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Welcome to, a community focused on respectful communication and a variety of perspectives. SaidIt is a Reddit-style news-aggregating ranking-forum website started in 2017.


FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do votes work?

A: SaidIt uses two upvote dimensions rather than the traditional upvote/downvote dimension. 'Insightful' votes earn 2 points and 'Fun' votes earn 1 point. These are added together to determine a post's or comment's score, as well as your username's total karma score in the top right corner of all pages. Removing downvotes addresses the issue of downvote brigading. A second upvote dimension enables separating serious content from fun content.


Q: What is allowed and what is not permitted?

A: is for open civilized discourse with very few rules:

  1. By the Terms And Content Policy, "If a person is caught repeatedly dragging discussion in a downward direction on the Pyramid of Debate, they will be removed."
  2. No pornography. It's too much trouble to monitor and there's no shortage elsewhere.
  3. No vending of illegal weapons, illegal drugs, and stolen goods, nor discussion about, nor links leading to sales of illegal things according to US law.
  4. No astroturfing or artificial amplification of your free speech voice. For example, do not upvote yourself or others using alternate usernames or sock-puppet accounts.

Q: How may I report a rule violation?

A: Use the report link on posts and comments to report violations to sub moderators. Please be very patient and ignore the trolls by not responding. If you have an urgent situation and the moderators aren't active nor responding to clear site-wide rule violations, please post a message in /s/SaidIt to report it to the admins.

Mod Rules

  • 1) All site-wide rules always apply to your sub. Mods cannot break saidit site rules or encourage others in their sub to do so.
  • 2) One person cannot moderate more than 40 subs. Creating multiple accounts to bypass this is not allowed.
  • 3) Subs cannot be designed to trick people, or to obviously undermine the quality of the website. This includes fake legal warning pages, honeytraps, or subs designed solely to cause problems for saidit.
  • 4a) Mods cannot remove user comments that are both in good faith and on-topic.
  • 4b) Mods CAN remove opposing opinions that are high on the pyramid of debate, and ban those users on that sub, if one of the below conditions are met:
    • 1: The fact the sub removes opposing opinions is announced in the sub's sidebar, and mods uncheck the sub setting "allow this sub to appear on /all"
    • 2: The sub is name ends with "_positive" or "_negative" such that the sub's bias and intention is clearly stated
  • More information

Markdown Code

Q: Are there more formatting help options?

A: Yes, see these more common formatting usages when commenting (tell us if you think something is missing), the Official Markdown Syntax, or this Beginner’s Guide to Reddit Formatting.

Q: What is the key to a successful submission?

A: Whether submitting a link or text-based post, a descriptive title with interesting content will have better chances of being noticed and up-voted. Speak your mind. A title is required, but expanding further in the text field is not. Beginning your title with "vote up if..." is an obnoxious violation of Intergalactic Law.

Subs (aka SubSaidIts)

Q: May I create a sub?

A: After your account is 2 weeks old a create your own sub button will appear. Thereafter you may create 1 sub per week. Subsaidit titles have a maximum length of 21 characters. Please capitalize proper names.

Q: How many subsaidits may I moderate?

A: 40 maximum (see Mod Rules). Moderator activity is 100% transparent in mod logs. Abuses of power will be dealt with so be fair to enjoy free speech. In your subs' sidebox you may list extra sub rules in addition to the site-wide rules, above.

Q: Will threads expire, archive, and lock?

A: No. On Reddit, posts eventually are archived so you may no longer comment. On SaidIt, there's no date-locking archiving to prevent participation and just no reason for it. Threads remain open forever and ever.

Q: When configuring your subsaidit under sub settings, what do the 1) title, 2) description, 3) sidebar, and 4) submission text fields mean?

A: 1) The very short title field will be name of your sub in a tab or as a bookmark (an important label for navigating or saving). 2) The short description field informs us what your sub is about, in the lists, and to confirm you've set it up properly check the list. 3) The sidebar field is always on the right side, even on sub settings pages (with brief descriptions, goals, rules, etc). 4) The submission text will change what your sub's submit link or submit text buttons say in the sidebox at right (few bother to change these).

Q: How long may my subsaidit's sidebox title, description, and sidebar fields be?

A: In the sub settings the title (of the tab's bookmark) 100, description(in /subs/new/) 500, and sidebar field allows 5,179 characters maximum. This includes non-visible code and links. ProTip: If you are verbose use a word processor or

Subscribing To Subs

Q: How may I stop being subscribed to so many subs and revert back to having the same list of default subs that new users get?

A: In your preferences under subscriptions you may reset subscriptions. SaidIt switched from having an auto-subscribe to all on registration model to a more traditional opt-in model in October 2019.

Q: Why can't I see the sidebar subscribe/unsubscribe buttons?

A: Some ad-blockers like ABP/Adblock Plus don't like the subscribe button CSS classes. Help us solve this issue here.

Setting Up MultiSubs

Q: May I make multisub links, custom private/public user multisubs?

A: Yes to all. For information on starting and configuring your own personal multisub feeds view the instructions on the multisubs wiki page. (Note: Lower on that page the project has been shelved to classify all SaidIt subs into topical groups and multisubs, so while incomplete they will work but won't include subs created since July 2019. You may copy and custom add or subtract your own sub choices.)


Q: Can you suggest some protips?

A: Yes. Here are some Pro tips for browsing SaidIt and Super-protips for using Saidit.

Home Page Preference

Q: May I set my home page ( to something other than my subscribed subs (/s/subscribed)?

A: Yes. In your preferences under content options you may set your home page as Subscribed (default) (/s/subscribed ) or All (/s/all), since October 2019. Also consider utilizing personalized multisubs.


Q: Why can't I edit the wiki page?

A: Likely it's mod-only or you haven't been here 100 days.

Long Answer: Every sub moderator may pick 1 of 3 options to 1) disable the wiki for all users except mods default, 2) allow only mod-approved wiki contributors, or 3) anyone who can submit to the sub may edit. And the mods may set two more wiki-related fields: 4) Sub karma required to edit and create wiki pages default 100, and 5) Account age (days) required to edit and create wiki pages default 0.

Private Messages

Q: How long may my private messages be?

A: Private messages are limited to 10,000 characters maximum. This includes non-visible code and links.


Q: Chat says authentication failed?

A: Refresh the web page.

Q: Chat says not connected?

A: Re-connect to the IRC server by sending /connect. Repeat if necessary.

Who Runs SaidIt?

Q: Who runs this site?

A: u/magnora7 and /u/d3rr admin SaidIt. This site and its related projects are community funded through donations. For more information read this InfoGalactic article on SaidIt.


Q: May I build or port another app, or use the SaidIt API?

A: Yes! See the SaidIt app development guidelines. (Also, you may modify CSS and apply your own subsaidit themes. For more: /s/SaiditCSSthemes/)


Apps & Clients




  • SaidIt/Reddit open-source social news aggregator forked from open-source Reddit code, running this website and the API. git source (official)
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) : builds, git source (official)
    • WARNING: stomps your RES for Reddit settings
  • - mobile theme
  • - old minimal Reddit-style (trivia only, not supported)
  • RSS feeds - available for most pages
  • JSON data - available for most pages

SaidIt app development guidelines


SaidIt Images

For lack of a better place, here are links to these images:

The Pyramid Of Debate v3 Detailed plus a short link:

The Debate Pyramid v3 Simple plus a short link:

Source: SaidIt Debate Pyramid gallery on

See also: SaidIt branding gallery + SaidIt banner gallery on


Wiki List

This is the primary wiki site-map, alphabetically:

SaidIt Wiki Subpages

Freely improve these /s/SaidIt/wiki/ pages (alphabetical):

User's Wiki Pages

Please do not edit these /s/SaidIt/wiki/ pages (alphabetical):

These miscellaneous wiki subpages (not to be confused with subsaidit wiki pages) may technically be open and editable but please do not edit them unless invited to freely improve. For personal pages, please use your user name. For pages on speficic topics please use a clearly understood short name.

To start a new page edit this wiki page, duplicate the "BlankExample" above and uniquely modify the dupilcate title and save page, then click on the new title to go to the new starting page.


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