the social promotion bullshit - I mean someone has to do the work, right? And the non-white trash I have had pushed upon me due to social promotion has been incredibly annoying.

So yes, there is a huge trend of race matters more than education level with some slight distortions to that rule.

If you have white kids, educate them. It is their only defence. I doubt they will have an easy ride because of it, but they may see less occasions where they are passed by because there's a black person mumbling about racism or some shit.

My kids have it internalised that education matters a lot. I have no idea what they're going to grow up to be. But their education will back up any damned choice they want to make in ten years time.

iPhone owners say the latest iOS update is resurfacing deleted nudes by Drewski in technology

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Again, this sort of thing surfaces again.

Peeps, if you really have to take naked pictures of yourself, go get an old digital camera with no internet access.

Airbnb banning people over tweets by xoenix in censorship

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Let them.

Like has been evidenced, go woke go broke. Even in the UK, bud light can't sell. I swear the cases of that gunk have been in the exact same condition in Tesco for a good month since I noticed. I honestly don't think they have shifted a single one. Last week they were all gone.

Not that I actually drink beer, but I just found it humorous to notice.

Racial bias in reporting - race of a murderer will be reported in 90% of cases when white, 30% of cases when black by xoenix in whatever

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This is very standard. And in fact, I would say that those figures are likely quite conservative.

Am I talking out of my ass? Nope, I spent a good decade of my life in digital forensics. After a year or two, I found out admittedly the hard way that whomever said it isn't what you know it's what you can prove is dead wrong. It's what people want to be true is what matters.

Russian women are warned fighters could return home as sexual sadists by Cancelthis in news

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This is a ridiculous article.

Men who have seen active service downrange have reportedly have had issues with sexual health with PTSD as an intermediary. This can range from anything from impotency through to sexual deviancy. It isn't universal at all but it is reported and investigated phenomenon of service men from almost any country.

It's a google away.

Romance author gets locked out of Google Docs for “inappropriate” content by Drewski in technology

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It's odd.

I was having a conversation with a couple we know and they openly admitted to keeping their personal shared photos and videos on their google drive that "only they had access to".

The concept that the cloud is just someone else's computer and that they now own their bonking videos and nudes.

Many years ago when I was working in IT support, there was one particular technician who was responsible for decommissioning and/or replacing user's PC. The first job all PC's got was to be booted up with a boot cd that would scan the hard disk for photos and videos then save them off to the connected USB flash drive. He ended up with so many nudes of work colleagues it was unreal.

Yes, you can say they were stupid for using work IT equipment to store those images. You can say it was stupid of the user for taking the pictures in the first place. Did they deserve what they got? Not really, this was around 2005-2010 or so.

Do people deserve it now? Sorry if you're daft enough to subscribe to these cloud services believing that they have your back, I guarantee you they don't. Whether some dodgy tech is there in the background saving off your content for further use, or Google randomly decides one day that they don't like you anymore and are blocking access to your own data and god knows what happens to it then, you only have an illusion of control with what happens to your data.

Fuck, in 1997, the instruction of "Do not use your real name of give your banking info out on line"

These days it's, "Here's another perspective of what my asshole looks like!"

PSA from Jet: avoid OnlyFans by YoMamma in funny

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It's a shame the white race is so disintegrated that there is not enough parental influence to teach our girls that selling their pussies and giving a Jew the money is not a way of life.

White people need to have more children and teach them right. Regardless of whether you feel you can afford it or not. Have kids, teach them.

Just Stop Oil anarchists in their 80s attempted to break glass protecting Magna Carta. by PanzersGhost in UnitedKingdom

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It's a testament to the weakness of British people how they just stand watching from the safety of their camera phones and not physically defending their country and obstructing them.

The stats on Pakistani grooming gangs by jet199 in UnitedKingdom

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I am amazed that this has not been shared and disseminated more. This makes for angry reading.

We all knew even as far back as the 1990s that asian grooming gangs existed. You could never say it, but we all knew it.

GERMANSTAN: Mohammed Most Popular Baby Name in Berlin and Hamburg by Oyveygoyim in politics

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Germany will look back on this in years to come. Merkel will either be heralded as a hero, or shown as the destroyer that she was. She was the one who invited these parasites into Germany and destroyed her own people.

Scholz is living on borrowed time. His efforts to attempt to demonise detractors by calling them "right wing" straight from the playbook of Marx by the way, is only pushing support for the right upwards. German people are sick of what is happening. As is most of Europe.

I can only see the UK seeing the same issue. I fully expect a left-wing Labour government when our general election happens. I also expect Reform UK to get a fair number of votes, perhaps even a seat or two which should put the scares in the major parties.

Ireland too are super pissed after Leo Varadkar pissed all over the Irish people who dared to complain that they were being invaded by foreigners.

The right is rising. The more you shout at people telling them off for complaining about what they see in front of their faces, the more they go towards the right.

United Airlines Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Return To Japanese Airport After Wing Flap "Irregularity" by Drewski in news

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That is not an old plane. Unless it was used only on short-haul flights constantly could you class that as old. Given it was leaving from FUK, it is evident it was not a short-haul. In fact it's flight history demonstrates it was not. Short haul planes often have a reduced life span over long haul flights given that they are repressurised more often causing stress on the shell and hull.

Further to that, this plane has only had three incidents, the most recent being the initial climb phase. Three is not a high number for a passenger aircraft.

This incident is either a fault that was not discovered prior to the flight taking place, or a maintenance issue. It does strike me as odd as preflight is quite extensive on any aircraft of this class. But no, age cannot be blamed on this one. Long haul planes such as this can see 40-50 years service depending on maintenance and model. And even then it is often more cost effective to retrofit and renovate than to scrap it entirely. 19 years is not an old aircraft.

Boeing 737 Crashes After Failed Takeoff At African Airport by Drewski in news

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Boeing has nosedived in terms of competency in the last 10 years. I'm amazed that they're actually still permitted to tug new stock out.

MIT ends 'diversity statement' hiring requirement. by Dune1032 in politics

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If only all companies would get that message.

I work for a company still deep in the diversity thing. But then, aren't they all?

I have seen people vastly underqualified and less qualified than their colleagues jump leaps and bounds in terms of promotions. And the only reason is to have black, asian, female and - the biggest prize of all - the black tranny on their pictures, brochures and websites. Seriously the black tranny is a joke. It's in a position where it can't do that much damage, not really in charge of anything, but man does it tick a lot of diversity boxes. It was front and centre on a presentation to a government client who equally clapped and bleated along in their tedious self-hating white ways. It was laughable. "Oooh they aren't white? This is good, I must be seen to approve of this nonsense."

Two niggers attempt to rob a woman pushing a stroller. They shot the mother twice and then shot the baby in the head killing the child. by Oyveygoyim in news

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Oh, it's the Dindu brothers. Dindu Nuffink and Dindu Nowt.

Target to cut LGBTQ Pride month products from some stores after backlash by slart in whatever

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One of the stores I used to frequent bought in completely to the pride bullshit with multicoloured products, the flags flying high. And they got a whole bunch of "atta boy" praise from local papers and tranny groups.

Of course now that the hysteria has died down, they have already alienated their older customers who now just go to the supermarket for what they used to get from there and the trannies and the gays oddly haven't returned to spend money there. What will they do with all their unsold multi coloured products?

They have already had to let go of two of their staff as they can't afford to pay them.

Go woke - go broke. We weren't welcome there when they were flying their stupid pride flags, what makes them think we'll come back now?

Belgium Teen Gang-Raped By Minors After Being Lured Into Forest, Youngest Offender Is Aged 11 by Drewski in news

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One of my daughter's friends is currently in the fuck around phase with a black boy. Me and my wife can completely see what's coming. Thankfully my daughter is a smart cookie and willingly having less and less to do with her. Apparently when the friend brings the ape to gatherings, he always brings friends who think they can touch up the white girls.

This is all media perpetrated. The blacks think they can behave like animals and the white girls are meant to find it endearing.

See? Reddit doesn't censor! by xoenix in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I think you have posted the wrong story which is why it was blocked.

The only official form of this story acceptable on Reddit should read something like, "Young British White Slut has willing and consensual sex in toilet like the whore she is. Parents shocked and now the lying whore is claiming rape!"

There, that should appease the reddit nazis.

I'm sure the poor innocent brown boy is equally as shocked, the poor thing.

Stack Overflow bans users en masse for rebelling against OpenAI partnership — users banned for deleting answers to prevent them being used to train ChatGPT by xoenix in Internet

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I got the same treatment. I decided to change my posts to obfuscate it from OpenAI and am currently enjoying seven days off.

Oh well, I just will no longer contribute to the site at all in any way. Given my status on certain topics, I don't doubt that it will be a shame to many. But regardless, I am sure ChatGPT will be able to help out in future. As technology moves on, let's see if that OpenAI doesn't keep up!

Belgium Teen Gang-Raped By Minors After Being Lured Into Forest, Youngest Offender Is Aged 11 by Drewski in news

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Apparently one of the number included her boyfriend. Isn't this the epitome of fuck around and find out? I don't want to victim blame but if you lie with dogs, you tend to catch their fleas.

Muslims hold rally in Germany for Islamic Caliphate in Europe and Sharia Law. by PanzersGhost in Europe

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I am amazed that Germany is allowing this nonsense to go on. I have met many Germans in my life who love their country and their customs. How the hell can you have any sort of love for your country when you allow these animals to hold an actual rally?

I think the time for just muttering, "Send em back" is gone. I think we should actively repatriate these people right now to where they want to be. And if the Government won't do it, we should. Make sure they know that they are not welcome here. Them and their caliphate are not tolerable. Refuse to serve them in shops, refuse to pay them any common courtesy, do not address them by their names.

White female student in critical condition after suffering significant traumatic brain injury during a fight with a black female student at Hazelwood East High School in Missouri. by [deleted] in news

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The UK is actually known for its tolerance, welcoming nature and promotion of minorities.

Too bad that those minorities have turned around to hate the very people that lifted them out of the mud.

Another group of monkeys jump a white girl in school by Oyveygoyim in whatever

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It's the same in the UK. My kids are in private school. They have to be.

One of my daughters got set on by a bunch of black kids one day. On the negative, the bruises took a while to clear. On the plus side, the neo-liberal bullshit she used to come out with at times is gone gone gone.

White female student in critical condition after suffering significant traumatic brain injury during a fight with a black female student at Hazelwood East High School in Missouri. by [deleted] in news

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If that was my child, I would fucking deal with the attacker myself.

And it really could be too. The blacks in the UK are just as angry and just as violent. I send my kids to private school to keep them away from the blacks. They are not safe whatsoever.

My friend's kids have had constant run-ins with black students. The school sits by and does nothing. Not a single thing. His other kid got expelled for smacking one of the black kids back after hitting him.

There is no defence. They are protected from on high.

And this fucking animal needs to be stripped, raped and strangled.

Shamima Begum loses appeal against removal of British citizenship by Cancelthis in news

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This entirely. The only reason Shamima Begum is different is simply on account of her media profile. That is it. All these unnamed foreign soldiers who we don't know who they are, they get a free pass.

Seems like that wasn't her first time getting that response by Oyveygoyim in funny

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It's a story as old as time itself. Once you go black, we don't want you back!

Apparently locking up a guy for deliberately spreading HIV is racist and serophobic by Zoomergroid in TumblrInAction

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Is this meant to be some sort of baiting attempt?

Apparently locking up a guy for deliberately spreading HIV is racist and serophobic by Zoomergroid in TumblrInAction

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Let's see now... African who intentionally spread HIV specifically to white women gets jailed. Good let him rot in there.

As for the women, well, I guess there is a toll to be paid for digging around in the gutter for something to put up your chuff. Any woman worthy of a white man will not have this sort of worry.

UK government finally releases trans guidance for schools to public comment and the guidance seems completely reasonable by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Now ask me directly how schools ACTUALLY act given that I have experienced how the schools operate on a first hand basis!

How about protecting paedophiles that infiltrated the WhatsApp group of a bunch of 12 year olds for over six months, distributing trans pornography within that group, and then vilifying the students that finally called out on it? Any of that in this guidance?

How about a year of child psychology because 12 year old is now heavily depressed, confused and thinks he is innately bad? How about a year worth of work just getting him to attempt to enjoy childhood again, meanwhile the school delivers one last sneak attack by getting the child protection services on your ass and now every week, your 12 year old has to sit with some near-menopausal shithead, draw pictures, answer correctly when quizzed on the great lefty message about how trans and gays are all OK, answer questions about their own sexuality all because you contracted a private psychologist because the NHS wait list was just over 8 months.

Ask me how I know!

Now ask me exactly who the fuck was interested? Ask me how many times accusations of transphobia, homophobia et al have been delivered for having a problem with any of this? Now ask me about the original student who started all this, seemingly for a game, has been treated since? Well while he was calling himself trans, like royalty. When his parents finally found out, they gave him such a clout around the ear, he quickly forget his trans bullshit and now he's making out like he's going to be the next greatest drill musician (funny plot twist, he's white!)

Fuck the guidance. Teachers and schools will operate as they decide to. And fuck the kid that has psychological scars and actual PTSD from this whole thing, something Mrs. Child Services cunt seems to ride roughshod over ensuring that all parts of the lefty message are clearly understood and quoted verbatim.

So yeah, ask me how I know!

New X-Files being developed by Disney with Black Panther director. Don't spoil my memories! by bife_de_lomo in TumblrInAction

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Well we know how this is going to go.

Ruined is how it's going to go.

I can't wait to see who takes over the FBI from Walter Skinner, probably the blackest thing they can muster up with most of the department being headed by strong women or trans types. In their cringiest of men speaking like women voices, "I found a meanie everybody. Let's get him girls and DRAG him outta here!" Of course we MUST have some interracial relationships, ideally Scully getting with the misunderstood black guy leader of the resistance type.

And of course all the bad people will be straight white men.

I think they should just come out with it. "We found a cult where straight white men and straight white women are espousing traditional gender roles, educating their kids. We have footage of men teaching some boys how to chop wood with an axe and there is evidence of home baking!" They storm the complex, men in high heels, former women proudly showing their mastectomy scars with the word "SLUT" written on them, closely followed by former men wearing nappies and sucking their thumbs.

The episode closes with any pregnant women sent to abortion farms, all children sent to schools for re-education of the message and the parents permanently glued into furry costumes. The lead of the cult later comes out saying it was a mistake, apologises, and claims he has been living as a gay man the whole time. Another case solved by the dynamic duo.

Five teens now charged in savage mob beating at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School by [deleted] in news

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This is the way of schools.

It really does not matter if the victim hit first, what matters here is five people against one. That is in no way defensible. I would love to see the father's reaction if five boys attacked his son regardless of who hit first.

My full bet is that they eventually come out and say "White boy said the N word, therefore he got what he deserved", the world silently agrees and nobody cares. It is always the defence. I got mugged by four of these hooligans about ten years ago walking through London and the cops literally just happened to be driving by and stopped, pure chance. That was the first thing they shouted: "This guy called me an N!"

Odd how I was the one on the ground and how my wallet and phone ended up in his pocket. The cops let them fucking go. Off you go son, weren't interested in me pointing out the guy who had my shit in his pockets, just got a lame duck "Well, they've gone now, sir!"

These little pack rats know full well what defence to use in all situations. And it always works. I'd be interested to see if the same shit works over there in the USA.

Ireland Hate Speech Law Would Make It Illegal to Possess ‘Reckless’ Memes by Drewski in censorship

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While I can understand your disdain for the attitudes of these sorts of people, you also have to realise that this is the endgame reaction. While others may get there more slowly or quickly dependent upon how much bullshit has been experienced, education level, etc, it gets very difficult to even attempt to sympathise with these characters at all. When all I see are brown people attacking my child and the state effectively defending their right to do so, the media coercing me that I am personally worth less because I am white, when my children are invalid because they are white and then when I come to social media only to find people attempting to discredit or run roughshod over my own experiences or bleat out the same tired bollocks, I too lose a lot of sympathy to the point where I am fully behind packaging the ruddy lot of them up, shipping them to I really don't care where and closing the borders, genuine asylum be damned. But I didn't exactly get there overnight.

Being Irish myself, I too saw a lot of racism coming up in Britain in the 1980s during the heights of the IRA. Yet whenever I bring this up, it is almost verboten as I cannot possibly even slightly suggest anything of the ilk because slave trade. And then when I too dig into the history of the slave trade, who the biggest proponents were and who actually had a huge hand in ending it, that's the history that is again almost verboten.

So yes, I do see how people just resort to plain unabated racist vocabulary. It's largely because there are no other avenues left and all they are waiting for is a political figure to actually represent their views. And in the UK, just like in Netherlands, Italy, etc. I don't think that is far away. Maybe 1-3 years.

I share your pain with regards the IT sector and the destruction of the middle classes. I am vehemently against this. I do however view it as a separate problem to the one we are now experiencing in Europe and the very issues that the Irish were protesting about in the clash in Dublin. It is the same, but different. While I agree with you that from a personally economic perspective, cheap labour is doing the likes of you and I no favours at all. However, I do view this as different from the immigrants that are coming here, whether legally, illegally or via the asylum system, and inflicting near on a decade or two's worth of crime growth on particular areas of the countries they are in within a matter of weeks. That I have a huge problem with.

The area I'm in has turned on a dime. It's gone from a pleasant sleepy town with trees, safe to walk around any time to people generally tend to not go out after dark, women and especially young girls do not walk out alone at any time, incidents of burglary, home invasions and car crime has dramatically increased to the point where almost everybody on my street has had something happen to them, even us, and this to me is no way to live. I am not even being overly dramatic.

Honestly I am at the point that if a far right wing party came into fruition and offered to ship back the bally lot of them, I would honestly vote for them. I have no faith in our politicians to even slightly stem the tide and I am sick of seeing what is happening. While I hate to say that, especially as an Irishman living with a Swedish wife living in a foreign country myself (though I have been here all my life), we aren't out here burning the town down; they are. And the way I see it, they have worn out their welcome.

Sure racist responses makes matters worse. It is a shame people resort to that. But I see it as mainly an effect of being summarily ignored and told that black is orange, orange is red and crimson doesn't exist. And when they try to complain, they just get a single word smarmy response: "Source?"

Source my ass. Go stick yourself in any of these places these migrants have shown up on en masse and see for yourselves, I say. Take your young daughter, you might see more clearly!

NB Not you yourself, you anyone.

Ireland Hate Speech Law Would Make It Illegal to Possess ‘Reckless’ Memes by Drewski in censorship

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I understand the retort you are using here. You are attempting to conflate the crimes committed by migrants, which in my opinion is extreme and occurs sporadically and numerously, with ALL other crime.

Nobody is going to claim that white collar crime doesn't exist, nor that people that are physically in those countries don't commit henous acts such as violence or rape.

What people are reacting to is the absolutely proven link between a sudden influx of migrants, asylum seekers and the like being thrown onto quiet towns and even smaller cities who immediately go out and commit acts of violence. It has been happening everywhere. Whether it's in Germany with the huge increase of rapes at a New Years Eve party some years ago, whether it's in Sweden where the immigrants started off with just rapes and violence and have now formed fully fledged gangs that absolutely will fuck you up just because, all coupled with the almost complete police and governmental level protection that they appear to enjoy while the media tells white people they are bad for complaining.

This is what people have an issue against. And when the police are failing and even appear to be on the side of the criminal, you are going to get a reaction. In Sweden, the media, the government and corporations as a whole all ganged up on the Swedish. Anybody who had a problem with their daughters being raped by brown people were absolutely admonished and destroyed by the media. This is also why my wife and I decided not to live in Sweden, we knew that where we would live there was a huge migrant population and there would be no safety for our kids. Over time the same has happened in a lot of the UK and is now so in Ireland.

You cannot expect white people to be treated in this fashion and not have a problem with it. The people that are arriving are on the whole not starving and innocent women and children. Just look at any news reel. They are boys and men of fighting age. They are not going to be pleasant people to be around they are not going to want to be your friend. They are quite frankly dangerous people and the small sleepy towns they are being sent to are totally ill equipped to deal with them. And this is not just a police funding matter. This is a deep down and far rooted difference in social construction of individuals. The men coming here have no problem committing acts of violence and in a lot of cases too sexual violence.

And yet they are still coming and appear to be protected by almost God up on high (not a Christian, just a phrase).

The more people like you batter the noses of the people complaining, demanding it is not a problem, demanding it is just them being racists, the more you turn those people away to what they see with their own eyes and eventually the figureheads that promise to damned well do something about it.

My kids have not seen the parts of Sweden where my wife grew up. She desperately wanted to show them, so we visited ourselves while we were over to a wedding. We mentioned what we were doing and almost every single family member told us not to go to that area, it's gone. We booked a single night anyway and they were right. It is crawling with immigrants, almost nowhere is safe there, the place is unrecognisable to her. We were watching the television in the hotel the morning after and almost got to see in real time the police cars outside the hotel window and on the television the three white people that were brutally murdered and the aftermath of it. Of course, it did indeed turn out to be some asylum seekers that were only reacting to their poor upbringings (so whitey had to die!) but that could not be said on television and bet your ass that the cops were ready to put down and arrest anyone who mentioned it.

We got in our car and left. It's unlikely my wife will ever want to return to where she grew up. That is what importing this scum does only 5 years on. Such social change takes far longer usually to reach that sort of extreme level of criminality without the influx of migrants.

But you go on ahead. You keep telling me that I am not allowed to have a problem with importing criminals. I would be stood here saying the same thing if those criminals were white too. The fact that they are brown makes no difference to me. You cannot conflate the crime we have here already and somehow wash in and distil the crime that these migrants are indeed bringing.

If I were in Ireland right now, I would back every single one of those people shouting back at the Government.

I guess though since Ireland took that IMF bailout all these years ago, they have to do what Daddy EU says and destroy the Irish people by throwing all this scum at them and legislating against any possible reaction. I have a feeling though that the Irish may have a thing or two to say about it though. And good the fuck on them! It's a far better reaction than the limp dick British have. They just let their girls be raped and their people murdered rather than be thought of as racists. And that is why they are doomed.

To answer your question, if the police are impotent and cannot protect, then you can expect movements, protests and eventually lynching. Frankly, if the guy who stabbed those children was being torn limb from limb by a crowd, I'd frankly be sad that there weren't enough pieces of him to go round. Or is it the fact that he's an immigrant somehow grant him some Godlike status to you and he should be protected and maybe given a cuddle?

For reference, we are in the process of moving to another area at this moment. I am taking a bath on the property prices but I have to do it. Why? My daughter is 13 years old. Three times now, her and her friends have been harassed by men who are asylum seekers living in the hotels in town. Every time, they have attempted to grab, or even kidnap. The police are fucking useless. They are not interested in the fact they are asylum seekers.

That tells me on a Governmental level, my 13 year old daughter can be sacrificed in the name of racism because she is white. Her friends too. If they are to go to see their friends, they must be escorted and even once, one of the Dads escorting three of the friends was attacked by one of these brown migrants.

And yet we are not allowed to have a problem with any of this, the police are more interested in the fact that we call them brown migrants and we have dicks like you talking about "What about the white people and their crime?"

Frankly, if I caught one of those brown little fuckers coming at my daughter or her friends, I wouldn't stop until he was in at least four pieces. However I doubt I would get the chance, all of them carry weapons. My daughter even caught some of them with her phone who not only flashed his knife but flashed his dick too.

Now you sit there sir and tell me this is acceptable. I'm not allowed to have a problem with it, tell me the police were right in investigating ME for pointing the fingers at the poor innocent asylum seekers. The cops attending said, "That would surprise me, they are a peaceful and loving people escaping atrocities". Not a single thing happened after reporting it.

That's why we are moving away and frankly most of her friends families are in the same boat.

Young Islamists in Brussels tell a reporter their Belgian citizenship means nothing to them and that they will establish the Caliphate in Europe. by [deleted] in news

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Stay classy, Europe. As if Sweden hasn't been the biggest damned warning you could have had!

Gynaecologist 'mutilated virgin wife's vagina on honeymoon' by [deleted] in news

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Isn't this the real piece of work that was taking young girls to African and Indian countries to get cut away from the watchful eyes of the UK authorities? Is she now coming forward with her own story for sympathies?

If she genuinely thought FGM sucked so much, she wouldn't have played her part in getting more girls cut.

Fuck her.

In my daughters school. This is what they mean by you can’t choose not to be taught this shit. by [deleted] in whatever

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Gay people have not gone crazy. The majority of gay people I'm sure are well grounded citizens.

What has gone crazy is the alphabet crowd. Unless you are telling me that having a man in a dress commanding assembly with a bunch of 8 year old boys on how to masturbate is somehow enriching or empowering and definitely not in any way paedophilia at all? That is the borderline reality of what is going on in schools. As a parent, you expect me to have no reaction to that? I fucking do, sir! I most certafuckingly do.

Woman Cries After First 9 to 5 Job — "How Do You Have Time For Your Life?" by [deleted] in news

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Welcome to life, my dear woman. This is what feminism has brought you. This is what feminism demanded for you.

As more and more women demanded their throne in the workplace, believing it to be some sort of old boys' club, now they have it. And as it's happened, more and more companies have realised the effective doubling of the workforce has meant that wages do not need to increase, they can just hire the next idiot along. As inflation has caused costs of living to rise, the cheap labour women provided along with foreign imported labour to back it up has caused wages to stagnate.

Welcome to life. This is it for the next 50 years. Enjoy. There is no time for your life. Just remember that when you next want to harp on about the evil men or the patriarchy. Feminism did this! Corporations realised the stupidity and the self pwning behind it all and gave it the thumbs up.

At least you do have an out. It's called Onlyfans.

In my daughters school. This is what they mean by you can’t choose not to be taught this shit. by [deleted] in whatever

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Given what my nephew put up with, I believe it.

Given what my daughter and son have come home with for homework, I believe it too. Given I am currently arguing with the school (as are a bunch of parents) about what bullshit they are force feeding our children, I do believe it even still.

At the moment we are looking for new schools for January. We have decided to send them to private school, they don't seem to be pushing this horse shit.

How much pussy are you boys gettin nigga? by alexstein in AskSaidIt

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Hmmm, well I guess I am the outlier here. Having a great wife, awesome family that is functional, I have sex with my wife approximately 3-4 times per week, depending on the week. Sometimes we have a flat zero week if a whole bunch of things are going on. Guaranteed the next time will be quite frenzied.

TBH we both work out a lot too. That counts for a lot. If you don't work out as a couple, what are you even doing?

Victoria’s Secret ditches prioritizing wokeness over ‘sexiness’ after sales drop by P-38lightning in news

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Go woke, go broke.

In the time they spent being all plus sized chicks with dicks, most normal people have gone to other and better stores for their lingerie and sexy things. I doubt they will see their customer base back ever again.

France: Foreigners commit 69% of robberies, violent crimes, and sexual assaults on public transport by [deleted] in Europe

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Hands up anyone who has been to France recently?

I have no idea where they get the stats from. But comparing now (well, two weeks ago) to what France was like only 5-6 years ago is a night and day difference.

I witnessed foreign men goading a young French girl who took my offer of escorting her to somewhere safer, my phone was taken from me the next day again by a foreigner, my business associate who met me out there had come without his luggage as it had been taken from him, all this in the one week we were out there.

I don't take much of what Trump says or ever said too seriously, I am not in America for one thing. But he said once Paris is gone. He is dead right. This is not Paris anymore. This is some playground where these barely pass as human parasites have been let off the leash and are behaving in any way that they like.

I came back and thought, this is what the UK has in store. This is what's coming, this is what is already here.

What is the end goal here? Why is Europe being infested with this shit, driven it seems by policy and corporations? These people are not going to work for anyone. They are going to claim benefits, commit crimes and do so with impunity. The only thing I can think it's for is to decimate the white population. But again, why? What will that achieve in the end.

Anger grows across Europe over EU’s mandatory migrant quotas by [deleted] in Europe

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Any other UK people glad we left now?

‘We no longer feel safe!’ Paris residents fear next wave of migrants arriving from Lampedusa by [deleted] in Europe

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They should absolutely be afraid. Very much so. These are not people just looking for an honest days works. They are people who are actively seeking to destroy any country they walk into and take what they want.

They are animals, they are not people.

Sweden hit with wave of shootings, national police chief warns of unprecedented level of gang warfare by [deleted] in Europe

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I hear this from her family a lot.

The problem is, the resistance against white nationalists is huge, strong and has governmental and corporate levels of support.

If you are a man with a family working in a professional role, you know that your career is decimated the second you join any of the attempts to speak out. You will be ostracised, unemployable and it will put your family in the poor house. The only people left to speak out are those with nothing to lose, i.e. those who don't work anyway and probably are not smart enough to do anything meaningful. This is why white nationalists always look like braindead idiots with jaws dragging on the floor.

This is the impossibility line to cross.

The new 'Exorcist' movie isn't raking in as much dough as its parent studio would like -- which isn't great news considering almost half a billion dollars was spent to get it going. by [deleted] in Movies

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I was excited to see this as a lover of horror. I don't even care that it had a black male lead, it's all good.

I just couldn't get past the rather overt and plain for all to see demonstration that the white family was dysfunctional, stupid, arrogant and at times demonstrated a far lesser bond for their child. And they were not alone!

There was a scene where the lead was photographing a white family portrait style. Of course, the kid is unruly, running amuck and the parents are pissed. Cue another scene, kids are being dropped off at school. Again the kids are going crazy, making loads of noise, the parents are frankly being little bitches. Compare that to any child of colour who are all placid, calm, intelligent, their parents doting and clearly have their backs.

Plot spoiler, what happens at the end? The dumbass white father fucks up in yet another oafish blunder and dooms his daughter who he didn't really like much anyway to eternal damnation.

I am only surprised that the demon didn't call out the white priest/evangelist dude as a paedophile while the virtuous black lady rings out her potions, juxtaposed against the white nurse with her Christianity appearing mooted, impotent and far weaker in comparison.

I thought, I can't be the only person who saw this. Did Spike Lee direct this?

It all seemed rather more an exercise in subtle wokeness, comparing the doting and together black father who remained committed to his child in spite of the tragedy that befell him, while the white families and children were all, well, just stupid. The whole demon thing? Yeah, that got maybe a 20 minute sequence towards the end, by that time the whole movie burned so slowly you just did not care. By the end, I was sort of hoping the demon would just kill all of them and have done with it.

Oh the white girl doomed to eternal damnation? Yeah, no matter, no loss. Brush it aside, nobody cares.

Woman who transitioned to male at 16 during ‘chaotic time’ sues doctors who gave her double mastectomy by HiddenFox in news

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This is who they target. The weakest of society. When the weird kid suddenly becomes the prom king/queen simply because he/she/it was so brave for cutting their tits off and growing a weird beard, it's appealing to the low hanging fruit and that works upwards.

Get them while they're young. Disgusting people.

Sweden hit with wave of shootings, national police chief warns of unprecedented level of gang warfare by [deleted] in Europe

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My wife is Swedish. It is amazing how polar opposite some members of her family are, there is almost no in between.

It seems that they all know who is doing the raping, the killing, the warfaring. However there are the ultra left lot who are completely accepting and believe that they even deserve it, then you have the right lot who are all for public hangings, won't go to certain businesses as they are not run by Swedes. There is pretty much nothing in the middle.

It is also odd that the lefty lot are also the most affluent. They have larger houses away from the cities, drive a few brand new cars, run businesses and are up for all the lovely cheap labour they get from importing these people. They get to live with their gangs, they get cheap labour. The ones on the right more resemble the middle classes of England not too long ago.

My wife is definitely right of centre. While neither of us have anything against people of colour or what have you, we completely oppose immigration and the importing of all this human waste from the gutters of the world. The same thing in Sweden is happening in the UK.

The last time we went to Uppsala, my wife was so upset. We had gone out for a wedding and were in two minds about taking our kids. As they are in school, we decided not to and left my brother's family to look after them. We spent an hour in the City and my wife said that there is no way she would want her kids to see where she grew up it was so humiliating. There were gangs of immigrants on the street staring at us like we didn't belong there - they were right, we didn't - graffiti and near open air drug use. The same day we were there, we were watching the hotel TV that night and the news report about a couple of fatal shootings came on right near where we were staying.

To say we couldn't wait to get out of there is an understatement. What a hell hole it's turned into. It was odd that when the news ended was advert after advert, all with coloured men and typical Swedish girls.

What the fuck is with Sweden. I don't understand it. It was the first time I ever heard my wife talking about whites and Swedes being "bred out" and that "they want to destroy everything that Sweden was by importing these apes to rape our girls and breed us out!"

Personally I have three gorgeous white children. They have been taught by us what to look out for in their schools and peer groups. They laugh at the trans rallies and refuse to engage. Our daughters think nothing of blacks and find them disgusting, especially the manner in which they attempt to perve on them. Our daughters know when to deliver a good slap and when not to, when not to be alone. They report to us immediately when a boy tries to get them to share nude photographs or the like. And we damned well take action. Our son knows how to watch out for teachers trying to get him to take puberty blockers, he had a front row seat for when my nephew had his grooming troubles. He knows when girls are trying to use him by way of their sexuality. He places a great importance on his male relationships and knows not to get hung up on one single girl and how to be a gentleman.

Hopefully our schools won't headfuck that out of them, but we have done our best. We know what's happening and we know we are on our own.

As for Sweden, well, some of the most common conversations we have with her family members is if they would be better off moving here. We wish we could tell them yes. But it seems England has taken on the same level headed thinking as Sweden and appears it cannot import enough slime. Bring them all in, we have a white culture to destroy!

Now the third kid has come out by xoenix in TumblrInAction

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A friend of mine has a daughter who was in hospital. She had to have what amounted to a life saving emergency operation. I'm not a medic, but basically a blood clot that was pretty much narrowly too close to travelling into her brain and causing a major haemorrhage and stroke.

She has only just returned to school, full on bald, only on half days because she has to come home and sleep at lunch time.

Who is getting all the attention lavished on them in school at the moment? All the teachers praising them for being so progressive, brave, etc. Yep that's right. The little runt of a kid that has come out as trans. Some boy following a trend, wearing a really dodgy as fuck looking dress to school and threatening to cut his knob off while calling himself Betsy trumps a girl who actually almost died. It's not like she even wants attention or even that much of a fuss. A teacher happy to see that she had made it would have been nice. Even some of her friends have gone full on woke and even told her to stop saying anything about her near stroke as it takes away from the narrative the teachers are getting them to push, putting strange pictures and shit all over the place.

My son went to the same school and we took him out last year after my nephew had a run in with the trans activists. We found that the school were not only promoting genital mutilation and how normal it is to be trans, but actively teaching students to hide it from parents. I referred to one of the teachers as a groomer which almost got the cops called on me.

In this world, you have to either force your kids to chop bits off of their bodies to fit in or you're in for a fight. But that's fine. I'll fight anybody who comes to my door with this tranny shit. You cannot tell me I'm being a gammon or it isn't real, what I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears means I have no fucking sympathy for these fucking trannies. Not one inch. They can burn in hell for coming after kids for all I'm concerned. And you cannot liken it to the Catholic church. I was raised Catholic too and we were perfectly allowed to step away at any time just as I did. I didn't have an army of angry neurotic catholics threatening my career, I didn't have them at my front door waving fire around, I didn't have the full weight of the law and child services on my family's doorstep.

Piss off a tranny? Find out!

Who do you save? by Musky in AskSaidIt

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This is a rather odd question. As a working, straight white male with kids and a functional wife, I fully believe that most of these would get priority over me and my family. Probably all of them. But I would take,

1 Yep, I see no reason not to.

2 No thanks. I don't need him running the roost

3 I would rather not, she sounds like a bag of trouble.

4 While I have nothing against taking in an old priest, being raised Catholic myself the teachings he has would likely instruct him to sacrifice his life for others in any case.

5 Probably yes, that 16 year old is likely going to need someone who knows what their doing.

6/7 Given I have rejected most people so far, I guess I'd have to.

8 Who knows, maybe he's a laugh? I get the impression we aren't trying to restart the human race here. If we are, then we're pretty fucked with that list already, so meh.

9 So long as I can bring my guitar, a jam buddy sounds good.

10 Well, I have seen enough movies to know that he is actually Satan himself. We're going to wake up and that glowing eyed motherfucker is going to have already summoned the vortex and be all like shemhamforashing all over the damned place. So really, whether I want to let him in or not, he'll use mind control on someone to gain entry anyway so no fighting that. Makes me think we should have kept the bloody priest now. Who knows, maybe he had learned a thing or two about demonolgy and could fight it, or worst case, the ol' adversary there will put his attentions on him and flame him up like a fireball allowing the rest of us just enough time to escape. I should have thought this through more. Is he wearing a hat? The hat gives it away! Does he have his head down and look up with piercing eyes? You know that shit is going to turn into serpent eyes the second the door is bolted, don't you?

We're doomed. At a push, I may sacrifice the retired prostitute I rescued but knowing our luck she will turn into a subservient mistress of hell and then we got double trouble. Maybe I should have sacrificed the architect. I've never seen a demon be all like, "Oh yoohoo... gonna feast on your ass, rawr!" in a movie.

Canada gone full Iron Curtain - any books before 2008 removed from school libraries by ID10T in news

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This happened when I was in school in the late 1980s too. Back then the school was gifted an encyclopaedia set, a rather expensive thing at the time. There was no internet, books was where you got your info. Well, a singular black woman who didn't even have a kid at the school was allowed full access. She tore out everything she deemed unacceptable, mainly anything to do with the slave trade apart from white people atrocities, tore out anything that was to do with white people of note that she had heard of. She basically was left to destroy entire volumes of these hugely expensive books. They were next to useless after that.

Lefties are going to left.

What percentage of modern Western women would you say are actually good relationship material OR undateable? A specific number. by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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I'm in the UK so I would say that numbers are a little different. But I have dated a fair amount of women prior to meeting my wife. I knew what I wanted in a wife, that is someone who was into traditional role models, that wanted to raise children in that narrative and who had a good deal in common with me.

I had to go through a fair few women and by far the worst were the two American ladies I dated very briefly. Both were extremely entitled and both practically wanted credit reports and wage slips. It was like applying for a mortgage. Of course I noped out.

Europe most certainly has imported a lot of whatever wave feminism we are on now from the USA. There were girls I almost dated until I found out that their body count was higher than a morgue and seemed to boast about it, like it would in some way excite me more.

That said, I think the tides are turning. More and more younger girls are become very much extreme in their wants. While you have a certain section of girls that fully embrace feminism, want to go on slut walks while banging anything that moves, seem to delight in the idea of having kids by various fathers, there are a lot more these days who want the traditional models. In fact, the younger women I have encountered (not dated) are looking for that stay at home mum life and are thus looking for men who are into providing that. Their dismissal of "fuckboys" is quite apparent and it seems though they are focusing more on education to "be able to teach my future kids properly", are looking for their "the ones".

It isn't across the board though. English girls really do fall into one of two camps and it isn't beyond a doubt that a previous town bicycle will suddenly become a born again virgin in order to lock in a guy who can provide. It happens, I've seen it myself via my own friend group.

As for undateable trash, well it depends what you are after. I went through a few years where I was happy to bang anything I fancied and condoms are great things. I have dated girls I had no intention of wifing up and of course those relationships did not last long. I had my fill, onto the next chump. I did however meet girls who were a lot more reserved. Given people let any guards that they have slip as time goes on, you get to know who you are dealing with quite quickly. All but the most idiotic of men should be able to spot the born again virgin crowd who realised feminism was a con and shifted gears, trying to paint themselves up as new.

I think the real challenge today is the transgender thing. I think that the education and authority systems in place have realised that feminism has not worked in destroying our girls and are trying to attack them from the gender angle. It is working, at the end of the day young children are easily swayed and every child wants consequence free attention. Transgenderism is one of those extreme things that is apparently not up for debate at all.

My kids go to school and there are a few in their classes touting the transgender thing. Of course they get so much affirmative attention, there is no reason for them to quit their bullshit. Thankfully I have taught my children enough to know that it's horse shit, they openly laugh about it at home, but they know that in school not to draw attention to themselves for disapproving.

A lot of that stems from my wife and I. We do homework with the kids all the time. In fact, we supplement what the school teaches and if we believe that their logic, reasoning and maths skills are lagging behind because of the school, we are with them to make sure it does not. We have some of the only kids who enjoy homework as it's practically family time for us. Of course we do fun things too. The kids know if the homework is done early enough of a Friday evening that Saturday is family cook-up day.

Finding a wife of that calibre is not astronomically difficult and I would say is becoming easier. For me, I went ten years younger to find that in a girl. I found a lot of girls of my own age group were so deeply wrapped in feminism, they were practically undateable. So many were in thankless careers where they really felt they had to show the men how it was done and only realised that slaving for the man is no different whether you're male or female. You still get the hard knocks and eventually when the looks fade, you get it just as hard as the men do and have done likely throughout their working lives.

With any dating scenario, you must remain true to what you want. If the girl you are with is nothing more than a fling, keep it that way. If you are looking for a girl with the substance to become a wife, keep looking.

Though sometimes money is tight with only me working, I know that my wife keeps a clean house, happy children and we can just about make it on my salary living somewhat frugally. My kids love cooking with us and pre-cooking, all of that saves money. Instead of spending £100 at a restaurant, we spend maybe £15 worth in ingredients to make up a cool family meal that everybody helps with. And I can assure you, my kids would take that before a pizza hut any day of the week.

Find a girl that's on your side. That simple. If you can't find one, keep looking. You are better off without than settling.

So, what's behind the social contagion of men going trans? by QueenBread in TumblrInAction

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There is no one specific answer. I would say a top drawer reason is the scarcity effect. Sex is prewired into peoples' brains and the hormones that come with puberty are all designed to essentially start that process of desire and sexual fulfilment.

While it's not the only agitator, feminism in it's guise in the early 2000s meant more young women had to prioritise their careers and education. This isn't a bad thing in and of itself, the key thing here is "had to". In order to afford to live in a modern society, together with the messages being handed down by news media and eventually social media that men were the reason everything was bad, that meant less women had any desire to be involved in a big relationship with a man.

Of course, men have in recent history already become accustomed and raised to further education or to get out to work and to essentially take responsibility. But because of that upbringing, men are (or were) adept at being able to foster their loving relationships while doing that. Women on the other hand were given the message that it was one thing or the other; you could not be in a loving relationship AND focus on your education or career aspirations (which had better be lofty, by the way). This isn't me saying women are all bad, this is me saying women and particularly young women were put under enormous societal pressure to do this thing or be worthless by a huge mega consortium of news outlets and constant messages.

So let's get back to the men. There were less women willing to engage in long term relationships. Of course, women were happy to engage in brief sexual relationships or one night stands (as is their agency to do so of course) just as men had done. Again, this was something promoted by feminism. But a good majority of men were basically not able to get involved with women, were not engaging in sex with girls their own ages or even older or had to settle for someone who was not exactly right for them as they were willing to engage.

Going a little psychological here, what is it that men like about women? I mean there are hundreds of answers, but essentially men are a little gruff, a little rough, women are soft and curvy and have boobs that make us crazy. Women have the attributes about their bodies that men don't. And men like them.

Thus when men are for want of a better word denied what they crave, that's when the mind attempts to find that in another way. If you can't get girls, why not be a girl? The logic is sound regardless of whether the execution is there. If you want to see a cute girl in her panties but cannot, don the panties yourself and convince yourself that it's all good.

OK I have had to be brief as need to get going and this really is not the only reason. This is just one avenue that has led us to the society we have today of men attempting to become women. And selling it to children wholesale is just a method of legitimising it.

Meanwhile on reddit, a sub for sex offenders thrives by Keri10 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I think the takeaway here is that the world is not a safe place for children, but you should still have children. They are the best. My two know what to look for and know that they have to come to us with anything. That goes double if someone especially an adult tells them to keep something secret. And it works. My boy was 2 points off a higher grade and the teacher apparently gave him the higher grade anyway and said, "we'll just keep that secret!"

Ok, very innocuous and we know the teacher, she's cool. But the fact my boy came and told me straight away means I did something right.

Sadly your parental education has to involve a good level of trust. Your kids look up to you and when they know that you will have their back in all situations, they'll tell you stuff. Of course, if you go off on one, get crazy talking about everyone is a pedo and this and that, they won't know whether they're coming or going. You have to be clever about it.

I am sure my kids will one day have to deal with this far before they are ready. I have a daughter that does occasionally keep me up at night, she is already getting attention from boys at school. She knows her work is the most important thing though.

Whomever said boys are easier to raise was dead on right. During drag week (yep, fucking drag week!) my boy saw through all the propaganda straight away. My daughter began to soften to it. I mean, 24/7 brainwashing, homework that included some ugly fucking manwoman on it (that got torn up, I told the school she wasn't doing it), setting an essay on the history of LGBTQ (again I told the school she wasn't doing it). When it becomes part of a curriculum and enforced by teachers, this is brainwashing. My boy 100% sees it. My daughter, well, girls are easier to influence.

I'll just throw in another anecdote. There is a 19 year old girl who picks up her sister from school every day. What is she dating? A 40+ yr old muslim man. She's there parading him about like he's a prize, he looks like a damned terrorist. And he's openly said to me in a friendly way he likes to get them while they're young. Apparently this isn't his first or only white girl he has converted to islam.

They are out there. I'm told to stop being so controlling or stop worrying about something that isn't there. I see it though. How can I tell myself I didn't see it when it is right there. And having kids doing kids things, everything is amplified and you see this shit far far clearer.

One of the methods groomer teachers use to indoctrinate kids while keeping parents in the dark has been exposed. Huge coverup underway. by Canbot in news

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This is in the UK too. What my nephew went through was unbelievable. He is back to normal now but it's taken a year or so of just allowing him to be himself. He knows full well that whatever sexuality he wants to be is OK with everybody, but the whole thing that he has had to think about this at 11 years old has been brutal on him. He was depressed, withdrawn, felt like he'd let everybody down.

Basically some groomers got on the friend group whatsapp, started sharing hypno porn and what fucks me off is when this started to drop, teachers were taking them out of class, discussing things like what they could do to transition successfully, taking their confusions and explaining it with gender dysphoria, it was fucking despicable. And this was in the fucking UK!

The end result, his Mother took him out of that school and home-schooled him. The school's reaction? Proclaim her to be nothing short of Hitler, child services involved, I had to get interviewed being I'm part of the child's life, his Mother, him, everybody. He has to see some cunt of a social worker every two weeks, discuss feelings he really doesn't want to talk about anymore, etc.

Before all this happened, there were a few times I was driving with him and he would sometimes describe girls we saw out and about as hot. He had a cute friendship with a girl at school, just normal shit. Now even that, he is completely rejecting having anything to do with as it's all caused him so much bother.

He is getting better. He has a great child psychologist. Child Services do have an issue with him having a psychologist, I guess as it isn't pushing the agenda.

Let me ask you this. If Muslims were INVITED into schools to sit and discuss with the kids how Islam is the only way of life, being allowed unrestricted and unfiltered access to kids with the goal of converting them to Islam, I think a lot more people would have a problem with it. This is just as serious. We don't allow people of any religion into schools to indoctrinate kids. It is obvious why not. The obvious exception is sending a kid to a faith school in which case that is what it is, it's the choice of the parents to do so.

What is happening with our kids is real and it is very concerning. Hell, when I was 11, I'm sure I was confused, I didn't know what a woman's parts looked like. That was called curiosity and eventually, well, I found out. Today, that would be identified as someone who needs to transition asap.

How does this fucking mental minority have such control? How is this allowed?

MA students tear down rainbow décor and chant their pronouns are 'USA' by Oyveygoyim in news

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Good on these students. Having this shit rammed down their throats, well, they're obviously going to throw something back up. And if a small protest and demand to be excluded from their enforced inclusivity brainwashing cult is all that's happened, then let them be. Oh no wait, let's form committees and have meetings to discuss why the cult hasn't been inclusive enough. Be included or die.

I remember last so-called pride month, some asshole at work went around sticking pride flags to our monitors. I took mine down immediately. I spend all day sat at a computer screen, I can't work with all that crap in my face.

Three meetings with HR later, it all had to go back up. They compromised by allowing me to bring another monitor in from home to use instead. Madness! This is Britain too!

You MUST have the pride flag in your face at all times.

The natural reaction to this enforcement is repulsion. Expect far right leaning reactions as a result. It is an equal and opposite reaction, all they will do is push these kids further and further away from their mandate and make them hate them and all their kind even more.

Reddit suffers a major outage after thousands of subreddits temporarily shut down - The company blamed the protest for causing issues across its website and mobile apps. by neolib in MeanwhileOnReddit

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While usually I would write off what you just said as pedantic and juvenile, that is actually what stops me going there and giving that site traffic. The amount of trans people that moderate subs, especially women's' subs and the fact that the main person in charge was all about the posting of young kids in the jailbait forum, that really is enough for me.

I was suspicious when everything was so highly policed and any dissention of the ranks criticising the trans movement was cut off at the head but doing just a little searching about it, what a disgusting and nepotistic rabble it is.

Liberal woman wants traditional male that... isn't a conservative. And expects him to pay on first date but isn't willing to wash dishes or make him a sandwich by bucetao6969 in whatever

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I don't usually watch this silliness. I mean, men and women have fallen inline with the new status quo. So-called traditional males know what to look for in a good woman, those that are not and see themselves as progressive are not able to get those women. And really, it's vice versa too.

But I suppose it is amusing to see. When I compare my own family life to this sort of stuff, I thank my lucky stars. I'm here wasting time until my kids get their mornings together and they're going to help me start building a garden brick shed this morning. Last night I was sat doing homework with the kids. Tonight, my wife is cooking up a storm for dinner, the house is clean as a whistle and I honestly think, this is happy. This is what happy is. If my wife was a progressive type that demanded all this neoliberal shite of me, I wouldn't be happy with that, she wouldn't either and as a result neither would our kids.

I would say this woman should not compromise as it won't last. I wouldn't date this woman in a million years. I mean, she doesn't exactly illiterate what she does offer outside of helping out with the homemaking. Raising kids takes two people! That is, to do it well. My kids have their father figure, they have their mother figure. When they were young, we split changing the nappies, she did more of the night crying and feeding as I was up in the morning for work and that absolute queen would make sure that there my packed lunch was there in the fridge for me to take too. She is still an avid craftswoman, she has her own room with all her yarns, equipment and I have no problem at all if she wants to go spend some cash on a new sewing machine, it's her escape. Just like her, playing music is my escape.

I cannot fathom why a man would sign up for a neolib type who only has her looks to offer and demands the world revolve around her. It teaches the kids a shite lesson too. My kid has two friends raised by single parents. One is an absolute terrorizer and only wants to break things, the other is, well, a weakling. It just goes to show. Both parents needed but a neolib woman just doesn't cut it for motherhood IMO.

8 feminists and 1 conservative on a pannel discussing feminism, this is how it went. This is why the left needs censorship and cancel culture. by Canbot in whatever

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The answer is simple guys. If your girl is a ardent feminist, you don't need to ask her, she will tell you anyway. Just let her run her mouth. Not only do you now know what's in store for you, you will know what's in store for any children you have. If the purple hair and problem glasses weren't enough to ward you off, then that little speech she's spent the whole night delivering, contradictions and everything, should do it for you.

There are a rarity but there is a new breed of women who really understand what side of their bread the butter is on. There are girls who are seeking to embrace being a mother and being a wife. They are a rarity and you may need to test them to see if they are really wife material. Just be glad you did. Everything is a crapshoot and you can never know if your girl will find feminism later in life and try to destroy your children, women can be mad like that, but a good, well adjusted, conservative girl is just as wild in the sack as well as being a good mother to your kids.

We raise our kids with my wife staying at home to look after the homestead. I appreciate everything she does, she gets some spending money per month to do her interests, I get some time to do mine, the kids are well fed and catered for, we're training both to live good lives while also being good to people but not be walked all over.

Contrast that to my nephew who last year got targeted by paedophiles, oops sorry, I mean transgender men to women things on his friends' whatsapp chats and had to question getting his penis chopped off. He's still in therapy, is absolutely resolute that he is a boy and a 13 year old one at that. It doesn't stop the PTSD kicking in though. At home, whenever we visit, we're trying to reinforce that telling rude jokes or talking about exhibiting himself to people is not correct, it's all shit that's still stuck in his head after these tolerated paedophiles did their thing. All of this was defended by the school, bear in mind. And there was specific instruction in the school not to inform his parents of what he was saying. It only came to light after one of these so-called trans gender types posted a video on the whatsapp group of to she men having sex and it really fucked with his head and he told his Mother. The school's reaction was just so left-typical, telling his Mother that she was a nazi and that it's natural expression and exploration of their sexuality. The kid was 12 at that point. Whether he turns out gay or straight, there's a level at what he should be seeking out in that arena. A grown man dictating a sexuality by means of a group chat is not how one discovers or explores sexuality. That point seemed lost on them.

As well as the counselling, he still has these fuckers from child services that visit every month where he has to draw pictures for them, answer questions, etc to make sure Mommy isn't abusing him. It's fucking disgusting. This country is designed to break the family unit, get rid of the Father figure and put your son in a dress and cut your daughters' tits off. It is fucking disgusting.

Seriously, men. Find yourself a girl with the right mind. You can't change a lefty, you can't change a feminist. Let them go and be single Moms and fuck up their own kids. You can't help that. Make sure yours are on the right path and make sure your kids know and trust you to see their whatsapp messages. Laugh at the in-jokes they have, jokingly scold the swear words, if your son likes a girl in his class (which mine does), comment that she looks nice, let them be part of your trust circle. Don't dictate what that trust is, that way when something happens (as it almost did with my daughter), you will be the first to know. In my daughter's case, another boy in school was putting his hands up girls' skirts. That got stopped double quick when I complained.

Sorry I rambled on, but you all need to know what women like this lead to. They are fucking disgusting and sadly the kids they bring into the world will be all the more damaged for it!

Advice on marriage to young ladies by Musky in memes

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Isn't it amazing how in 2022, the same is true for most men?

Advice On Marriage To 2022 Men.

  1. Do not marry at all

  2. But if you must, avoid the beauty queens, onlyfans whores, instagram models and so-called influencers

  3. Look for a strong, tame woman. A natural with children, someone who smiles and whose personality is genuine and without alterior motives.

  4. Don't expect too much, most women are self-absorbed having lived consequence-free lives and allowed their beauty to get them out of most of life's problems. The older ladies have realised the con that is feminism and will need ample taming.

  5. All older, unmarried and childless women are, and many are worse still.

  6. If you want her to be happy, ensure to take care of every whim and fancy.

  7. The same remark applies to cats which is ironic as this is how most older, unmarried and childless women end up.

  8. You will be wiser not to chance a divorce. It isn't worth the risk.

DC Comics Cancels Woke Bisexual Superman Series by [deleted] in TumblrInAction

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They haven't cancelled it totally. It's coming back as a multi-format special edition. It sold to nobody so they are trying their hand at making it a collectors' piece.

21 of 22 students in a University of Southern Maine teacher’s class leave and refuse to return until she is fired, after she said that “there are only two sexes” by loubag1997 in TumblrInAction

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Oh I'm sure we're not talking genocide here. Well, I guess it depends on which ugly man in a dress you talk to I suppose.

I'm just exhibiting how women are the key. They are the target and always have been. They are just acting out based upon the misinformation they have been fed through the hardened eyes they got through feminism.

Have you dated anytime in the last ten years? Finding a woman who is not a militant feminist is astoundingly difficult. And usually they only realise too late that they are undate-able, or the men they are actually with are not what they want, usually unmasculine milquetoasts with no identity unless it's approved by her. And they will still double-down on the feminism.

All of these causal effects are coming about right now. The women are the key. They always have been. Now they have come for the women and the men cannot help.

Do you want proof? It's simple: "Shut up, Karen!"

Oh Stonewall you bunch of deluded idiots or Everyone is LGBT now! by ClassroomPast6178 in TumblrInAction

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Those Twitter gays have made for themselves a costly mistake.

They allowed the fashionistas to claim legitimacy upon the struggles which genuinely gay people faced and finally have whatever acceptance or tolerances they enjoy in the world. That is, prior to this, they had some credibility. Now that they have allowed these cartoons into their platform, they not only make a mockery of themselves but any person legitimacy questioning their own sexual identity and not just hopping on some bandwagon.

When the stupid and deviant - which is what these trans and others really are - show their true colours and fuck up in the major way that they absolutely will, any gay or lesbian person will equally fall with them and undo any work previously performed in their names. They are making a stupid mistake inviting these idiots into their clubs. And it will fall. We all know what trans people are after, they target children. It is that simple. When this burning building falls down - and it will fall - those struggled in the 80s type gays will fall under them and evoke the ire of almost anyone else around them.

Trying to use statistics to try and claim credibility means nothing. IT is simply another tactic to target parents of these children. Nothing more.

21 of 22 students in a University of Southern Maine teacher’s class leave and refuse to return until she is fired, after she said that “there are only two sexes” by loubag1997 in TumblrInAction

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Women are by nature more nurturing than men. Women are also more susceptible to societal pressures than men. Thus, once you have women thinking one way, others follow quickly. Given the natural competitiveness of people and how women compete, the whole thing is a race to the bottom in one huge, pink-haired androgynous neurotic noise.

To get to the children, you have to get to the women. To get to the women you have to dismember their support and safety structures. To do that, you have to get to men. What are mens' biggest weakness? Their women. Fuck up their women, everything else follows. Women are the key to a civilised society. You fuck them up, you get everything.

There is a reason that women are the most highly praised and regarded in any historical society whether they exist or not. There is a reason it's women - and THEN children - first. There is a reason that acts of Prima Noctis (right of the first night) has been employed throughout history, whether it was the British against the Scottish or Irish, France, China, the history is replete with examples of attempts to breed out entire societies by insisting the nearest lord or righteous person has the first night with any new bride.

That's why it's always women. They are the means to an end. Men have already been rendered powerless through feminism, white men especially so. Given white women cannot reasonably en-masse get support or strength from men, they are open to attack from any ideology that insists on being on the right side of life. Supported by the media and backed up by organisations, women have long eschewed the ideas of raising families or playing any part in healthy procreation or even allowing others to do so if they genuinely don't feel maternal.

By targeting kids now and disabling any future sexual potential, you are ending a species.

This is prima noctis before the first night is even possible.

NEVER FORGET: Jet fuel doesn't melt passport paper. by BISH in whatever

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I'm on the fence entirely. I don't honestly believe that a bunch of people who went around on donkeys living somewhere in a cave had the brains and means to pull off an attack like this how it is described. Moreover, despite the publicity it brought to those groups, why is it that they never again managed to pull off anything even close to that magnitude ever again? Or is this where you come in with "our intelligence is now amazing" or something? I don't buy it totally.

I honestly do believe that the USA government could indeed lie over such a polarising event. I absolutely do. Governments have done it before and will do it again. However I am not totally sure what they have gained from it other than the Iraq war - which made no sense. Why Iraq when Osama Bin Laden was in Afghanistan. And the thing that really bothered me was in 2011 when the US claimed to have captured and killed OBL. The sole evidence? A crappy video released to as little fanfare as possible of them tossing him over the side of the boat for a burial at sea. Are you kidding me? 2011 and nobody has an iPhone? What are they recording that footage on, a potato? It's a joke! Aside from that, ten years after the biggest attack in recent American history, and they chuck him over the side of the boat? What, was he heavy? A bit stinky? Nobody had a plane handy to bring him back to the states for verification it was actually him and not one of his apparent several body doubles - as reported by several US media outlets in the interim? Nope, chuck him over the side.

And what with the Saudi nationals being flown en-masse out of the USA immediately after September 11th? Who were they? Why were they flown out?

And what the hell did Saddam Hussein have to do with the price of bread? Surely OBL was against him in the 1990s so that would have made him someway an ally?

Nah, not everything adds up. And that's from both sides. My thoughts is the real truth is somewhere in the middle. While the attack may have been carried out by OBL, I would not be surprised if there was assistance. Such as a security guard looking the other way, or when Hani Hanjura was struggling to fly that big ol' 747, a former US Air Force pilot didn't lend a hand...

Is the US capable of that? Yep. Does it serve as a pretext for military action? You betcha. Does it serve some of the Taliban's interest for the attack to be successful. Yep. Do you reckon OBL didn't for one second look at the after effects and think, oh shit... I am toast..?

Or do you believe these ill-educated donkey riding sand surfers honestly did have the intelligence to pull this all off in the amazing style and pinpoint accuracy in which they did?

Gay Superman Canceled At DC Comics by [deleted] in Comics

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Well there were huge swathes of comic book collectors out there, a lot of whom based a lot of their personas, beliefs, humour and lives upon what they took from reading those comic books. Whether or not you think of comic books as healthy, there's a huge market for them.

However all of them came back and said to the industry, you know what, we really need more cock in our comics. A lot more! In fact, no women at all, just guys getting it on!

OK no that didn't happen. A bunch of gays got together, wanted to re-enact some drunken sex party where someone dressed as superman but wanted to make it accessible to kids.

That's really where we're at, isn't it?

Gay Superman Canceled At DC Comics by [deleted] in Comics

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To save people reading, it's been available for 18 months, nobody's bought it. They're doing an offshoot miniseries instead with a bunch of different covers in a bid to get people to buy the same thing more than once and for it to try and enter the collectors' radar.

The simple fact is, nobody really wants a gay superman, even if he is supposed to be the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Heteros? Ulgh! At least make Lois a trans, amirite?).

But in an odd way, it could work to bring some cash into the franchise given there are some out there who get googly eyed over collectors' editions. Or just want the novelty of knowing in 30 years they can show off this quirk of history, reflective of the 2020s, or twenty troon-teens. That and it may provide some thin legitimacy so the woke can harp on about how amazing it is.

They still haven't learned, go woke go broke. This stunt has already cost them dearly to the point where Warner Brothers have even kicked them out of their offices, they're a gnat's nose hair away from being canned. They are relying on their old IPs to put together viable future releases in order to keep Warner happy. You know, the ones that we all know and love, the ones where Superman isn't sucking cock, or Batman isn't showing up in a bondage club, or He-Man and Skeletor are battling it out with swords and not sitting down to talk about feelings.

Semen Actually Has Some Surprising Health Benefits by [deleted] in whatever

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Oral sex is great fun whether to give or receive. Going down on my girl is pretty much a staple and vice versa.

The Agent Smith Effect by Vulptex in conspiracy

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Yeah... think again about using anything from the Matrix for definition.

Just look at who (or what more accurately) wrote and directed it.

Why do we pretend women are good at programming, science, and engineering? by sneako in AskSaidIt

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The only reason was those positions were high paying and fairly affluent. That is no longer the case, working in those fields is easier by all accounts and the qualification (and therefore salary) range has become a lot more diverse. When women found out in order to earn major cash, you had to be a brainbox with the personality of an absolute angel to match, they noped out. Most men fall short of the mark too.

The reality is, feminism has failed. We have pretty much past the point where women want those roles - or rather they are being told they want those roles.

You speak to any early 20s girl now, the grand majority of them have realised that the whole stay at home and raise the kids deal is not such a bad deal after all. I know full well, my wife is 8 years younger than me. Though we love each other very much, I think she secretly thanks her lucky stars that all she has to do is worry about keeping the house and kids in order when she hears about the bullshit I have to do daily to keep the lights on. I'm no hero or anything, I'm not that magnanimous but when you have a boss who is basically a bully - a woman who was overly promoted into tech I might add - that nobody will do anything about, you soon see how the land lies.

And women don't want the stress and the aggro. Women I know outside of my marriage are of various age ranges, most of them career bitches. The ones who have missed that age cut off and now have no option but to proceed are very angry people who want to exert as much control as possible.

One in particular is 39 and I know deep down regrets not settling with a man to do the married thing - and believe me this girl had options if she wanted them. She pretty much admitted it one evening. Believe this girl went through men like they were disposable tissues. All were just not good enough for one reason or another. That is, they could never overtake her. But when she's being promoted and paid stupid money in roles that she even admitted she doesn't really know how to do, what chance did the average bloke have? So there she is now, on over £100k per year and the days of men wanting any piece of her ass are long gone. I don't gloat such a thing, but she would never listen when we told her that she needs to give at least one of these guys half a chance and cut them some slack. Nope, they were all nothings and lazy bastards who would never do anything to better themselves. The thing is, she could never understand the preferential treatment she got during her career. And I think she's realised now she's hitting 40, no men are chasing her anymore apart from the ones she (very understandably) doesn't like and her ass and boobs aren't doing much to get her in any further positions of power.

Compare that to 2-3 mid 20s I speak to regularly (I do a lot of local music), the general mindset is find a man that's going places and get married. Some of them are born again virgins of course, that is banged around and were lucky to come out of that life without an STD or a baby and now looking for a man with a good job they can settle up with.

My ex is 32 and followed that exactly. We dated when we were younger but wanted to bang anything that moved ergo we split up. Her partner count must be 100+ but whatever, not my problem. Well to see her now, she dresses like a fairy princess and is happily carrying her first child after meeting a guy who runs a niche software business and is doing very well for himself. I mean, I do wonder if he knew the depraved shit she used to get up to if he would feel the same, but shit do you really know that girl you're with right now?

It's all a bit arse about face. Feminism straight up conned girls. It told them they could be high power career bitches, fuck all round them and still come up smiling. The reality is, most don't come up smiling. For the girls I grew up around, feminism gave them unwanted pregnancies, expectations in life that did not get matched up to, trauma from sexual kinks they convinced themselves that they were into but it turned out they weren't - and of course all men are rapists now, right - and they get to live life by their decisions. It's a real shame.

Mid 20s and below? Only one of two categories. The ones who still believe the bullshit they've been force fed and are making use of as the establishment still supports the concept, and the ones who have figured it out and deciding to opt out of it. Yep, there are still young women falling for the scam as companies will hire them into positions they can't do, promote them into roles that either mean nothing or they can't do and only too late will they realise it really isn't what they wanted. Other girls have figured out it's bullshit, playing their strengths and pinning their hopes on finding a man that hasn't also been corrupted by the feminist joke too.

Yes, for real, there are huge swathes of men too reeling from the effects of feminism. It isn't local to girls. And I assure you the damage is far far far greater. Young men these days? They are horribly horribly damaged. And in many cases I fully believe irrecoverably so.

Why does the left fight for trans rights but not incel rights? by sneako in TumblrInAction

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Maybe it's isolated to my son's peer group, but they do seem to have a very particular definition of it.

"This guy is such an incel he will never get any girl. He should just go trans"

My boy knows full well not to engage with it but it depresses me wholly that he's even aware of these sorts of terms. I know when I was young, when I was falling by the wayside and going with societal pressures, my academic performance dropped. I'm watching for the same. Should it happen, things will change. My daughter is already being home schooled from next year, I have no problem with doing the same with my son when he comes of age.

Why does the left fight for trans rights but not incel rights? by sneako in TumblrInAction

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If you view yourself as an incel, then you have really swallowed those lies down whole about who you are and how you should see yourself.

Incel is a nice convenient label that you can apply to yourself that both absolves you from any sort of desire or drive to improve yourself. And really, hardly anybody cannot improve themselves.

My son has friends that he has previously described as "Incel". My son is in primary school. How on earth can a fucking 10 year old be an incel? But those are terms those kids have already internalised. The term Self Fulfilling Prophecy obviously hasn't entered the chat yet hey?

If you are actively calling yourself an incel, there's one of two things you can do. First, stop calling yourself an incel and work on improving yourself. Nobody is unfuckable. The second thing is recognise symptoms of depression. While I rarely advocate going to a doctor and sucking down SSRIs, if you feel you need to go seek some counselling, it isn't expensive to do so if it's what you need right at that moment. If you feel very depressed, call the fucking samaritans. No joke, they're far more qualified than me to talk to you about it.

Fuck incel rights - there is no such thing as an incel. Not at the rate we promote anyway! You know what? Most men go through a track record of not getting laid. A good bunch of women do too! Hell there have been women that have approached me that I just really didn't find attractive and passed on. I wouldn't call them incels or unfuckable either. They just weren't for me. And guess what, there will be times where the object of your desire won't like you too. It happens, it's called life.

Can the incel shit, concentrate on your own shit, boom.

Police officer opens car door of teen eating McDonald's and starts shooting. by Canbot in PoliceMisconduct

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I'm interested to see how this plays out. The fact that the kid is white definitely means it is not as incendiary as it would otherwise be.

Why is s/idfuckher exiled from s/all while s/boobs is not? Tell me admin man. What gives? My pics were and are tamer than s/boobs. Did I s/butthurt you somehow? by IkeConn in AskSaidIt

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It's refreshing for sure.

Cheapening white girls with all this disgusting porn is a sad thing to do. And it's all very particularly constructed. And the main audience is also very prescribed. You don't see many girls of colour getting seven guys ramming wine bottles in their arseholes, or you don't see girls from India getting on screen raped. That's reserved for white girls. And there's a reason to it too!

r/MtF - I am on my period Very sane. Stunning and brave. In all the wrong ways. by Alienhunter in TumblrInAction

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If any man would like to bleed out of their penis, I can sort you out no problem! No anaesthetic necessary, trust me I am a Trans God in that regard, I'll make you bleed badly! Come near my kids with your bullshit and you won't even need to ask. It'll just happen!

Chocolate Milk by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Before, people of lower than average intelligence or mental disabilities weren't in positions of power mainly as they were not capable of being so.

Now that we're woke, someone's practically putting them in charge.

Texas schoolchildren evacuate golf practice after spotting scantily-clad STRIPPERS who'd also hired the course for a tournament by [deleted] in whatever

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If it were trannies, the school children would be given front row seats to them rubbing themselves suggestively.

The fact it was actual girls and men liking it was clearly aggressive and transphobic. Thank heavens they were removed.

Chocolate Milk by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Actually true. The special needs classes all get special targeting, er, I mean, education on trans.

Why Big Tech shreds millions of storage devices it could reuse by [deleted] in technology

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This pretty much.

As for refurbishment for secondary markets, all these devices have built in obsolescence. The idea that a computer built today will still be running in 20 years time is a nonsense. They are just not built like that anymore.

r/MtF - I am on my period Very sane. Stunning and brave. In all the wrong ways. by Alienhunter in TumblrInAction

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This is just amazing.

My daughter is at that stage and has just started menstruating.

It's amazing how many of her friends also want to do the same. And her male friends don't really get it despite having had sex ed in school.

These filthy bastard troons are just so disgusting. When I think of a grown man insisting he feels the same thing as my little girl, I just feel so disgusted. Fuck these things, they have nothing in common with mine or anybody's daughter and never will.

Sociologist advocating paedophilia in board of directors of German daycare centers to be opened - associated with a pilot project to “educate children about homosexuality and LBSBTI* (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people)” by FlyingKangaroo in TumblrInAction

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I do not need evidence that most of these trans types are simply paedophiles trying to get to kids.

When the whole gay thing exploded into popularity in the 1990s, a common concern from parents were gay people getting to their children, especially gay men. It seems ironic therefore that most convicted paedophiles are gay. But to say it at the time and even now would get you hung drawn and quartered.

Here we are, years later, another contingent of the gay ideology and they aren't even being clever with it anymore, they're not even hiding it.

The only reason we don't smash this movement in the face is the threat of our livelihoods above us. That is the only reason, there is no other. All we can do right now is to educate our children that there are very real threats against them and they come in colourful packages and a shroud of innocence. I protect my kids as much as I can, but the older they get the less I can reasonably do to protect them.

They both see the gay con though. They are both aware of the trans army and their bid to get to children. And more than a few times, they have told me about their teachers and their demands to teach them about trans issues.

Teenage sex trafficking victim is ordered to pay $150,000 to family of accused rapist who she killed by stabbing him 30 times when she was just 15-years-old by [deleted] in corruption

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Personally, I think she should have stabbed him 60 times, dirty child-raping piece of shit.

It does not alter my mindset that the characters in this situation are black. I don't give a shit, the girl was 15 years old.

And I would also come down on the side of the rapist's family can go and fuck for that $150k.

Sweden begins to wake up; when will the same happen in Britain? It is entirely possibly that a coalition of parties opposed to immigration will soon come to power in Sweden, following the election there. by Chipit in WorldNews

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All of Europe is suffering in the same manner that Sweden is. People can actively see what importing scum into the country is actually doing, but you aren't allowed to say anything about it in case the police state comes down on you. That is the simple fact.

What are they getting out of it? Cheap labour? Not really, they're not good at anything and can't work while they're asylum seekers anyway. Cultural diversity? So far, rape and abuse seems to be the only addition to almost any culture. These guys aren't cooking their local dishes on pop-up stands, or walking around showing magic tricks. A solution to an aging population? Does that mean having them breed with locals or replace them?

In what way do we want that? We have mainstream media force-feeding interracial relationships down our throats at every opportunity. The reality is that only the lower-class whites or the upper class whites with Daddy issues are falling for it. Most girls brought up in proper nuclear families with a Mother and Father aren't falling for it.

Ergo, let's bring in the trans bullshit to add further ammunition.

But back to why the Swedish can't complain. If you raise any of these points anywhere in Europe, it could cost you your entire life. The media is backed up with the police forces in all these countries so you cannot complain. The rise of woke is perpetrated by these same moguls who want to import this scum.

And why? Any economist will tell you that the main cons for immigration are a fall in wages for workers, especially lower-skilled, increased pressure on public services, increase in cost of housing and social disharmony.

Well, all of those sound like cons to the people who profit from it. That's why they are so hell bent on importing scum and destroying the nuclear family. The more white girls that have half-caste scum babies and the more white boys deciding to chop off their penises and put on a dress, the better.

And there cannot be an uprising. The second you talk about this, you get your house raided, fired from your job, everything, the whole nine yards.

But people are waking up. They realise that they cannot combine forces, all they can do is vote with their wallets and their reproductive rights. The more that people recognise the bullshit where they see it and withdraw their money from those institutions (do I need to mention Netflix?) and the more they decide to have their beautiful white babies come what may, that's the biggest show of force possible against these scumbags right now.

Sweden begins to wake up; when will the same happen in Britain? It is entirely possibly that a coalition of parties opposed to immigration will soon come to power in Sweden, following the election there. by Chipit in WorldNews

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Talk to an actual Swedish person about it. I have a lot of contact with Swedish and not a single one supports it.

Do you know what a rent-a-mob is? That is, you can practically hire a mob to say anything you want. Just skim the surface of any protest group or activist group. They will borrow activists from other groups to protest, or in this case cheer, for them in return for standing with them at another event.

Sweden begins to wake up; when will the same happen in Britain? It is entirely possibly that a coalition of parties opposed to immigration will soon come to power in Sweden, following the election there. by Chipit in WorldNews

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The Swedish are not at all happy about it. The ones that are happy about it are either slags shacking up with immigrants or families that have to be happy about it. The only others that are happy about it are the standard self-hating lefties.

But there are so many more that are unhappy with it. Just get a Swedish person talking about it. Uppsala's crime has dramatically increased and the policing of anti-immigration sentiment is apparently rife. Even a gesture to it being a problem is verboten.

We're not grooming the children, we're just putting gay porn in the middle school library and encouraging them to go on gay sex hookup apps. It's perfectly wholesome! by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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So, the first listing that implores the various likes, where does it say that "sometimes men like women" or "Sometimes women like men?" Is this not an option?

Why does the introduction touch on the standard insecurities that a child approaching adolescence or beginning puberty feels and attempts to offer explanation? The entire introduction reads from the viewpoint of someone who is naturally confused.

It then offers membership to an exclusive club that is fun, free and inspirational. What confused near-teen wouldn't trade all their insecurities away for such membership? This is indoctrination, nothing more. I saw it myself with my uber religious surroundings growing up, everything was about indoctrination. And this is absolutely no different at all.

The interaction between the mother and her son was disturbing. Because the Mother suggested that the boy will enjoy kissing girls, the writer wanted to call social services on them? For real? But if the Mother said, "Oh yes, you will enjoy sucking cock!" will that have been OK?

What the pie chart shows (and rather poorly and inaccurately) is the ages of when people go through puberty. It again is pure propaganda designed to work and amuse young people.

I did rather enjoy the part about the trans people taking hormones. In a history of time to come, I feel that these passages will serve as a rather grimacing reminder of what the 2020s people got up to. Rather like when you read about the use of leaches, trepanation or lobotomy, I feel people of the future will look back at these tomes with their childlike appearance in a bid for acceptance as the shuddering and frightful things that they are.

Seriously this is not an acceptable thing for people to read. It is the pure indoctrination and resemblance to the target audience's own feelings they will naturally have at the time of pubescence. And believe me, I have read things like this before. An (ex) friend once gave me some literature about a white power organisation he was in - also why I chose not to associate with him anymore. But the literature itself was fascinating. It was compelling, targeted and befitted its audience well. Whomever had written it had done so with an intelligence that it could have won marketing awards. This book to me is absolutely no different. It is designed for one purpose only. It was designed to reach young white men who felt that they had gotten a raw deal, unsuccessful professionally and in school life, hard done by and were particularly in areas with a highly diverse community, especially where those people seemed to be in good order financially, such as shop owners, landlords, etc. And, just like this book, it included truthisms. That is, if you can say one thing that we all know to be true, you can take that truth on a little ride to something else that you can claim has corollary with that truthism and make that true too. Reading the first 20 or so pages of this book, I may as well have been reading that white power literature all them years ago, just like I may as well have been reading the Christian indoctrination childrens' books when I was young.

The people around it and the marketing materials do not change. Just the ideologies and the target audiences.

Sure, one thing is not like the other, I don't view a typical Christian or even gay person as an insidious person as someone screaming out heil hitler 80 years after the event. But I do view the indoctrination as such as insidious and the fact that it targets children to me is sick-inducing. Heterosexuality is the default for a reason. It's how humans procreate! To quote some comedian, us heteros, we fucking make you!

Any parent wants the best for their children and in these times of hardship, those lucky enough to be able to factor in children financially want even more the best for that child. Then this book comes out that preaches, indoctrinates and absolutely insists on fucking with their minds to the point of having boys cutting off their penises or girls chopping off their tits, that to me is harmful and fucked up. I have yet to see an innocent trans, they are all of the same mentality. Just like the white power lot or any religious group, they all want people to be as fucked up as they are.

To put it bluntly, if anyone ever comes near my child with this bullshit under the pretence of "it's just information if they want it", they know what they're doing. And they know what I will do in response. I'll cut their genitalia off for them, no surgery needed. I just won't be as delicate about it!

Added, you also need only think about how neo-trans people gained their acceptance in the first place. To my memory, there were always trans people. They kept to themselves and were amusing to see in public on the extreme rare occasion that you might see a bloke walking around dressed up as some 17th Century woman figure. Neo trans are entirely different. They are ugly, usually unintelligent and use every possible mouthpiece to preach about trans activism.

They realised that membership into the LGBT club would be easy and the simplest way for them to enjoy the protections that club contained as well as defence from any naysayers. Now that they have essentially all but hijacked that club and used it to its own ends, the neo-trans realise that in order to gain even more acceptance and to create more of themselves (indoctrination), kids are the easiest to target, the least experienced and if a child demands to be identified as trans, the parents will usually have little option but to work with that child about that issue, whether accepting it or getting treatment for their obvious gender dysphoria or attempting to locate the source of the indoctrination and cutting it off (which is what should happen).

By barraging into the LGBT club and enjoying those protections, they have coerced schools and other authority figures not only to protect them, but also encourage their efforts to indoctrinate whoever they want to for fear of extreme reprisal.

Neo trans is a real movement with little in terms of legitimacy at its heart and a lot in terms of mental health issues - extreme mental health issues. Its material is targeted and the fact that they are not only permitted but even encouraged to engage with children without their parents knowledge - actively protected by schools too - is extremely scary. Putting thoughts and brainwashing children outside of the standard national curriculums is why parents are very very rightfully angry.

You cannot pass off the efforts of the neo-trans as simple a person coming of age and deciding they prefer same-sex relationships, insert hard road of realisation and self acceptance here, this is indoctrination and there is a huge difference. And this is what the neo-trans are doing. And you know what? I am far more travelled than you or your kind. I know a trans person who has been trans for nearly 40 years nearing his 60s now. I've worked with him for about 12 of those years. He doesn't boast about trans-ness every chance he gets, he doesn't resent anyone referring to him as he or she, doesn't resent people using his male or female name, has absolutely no demand for people to go mad with pronouns. And he really - really - hates neo-trans. Because the neo-trans have aligned people like him into that same category of targeting children, it has pushed him (and those he does trans things with) very much more into the shadows.

So a typical melting pot where people in the LGBT community that hold the same letter don't like neo-trans. And that little stunt where the neo-trans demanded Lesbians accept men who dress as women as sexual equal and excluding them from their own club? Fucking priceless. The left truly does eat itself.

The thing is, most people recognise you neo-trans types and what you are up to. And all I can say is, you will not enjoy these same protections for long. And certainly not from me. Frankly, I am smarter than you and I have seen far more than you have.

We're not grooming the children, we're just putting gay porn in the middle school library and encouraging them to go on gay sex hookup apps. It's perfectly wholesome! by iamonlyoneman in whatever

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I have had some younger women in my time and I swear the younger they get, the more they initiate some very disturbing stuff in the bedroom. And yet when questioned, they think it's demanded of them and don't actually enjoy it.

One girl I was with would just suddenly talk weird like some fucking anime character and say shit like, "Don't hurt me Daddy". I have never lost the mood in an intimate encounter as quickly as I did at that moment.

It really is fucking up younger people, all this weird pornography. Girls think they have to insert melons in their arses and the boys have absolutely no idea whatsoever how girls' bodies actually work - I heard a story from one girl where her ex boyfriend went with unannounced anal sex just like in the pornos and was all surprised when she practically punched him one from the pain of it.

That is before you have girls wanting to cut their not even appearing yet tits off, or men wanting to stretch the end of their penises out to become vaginas.

The kids are under attack from these fucking groomers. I will happily teach my kids to tell me the second any person that isn't straight starts to befriend them. It has come to that. I am as accepting as the next guy, but no grown up but me or the teachers need to talk to my kids. And if you're obviously not a straight person, I will be looking hard at you. I didn't make it this way, you fucking cunts did. All they are for is confusing kids and trying to fuck their heads up to the same levels that they are.

Drag Queen show (with 20 children present) protected by Armed Antifa… by superglowie in whatever

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There is a line like it or not. I do not agree with parents taking their children to this sort of event at all. I would sooner have the event not take place as it targets children. But there is a certain point where either parents are raising the children or the State is.

Urging parents to make better decisions would be the more acceptable move, but given the parents themselves are from a very broken generation I don't see it happening. They are certainly of the generation that are very anti-authority and the most interested in causing as much destruction to the family unit as possible.

Drag Queen show (with 20 children present) protected by Armed Antifa… by superglowie in whatever

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I wouldn't give it too long at all. Most likely metaphorically but that scenario does seem quite a quick fix.

What this is doing is attempting to fuck kids up for life. It isn't good enough to shoot them in the face, what these people are looking to gain is actual destruction and disfigurement with life altering conditions, all designed to subvert a child's natural development.

And that's why these fuckers - and ANTIFA - can fuck right off.