Sarah Silverman calls Caitlyin Jenner transphobic by MinisterOfTerfery in GenderCritical

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but, but, but... they're different because of reasons that you just can't see because you've blinded yourself with transphobia.

I'm curious if the olympics are going to start peaking people. Surely people will start to feel a bit daft when they see 50 year old shrek ripping his way through the women's records with nothing but a bad ponytail and dodgy lipstick.

Women should just stay home? Is this where we're at? by our_team_is_winning in GenderCritical

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I do not get the logical dissonance. Woman claims she feels unsafe walking home at night on the streets, you'll definitely see libfems take up the 'don't tell women to stay home, tell men not to rape' rhetoric but as soon as the bloke puts on a dress then it's 'just stay home'.

Book shop bans JK Rowling novels from shelves and will 'phase out' Harry Potter by alttrawl in GenderCritical

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news just in, book shop hates money

British Cycling opens up women’s cycling to men in order to be fair to those poor TiMs, who apparently play sports with their gender identities, not their bodies by BEB in GenderCritical

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Honestly I think its going to be a shit few years for women's sports, but the more the TiMs push into it the more everyday people are going to be exposed to the absolute ridiculousness of it. It absolutely shouldn't be happening but I'm at least hoping it carries with it its own seeds of destruction

If you need a little pick me up today! by BEB in GenderCritical

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There is a part of me that thinks if they want to identify as women that means that to get the full experience they really need to go through the early teens of insecurity and appearance dragging levels of scrutiny. Once they've read every back issue of Cosmopolitan they might start understanding that when the libfems tell them they look fab they're lying.

Good news in Keira Bell's legal challenge to NHS 'gender affirmation' of teens: Transgender Trend has been granted permission to intervene in the case with expert testimony. by anonymale in GenderCritical

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So if the trial is the 7/8th of Oct do we know when the judgment will be handed down??

Losing respect for people by Barber_Acrobatic in GenderCritical

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surely she/they as pronouns are just being deliberately difficult. Does it mean either will do, because that doesn't actually make them special given I think everyone will use they now and again without much though.

Losing respect for people by Barber_Acrobatic in GenderCritical

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I will say there's almost a direct correlation to the people who would happily set her on fire and give her lifes work to Daniel Radcliffe and the same sort who put up twee statements about 'kindness' and that everyone just needs to be nice.

Losing respect for people by Barber_Acrobatic in GenderCritical

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I do always think as well how the hell would Harry know anyway? Considering the books are from his perspective and Dumbledore seemed to be a very private person. Clearly she should have had a scene where Dumbledore sits down and explains how much he loves cock to Harry, probably with the added part of 'only male cock, I don't fuck with lady dick... you can tell you know...somehow.'

Losing respect for people by Barber_Acrobatic in GenderCritical

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Completely agree. I think it's just depressing that whether deserved or not they do have a great deal of cultural sway and so they'll merrily lead the rest of us off the cliff for the sake of 'being nice' about issues they'll never actually be confronted with

Losing respect for people by Barber_Acrobatic in GenderCritical

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Oh absolutely, I think people have a tendency to link levels of fame with the levels of knowledge they supposedly bring to the table which is more than a little depressing

Reddit: The site that decides sex offenders deserve a safe space instead of women by Number5IsAlive in GenderCritical

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Well this is truly disturbing

"People who bleed talk about periods", so fucking tired by Criticalofgender in GenderCritical

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Everybody bleeds, are we going to start referring to a skinned knee as period. Language is losing all meaning, I mean half gymnasium potted kaftan, am I right?

Why we're Critical of Trans Activism: an introduction to our side of the debate! by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Arty seems like such a doll :)

where TIM OP now thinks their 5 year old is trans by MadLass in GenderCritical

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They also seem to think they get PMS and cramping. I'm not sure exactly what is supposed to cramp mind

'Offensive' tampon ad banned after ASAI received 84 complaints by wackychan in GenderCritical

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Every period is an unfertilised egg that could have been a bayyyyybeee! Honestly I'm surprised they don't make us collect our periods into mugs to freeze into baby shaped blobs

I had a man raid /s/antipornography yesterday and again this morning, trying to spam and destroy a small community. This is what they do to women when they're scared, huh? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I read that as Cumbrian and couldn't help but wonder what your issue with Cumbria was

Teaching women to be afraid hurts women by squintypreyeyes in GenderCritical

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It is the depressing realisation that we are weaker. It's a fact and part of why we're victimised. I actually do a hell of a lot of weight training and powerlifting so I'm stronger than your average woman (seriously for all those who can, do, it really is excellent) but in a fight with your average bloke he'd wipe the floor with me. Plus there is also the truly depressing realisation that you don't always get to choose whether you get fight, flight or freeze. When I was raped I didn't really do anything, which took me a long time to get over as in hindsight I was full of the whole 'I should have done x, y, z'.

Reddit admin AMA about the new policy. Anyone got some burning questions? (cross post) by firebird in GenderCritical

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I feel like if they actually address the issue with any degree of sensibility I'll eat my hat.

I suspect we'll see a lot of ignored questions

TIF whining because gay men behave like gay men by weirdthorn in GenderCritical

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That definitely starts getting into the rape by deception territory. And by 'gets into' I'd say it was rapey as fuck regardless of the local laws. I cannot understand why anyone would want to have sex with anyone who they have to trick or hoodwink into it, whether malicious or born out of insecurity I don't care, it's repulsive.

TIF whining because gay men behave like gay men by weirdthorn in GenderCritical

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"Cis gay orgies are a very cis-centered space."

This has properly tickled me.

Lesbian Rights Group banned from New Zealand Pride because the group has no male members – GenderTrending by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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The main downside of the swamp idea is of course if we all retreat to the bog land they'll inevitably follow. So we'll end up in the exact situation but with added foot rot

Lesbian Rights Group banned from New Zealand Pride because the group has no male members – GenderTrending by LoganBlade in GenderCritical

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Dear god, the audio file linked. It's all getting a bit 'Do you renounce you Catholicism.'

Apparently saying 'Women's voices need to be heard' is now a TERF dogwhistle. Honestly, when will us silly ladies learn to shut up and crawl back into the swamps

"Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age." by missdaisycan in GenderCritical

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I've no idea what's happening to me. I definitely see the sense in radical feminism but the absolute insanity of the left is making me wonder if I'm drifting right.

But then the right wing is it's own bag of fruit loops at times.

I feel like I'm just wandering around looking for where all the sane people have gone

Miriam Margolyes claims JK Rowling has a 'conservative view' of transgender people 🙄 by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I'm still torn between wanting to be gracious as the more people who change their minds the better, but also feeling slightly vindictive about the embarrassing climb down

Straight men won't sleep with me!! When a straight guy says he is not into me, nor other trans women, I feel butthurt–emotionally and, unfortunately, not physically. by joeytundra in GenderCritical

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I wonder if they're aware they sound like a rapist

Open Letter Endorsing Free Speech Sparks Civil War Over Trans Issues at Liberal Website 'Vox' by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Fucking hell, I had a nosy on the twitter thread and as far as I can tell they think spaces inbetween text counts as fucking dog whistles. I think that's just tinnitus you morons

"how do I report these women talking amongst themselves on a different site" by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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I think it sprang up after the FatPeopleHate bans. It's another alternative to reddit but I think if we'd moved the sub there it would have been like trying to build a house in a incel marsh. It is absolutely not my sort of place, if you want to see what naked racism/sexism and fuck knows what else looks like it's worth a gander, when I went it was literally 'n word this' 'fucking whores' that all over the front page.

We just reached 2K readers! by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Racist “anti-feminist” escort TIM insults and attacks black women by Apricot_Ibex in GenderCritical

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Wow. Just wow. I am getting absolutely sick of the whole lumping black women in with TiMs. It's deeply offensive.

In other news I learned a new word today 'brolic' :Often used to describe somebody who is strong, it holds the most extreme definition of strength and power

OMG JK Rowling's on a roll!!! Now that they've crucified her, she really really letting it all out. This one had me spitting my coffee. by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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Apparently it was because they were a bloke and so identified more with Strike? To which I call absolute fucking bullshit as how many dudes write porny Strike fanfics. Given they mentioned their wife I'd put money on them being a TiF.

I may write my own rebuttal.

"He'd never sucked cock before. But this was girl cock so he should like it. Hedid like it. He was just adjusting. That's right adjusting... not that there was actually anything to adjust to as girls had cocks all the time. It was perfectly normal, that he a straight man, would want to suck a straight woman's cock. It was what straight non bigoted people did. Really it was amazing that he hadn't sucked more girl dick... not that he had been avoiding it, it had just been all relationshipped up. With Charlotte, who happened to have a vagina, although all women have them.

He tried to ignore the wonder of when it would all be over. After all, he was enjoying it, he could do it all day. They were probably right about the mouth feel, he'd never sucked his own obviously but it was probably different. Definitely different. After all, Ephlemina had been on hormones for three months and had been a women for all of her 45years. Women could have chest hair... and, god they were dangly testicles. But, no, he loved girl testicles, he wasn't a bigot not like that hateful Robin."

Mastadon toot (like twitter tweet) showing JK Rowling's "transphobia" with hastags transwomen are women and transmen are men. Rowling's tweet says trans people are closeted gays and lesbian (which is sometimes true.) by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Oh no, because they weren't closeted and because everyone who's trans has the exact same experience and there is zero nuance to the debate beyond TWAW that means everything is a-OK. Just don't look into the reasons behind Iran's transing, or that some at the Tavistock clinic have said that the parents seemed very homophobic.

Nope, they weren't gay so it can't be an issue.

Keep an eye out for r/periods by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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andddd I should not have perused that nonsense "Well, it makes me dysphoric when people talk about periods like only women have them. I'm not a woman for having them, implying that, even unintentionally, is sucky."

MEEEEEE! What about meeeee!!!!

Keep an eye out for r/periods by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I'd imagine it's probably best for anyone not to jump in and comment mind as I'd imagine our old usernames will be flagged as coming from GC and then they'll be able to use the old ban evasion chesnut again

"how do I report these women talking amongst themselves on a different site" by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Now if they really want to get rid of us they have to speak our true names into a darkened mirror at midnight. But don't tell them that as I've got a hair appointment Tuesday and the fire and brimstone wreaks havoc with my frizz

RESEARCH: Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Manipulators Are More Likely To Engage in 'Virtuous Victim Signaling,' Says Study by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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I'd imagine they'd be more likely to get themselves higher in the movements as well maybe? I can't say I've done much research into narcissism so if anyone has any good documentaries hit me up.

"how do I report these women talking amongst themselves on a different site" by gparmesan in GenderCritical

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Oh dear God, the poor little lambs. Why haven't we done the decent thing and scrubbed ourselves from the earth.

How sensitive do you have to be to be this fucking twitchy about people on another site talking?

Guess what, I had a nosy at Voat once and it was truly a cesspit, you know what I did, closed it and didn't go back.

OMG JK Rowling's on a roll!!! Now that they've crucified her, she really really letting it all out. This one had me spitting my coffee. by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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I found I truly bonkers fanfic the other day based on the Strike series. It essentially boiled down to Robin is a TERF and Strike explains to her (I think he actually shouts)why she's wrong and terrible.

I've just refound it.

R: "isn’t saying that sex isn’t real naive?"

"Strike was truly flabbergasted. Never, not once, had he encountered anything in Robin that he would have called ugly or wrongheaded to the detriment of society. But here they were."

" Is it so hard to believe that someone born with a penis could really be a woman in their mind, heart, and soul? Isn’t it possible that sexuality and gender are along a continuum and not binary?” He was no longer able to keep his voice low, beyond caring if he was upsetting Robin, who was looking defensive and angry. “There are plenty of people born with a penis AND a vagina for fuck’s sake."

"He perceived hurt and anger in Robin’s eyes and he relished it."

"Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to look you in the eye and see the woman I respect so much, but right now, I can’t even stand to look at you anymore. "

My favourite comment is from someone who apparently hates Strike and yet reads the fanfics?

OMG JK Rowling's on a roll!!! Now that they've crucified her, she really really letting it all out. This one had me spitting my coffee. by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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Wow, she is out of fucks to give.

Adoption used as proof that "#biologyaintshit" by romypea in GenderCritical

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Adoption proves that we don't need a blood relationship with someone to feel a parental relationship. However, it categorically does not remove the genetic relationship with the biological parents, even if you never see them ever.

I think what's ending up happening is that feelings are getting tangled up in the facts. The woman who raised her is her mother, but from a medical perspective, unless they had asbestos huffing parties together, then the medical establishment would be more interested in her actual biological history, rather than the fact that her adoptive mothers family has no history of heart disease.

She may want there to be no difference between an adoptive mother and a biological one, but that isn't the case. It doesn't mean she's loved any less or has a lesser relationship, it just means that biology doesn't give a shit.

Familial relationships aren't only biological but that doesn't mean you can disregard it entirely

Emerson Spartz, founder of Mugglenet, steps up by NDG in GenderCritical

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I do kinda understand why they don't want to stick their head above the parapet. I'm pretty much in the same with my job as I'd definitely end up on a course or fired. If they want to stay under the radar that's whatever, but I now effectively turn into Grumpy Cat at the thought of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson and their validating bullshit.

Plus if the tides do turn (please God let them turn) it's going to be deeply uncomfortable for them to have to justify why they openly supported a cause that harms children.

Do you want to tell him, or should I? by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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I am so deeply bored of the use of Karen. 1/10. Must try harder

Check this out. Reddit sub literally admits brigading and tagging users by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I don't understand how they can get away with being THIS obvious...

...oh, wait...'s because reddit hate women isn't it.

JK Rowling just spoke again. She's fighting back by Lilith_Fair in GenderCritical

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JK stop, I can only be so in love with you. Seriously I'm about to develop a really severe fan mail habit at this rate. Just daily letters like 'Dear Jo, it is Tuesday. You are glorious. Will sent more tomorrow'

Update on Warrior Cats Author: Children's author sacked for supporting JK Rowling in transgender row by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I can't see what could possibly go wrong with following this path. As long as we comply with the two minutes hate and always ensure we don't engage in any wrong-think then everything will be double-plus good

Weird...Google amp tells me r/GC was banned because it was "unmoderated." by fuckingsealions in GenderCritical

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I also heard we eat the young of cats and have seven nipples

Have you seen the new Bodyform ad? by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I knew I switched to them for a reason. Fuck Always

Liberal feminism: the most shallow feminism ever by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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There's an musical theatre actress/ youtuber I used to watch for a long time and she's got wayyy too saccharine for me now. I watched her go from a 'I'm not a feminist I love everyone' to an 'of course of I'm a feminist here's a list of men who inspire me'on international women's day. She's made a few noises regard JK Rowling, about how she absolutely doesn't agree with her and I think that was the last straw for me. She said she was ranting to herself in her house about it and all I could picture was her walking round her kitchen shouting trans women are women on repeat.

I'm bored of being told to be nice, I'm bored of being told to (re)educate myself. I don't want to associate with a brand of feminism that seems to think that the pinnacle of female achievement is making everyone beautiful.

The Joanne Rowling subreddit has been banned. by FuriousPenguin in GenderCritical

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I do take a degree of hilarity from the fact that the people who are so upset by JK are the ones who build their identities around things. Whether it be Harry Potter or being a super magical rare cis-trans-lollipop. The likelihood of them being stuck with a Harry Potter tattoo they now loathe I'd wager is quite high.

“prosecute all radical feminists” by montanagraey in GenderCritical

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Well that's fucking chilling

Telegraph: 'Niche' transgender ideology 'corrosive' to society, says report by womenopausal in GenderCritical

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Unsurprisingly it's a right wing think tank which will inevitably be used as the means to discredit the report as hateful and bigoted. Of course, it has to be as the chance of any nuanced assessment of the issue from the current left is about as likely as me learning to fly.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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I'm currently working my way through Douglas Murray's book and he did have an interesting theory on how intersectionalism has created the assumption that being a woman, or gay, or black (amongst other identities) has become synonymous with being left wing. That to say someone is one of those things comes with an assumption of value judgements on their political stance and morality, and that those who openly disagree have simply lost their way. At the root it is essentially deeply paternalistic and patronising in a way that I find deeply uncomfortable. It seems to fall to the idea that those who do not fall into those groups and disagree are morally repugnant, whilst those in the in-groups are ill-educated and stupid.

It does feel like a new religion at times, right down to the missionaries going out to 'spread the word'.

AgainstHateSubs basically admitting they had to get GC banned because it was peaking too many people. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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Ahh I see what you did wrong there. You were supposed to RE-educate yourself, the long form version is of course "change your mind, agree with me"

I've developed a real loathing of that phrase

AgainstHateSubs basically admitting they had to get GC banned because it was peaking too many people. by BraveAndStunningTERF in GenderCritical

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This. Absolutely this. It's become dogma, because any attempt to critical examine it exposes the absolute gaping flaws.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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It almost gets to a level where it's motion activated. Where certain cues are hit and out come the stock phrases. I used to be the same, happily trotting out lines and ignoring any internal voice that squirmed against it.

I think weirdly one of the things that helped break me out of the cycle was seeing a video of someone doing the exact same thing about JK back in Nov last year. It was watching a switch flick and suddenly there were all the stock phrases.

There are incredible societal pressures against stepping outside of the purity culture at the moment, anything that deviates from the accepted group think is shut down as people worry about being 'guilty' by association.

*Edited to mention that the 'social currency to be righteous' is such a good way of putting it.

Found you thanks to TRAs by odateya in GenderCritical

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From an outsiders perspective it does seem as if the black community has done a much better job at not buying into this sort of thing. Prime example being the (rightful) shutting down of Rachel Dozeal.

I'd be interested to know your thoughts in why you think this is? From my perspective I'd wager a lot of it has to do with a white sensitivity on being on 'the wrong side of history' again and so passivity and open acceptance has overwhelmed all sense of reason.

That said, while it may have originally come from a good place (I'm personally doubtful of this but open to other perspectives) its deeply concerning to see how this over correction is ruling out all sensible and nuanced and instead reducing us to having to have frankly ridiculous arguments over whether a man with a beard and a week of oestrogen under his belt is somehow magically a woman.

parallels: "Black Lives Matter," "Feminism". by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Honestly I think not agreeing is a good thing and it's something we've forgotten how to do. I'm trying to seek out more stuff that I may clash with but take something useful from. That is to say, the sane parts of the right, I don't think I could draw anything from incel culture other than a general feeling of hopelessness.

The way he phrases and categorises things is excellent. If anything it goes to show how important terminology, the whole concept of moral purity is an idea I've definitely discussed with friends but lacked the short punchy summary to get the initial point across.

Peak trans: tell your story here by Sittingonarainbow in GenderCritical

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I think the thing that really scares me is if this is seen as over correction to how long it took gay rights to be accepted, and so the trans stuff is just being rushed through, what happens if/when the pendulum swings back the other way. Like say the TRAs get their way, and anyone can identify as a women at the drop of the hat. How long until the dregs of society start seeing this as another way to clamber into acceptance. 'MAP' kept trying to weasel into LGB, and despite the 'who would go to all the effort to get to children' rhetoric the TRAs rely on I kinda think they would.

I suspect it would be incredibly hard to explain to the far right that LGB isn't the same as T, or even that there are people with genuine dysphoria who just live their lives. I worry that the left is on a knife edge of doing permanent harm to our reputation and values, and that past a certain point all the ideas and principles we have will be bundled up and dismissed as 'woke nonsense'.

It feels like it has the potential to blow up in our faces, and a swing to the right would not be something I'd cheer on.

I think I've become a bit of a political orphan

parallels: "Black Lives Matter," "Feminism". by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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I'm literally reading this right now. I'd seen him have a couple of interesting discussions about the whole 'gay', 'black', 'woman' etc. categorisations being seen as informing political/social/moral traits and decided to give it a read. So far it's definitely making me think, and even though I'm not agreeing with everything* so far it's worth the money. *given how I swallowed the trans stuff for so long hook line and sinker it's honestly a bit of relief to know that I'm not just swinging wildly to the right as I still retain a lot of my left leaning principles.

Peak trans: tell your story here by Sittingonarainbow in GenderCritical

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It's scary. Especially considering they've gone for small women based subs as well like the Scandinavian GC. While the fact that GCGuys has been left up is useful to direct people here it's also incredibly telling that it's not our ideas that they take issue with it's our sex.

Peak trans: tell your story here by Sittingonarainbow in GenderCritical

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I think I'm going through the same peak-left situation currently. Now I'm not about to throw the baby out with the bathwater but I'm deeply uncomfortable with this whole purity of thought, and the ideas that some concepts are beyond the scope of debate. I'm really worried about what the future may hold, although knowing I'm not the only one does help