The Spike protein subunit S1 (which is generated by S-protein based vaccines) generates hard to break down fibre structures. S1 can also cross the blood-brain barrier. by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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Both very severe infections and injections with Spike protein (narrow spectrum) "vaccines" have high potential for damage due to the high dose of Spike protein. This definitely doesn't seem to have high prospects for health benefits, especially when injected in kids and toddlers. Yet the push to get this into even those under 5 years old appears to continue because of some agenda.

Link to pdf.

What happens to all the EUA Vax injured citizens?? These injuries can be debilitating and crazy expensive by infocom6502 in NoNewNormal

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and the above account looks unlikely to be a troll post. I looked up the reddit account; these are the stats today:


282 post karma

2.7k comment karma

account created: Fri Aug 31 2012

verified: yes

Boycott 7-zip: "Limited" Open Source & Security Issues by [deleted] in technology

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Boycott 7-zip: "Limited" Open Source & Security Issues by [deleted] in technology

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I'm not sure if anyone here's aware of it, but there was a recent news spash on a fake CVE submission re 7zip. Somebody took the time to make up an invalid proof of concept and create submissions that ended up s a CVE. This was covered in a linux security podcast last month. This thread also covers it.

It looks like multiple people were involved in what looks like a campaign.

W boson seems to be about 1 part in 1000 heavier than it's supposed to be. Standard model might be due for revision by infocom6502 in Physics

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i wish I knew. The article says there was an earlier experiment/paper which also points to the standard model being off, and the authors speculated that it could point to another force.

This recent measurement is consistent with this earlier paper. So the it's a sign to take those author's suggestion seriously.

W boson seems to be about 1 part in 1000 heavier than it's supposed to be. Standard model might be due for revision by infocom6502 in Physics

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The findings, which were published in the journal Science, could be linked to suggestions from previous Fermilab and Large Hadron Collider investigations on the Swiss-French border. These as-yet-unconfirmed findings also point to deviations from the Standard Model, presumably due to the presence of an as-yet-undiscovered fifth natural force.

There's a lot of boson scratching their heads at collider campuses these days.

BIRD FLU: the Next Pandemic? (21:38) ~ Ice Age Farmer by JasonCarswell in conspiracy

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other plandemic candidate is hemmoragic fever.

Pentagon Says There's No 'Offensive' Bioweapons at US-Linked Ukraine Labs by Drewski in Ukraine

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Russia Challenges US: If Biolab Documents are Fake Then Ask Head of the DTRA Office at the US Embassy in Kiev Joanna Wintrol Why She Signed Off on Them:

Start listening at minute 25 or 26 by infocom6502 in propaganda

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and some more of the same!!!

DEBUNKED: Corporate Media's Top Trending Ukraine Stories Turn Out To Be Complete Fakes. by [deleted] in news

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who wuddah thot?!

and some russian soldier texted his mommy to express that he was afraid and that his troop had been ordered to raid hospitals and disconnect all the babbies from the incubators.

but then these babbies learn how to fright back

Teacher alleges she was fired for not 'meowing' back at student who identifies as a cat by Chipit in news

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in case anyone missed it, it seems it's not all that uncommon anymore that people self identify as cats.

A member of the public who spoke at the meeting, Lisa Hansen, says in the video that she was informed by someone the day before the meeting that litter boxes had been added to the “unisex bathrooms” for students who “identify as cats.”

Scrutinizing a paper on Long term cardiovascular complications of COVD-19 by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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If I got COVID19 do I have to worry about long term CV complications any more than someone who recovered from Influenza in years prior?

This is a huge error of the paper. We know the authors have access to influenza data. I know that because they used it before in a BMJ paper. So what am I to think that they don’t use that here? I want to know if covid is WORSE for cardiovascular risk than influenza in years prior. It is highly curious that they do not provide this data. What am I to think?

are you afraid?? if y then: take penacilin now by infocom6502 in test

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Reddit's /r/Intelligence and related subreddits closed. Moderator accounts all suspended. by TheWebOfSlime in Intelligence

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I liked Cropitekus and the other admin/contributors' content and intel boards too. I wasn't expecting them to be shut down, but reddit has been going down so sharply recently that it doesn't surprise. I rarely use reddit these days---a few times a year, down from a rate of many times per day. The biggest problem I have with them is that they do massive tracking + machine fingerprinting an IDing, across multiple devices. Seems also to me they might make users' devices available for targeting to shady or criminal organizations or lawless rogue states; if I had to guess, worse than your normal live real time bidding targeted ads where the ads are poorly audited and logged/archived or not at all.

And the censorship there is just so absurd that I think people would be fleeing in droves sooner or later.

Natural Products that Target the NLRP3 Inflammasome (why Quercetin works against this new SARS---as well as other plant compounds) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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So just looking at Figure 2 of the compounds and poking around with some searches it seems to me that Artemisinin could be promising. Not only should it inhibit the NLRP3 inflammasome, but it might also slow viral replication by hindering the 3CL protease, as well possibly other benefits. This was known fairly early on in the plandemic (and it was also shown to be beneficial for SARS 1.0 which is almost 2 decades past now):

Fuzimoto study

The Fuzimoto study is very informative and also suggests Rutin (a widely available citrus derived quercetin containg antioxidant supplement that has broad health benefits).

Maybe this could slow down Vax Injuries (somehow get your dopey buds to eat lots of Parsley) by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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and Dr Rothfeld suggests enzymes such as lumbrokinase that might help a little break down the microclots.

are you afraid?? if y then: take penacilin now by infocom6502 in test

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or talk to your thiripist

This Chart Shows that All the So Called Experts Who Are Still Pushing the Wuhan Lab Leak Narrative are Larping for the US Government by raven9 in Coronavirus

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Given so much of the other circumstancial evidence (eg crimson contagion, event 201, summer 2019 SARS epidemic of a retirement facility within commuting distance of ft detrick, etc), and history over the past 2-3 decades, everything points to the usual suspects (syria false flag and related propaganda ops, iraq wmd lies, wtc 7 + coverup and related events, jfk cover up). The banking mafia (a cabal of robber baron dynasties such as rothchilds, rockefellers, and partners is funding and has directly ties to the deep state-- a deep infiltration, from many officials at every levels and all branches of government, to advisers, to non governmental position influencers such as think tanks, ngos, foundations. Many of these officials are completely owned and 100% controlled by kompromat operations such as Epstein's). It is clear to me the Chinese were set up.

Now opinions here will vary. For some, including Rand Paul (who I think is a great guy, even if he doesn't get 100% right 100% of the time) the truth will take time to accept.

Ernest Ramirez. Son was killed by the vaccine just 5 days after his first dose. FEMA wants him to sign a statement that his son's death was caused by COVID by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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how does this corruption go seemingly unchecked for so long, who are these orders traced back to?? this ought to come down like a house of cards if the system still had a trace of integrity left in it and there were a few people with balls like Dr Paul's.

Emergency Medical Technician speaks out (2:19) ~ Together Declaration by JasonCarswell in VaccineSkepticism

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understatement of the year: "struggling to understand"

I'll give her a hint: mix of psychopaths + incompetent buffoons "just following orders"

@RealAlexRubi: "Insane survey of Democratic voters in a recently poll: 55% support fines against unvaxxed / 59% support house arrest / 48% support prison for questioning vax efficacy on social media / 45% support internment camps / 47% support surveillance / 29% support the state taking their kids" by Maniak in WayOfTheBern

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i read that as ivermectin camps!

as crazy as kovid clown world is, these poll numbers sound quite suspect to me.

this is nothing of the sort of what Dems stood for in the 90s. even with a good bit of a new kind of stupid added to the mix, those numbers are still incredibly sus. What exact demographic did they poll?

Known since at least October: EUA vaccines will keep you from acquiring full (optimal) immunity EVEN after infection; impairs Nucleocapsid antibody response, which is often broad response to other Coronaviruses by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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Alex Berenson:

What’s this mean? Several things, all bad. We know the vaccines do not stop infection or transmission of the virus (in fact, the report shows elsewhere that vaccinated adults are now being infected at much HIGHER rates than the unvaccinated).

What the British are saying is they are now finding the vaccine interferes with your body’s innate ability after infection to produce antibodies against not just the spike protein but other pieces of the virus. Specifically, vaccinated people don’t seem to be producing antibodies to the nucleocapsid protein, the shell of the virus, which are a crucial part of the response in unvaccinated people.

This means vaccinated people will be far more vulnerable to mutations in the spike protein EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN INFECTED AND RECOVERED ONCE (or more than once, probably).

It also means the virus is likely to select for mutations that go in exactly that direction, because those will essentially give it an enormous vulnerable population to infect. [emphasis added]

There Is Currently No Medical Emergency Only Psychological Engineering Says Senior Israeli Immunologist by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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“Two years late, you finally realize that a respiratory virus cannot be defeated and that any such attempt is doomed to fail,” he wrote to the Israeli health ministry. “You do not admit it, because you have admitted almost no mistake in the last two years, but in retrospect it is clear that you have failed miserably in almost all of your actions....

“You refused to admit that the infection comes in waves that fade by themselves, despite years of observations and scientific knowledge,” he said. “You refused to admit that recovery is more protective than a vaccine, despite previous knowledge and observations showing that non-recovered vaccinated people are more likely to be infected than recovered people.”

“You refused to admit that the vaccinated are contagious despite the observations. Based on this, you hoped to achieve herd immunity by vaccination — and you failed in that as well.”

Steve Kirsch's January 2022 briefing on state of the Kovid Clown World by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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when something isn’t working, what do you do? Sane people would start to listen to qualified people with a different point of view. Insane people keep doing the same stuff over and over again and expect a different result.

In case you haven’t figured it out, we’re in the insanity category. It’s how we roll.

Genetic risk factors for developing SARS, and geographic distribution of such genes by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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The big one responsible for the severe respiratory damage that is forcing some to use O2 supplies or get moved to vents seems to be on gene Rs11385942. If you have 23andme, there is a fairly decent proxy (about 99% accurate for caucasians, 80-90% for hispanic) via gene Rs10490770

Note that rs11385942 is not present on the DNA chips used by the major direct-to-consumer genotyping companies such as 23andMe, Ancestry and MyHeritage. In Caucasians, a SNP present on most MyHeritage and Ancestry chips, rs10490770, is a very good proxy for rs11385942 (and it is also present on older versions of the 23andMe chip). The minor allele of rs10490770(C) corresponds most of the time (r2 >0.99 in Caucasians) to the minor rs11385942(A) allele based on data available in ensembl. There is no equivalent linkage in those of African descent; and the correlation is lower in Hispanic populations (r2 ~0.8-0.9).

#CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG by Questionable in Coronavirus

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The point and whole advantage of a bioweapon over a conventional weapon such as a ballistic missile (which leaves a trajectory whose trace is hard/impossible to fake) is that it used covertly by way of deception. It is much like malware obfuscation + mis-attribution which the elaborate 'Marble' framework was made for --- pinning blame of malware one has designed and deployed on some other country.

It seems pretty clear the Chinese were framed.

Also, another striking feature is that SARS2 seems to be tailored not only to target the elderly (since ACE2 receptors density increases with age), but to target north east europeans, and south asians via the LZTFL1 gene:

This gene is located on chromosome 3, one of the 23 pairs of chromosomes in humans, and is present in around 14% of the Polish population, compared to 8-9% in Europe, and 27% in India.


The LZTFL1 gene is present in 60% of South Asians [....]

No reason the Chinese would have designed it to target themselves.

Opinion: How have we gotten here? Mass Formation Psychosis, explained by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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a very good interview was linked in the comments:

Do not fill your body with garbage by zyxzevn in NoNewNormal

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frak! cookies are the main staple of my diet. I can't find better alternatives that go well, taste wise, together with coffee.

700 sheep and goats were arranged in the shape of a syringe to encourage vaccinations (Germany) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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I prefer Kovid clowns. but i guess sheep will do.

Moderna Uses the Alphabet to Label Different Toxicities of Vaccine?! (If so, does that suggest intention to injure???) by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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This is a very interesting discussion on these death batches, very worth watching. Pfizer by the way very much has the death batches, but they didn't use the same transparency as Moderna in their naming system. One of the guys in the discussion is a lawyer.

How many of these lives were lost from the experimental injections?? Life insurance company is seeing unfathomable excess mortality by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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that's kind of a jerk thing to do. but yeah i imagine life insurance co s aren't doing so good.

Airline Pilot Deaths are disclosed in Peer magazine. Staggering Death numbers beyond belief! by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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Here is an account from a pilot who was coerced into getting the experimental injection, and was injured. He knows of many peers with similar outcomes.

German health data suggests vaccination increases odds of Omicron infection (infection rates far higher among the vaxinated) by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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credits for link goes to u\wsc981

60X increase in athletes dropping on the sports field is just a fluke according to Twitter by zyxzevn in VaccineInjuries

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Here for example is a referee collapsing during the Germany vs Serbia women's match (9/21/2021). While they are not pro athletes, soccer refs have to essentially be top fit and very athletic to keep up; I would consider them athletes.

This isn't normal.

Yet another independent study confirms over 150K Americans killed by the COVID vaccines by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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Results from fitted regression slopes (p<0.05 FDR corrected) suggest a US national average VFR of 0.04% and higher VFR with age (VFR=0.004% in ages 0-17 increasing to 0.06% in ages >75 years), and 146K to 187K vaccine-associated US deaths between February and August, 2021.

Comparing our estimate with the CDC-reported VFR (0.002%) suggests VAERS deaths are underreported by a factor of 20, consistent with known VAERS under-ascertainment bias

Imho 200k would be closer. When you add in permanently disabled and permanently injured, we may be in seven digit territory. Risk of serious injury (incl'g death) may be on the order of 1:300 for a double dose.

Does anyone's Insulin requirements skyrocketed after being Vaccinated? (I'm continuing to wonder whether this new SARS CoV was weaponized, possibly even proteins other than Spike) by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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Hey guys can you shed some insight on this. Kirsch who writes the linked article above has found a study on the inactive virus vaccine causes blood sugar to rise into prediabetic levels (42 nmol/l < HbA1c level < 47 nmol/l). The inactive virus vax contains all other proteins(eg Envelope, Nucleocapsid, etc) besides S-protein based vaccines used in NATO countries. Kirsch suspects the insulin effect is S-protein related, but imho it's speculation until we see some more pointers; I believe his hunch will prove true, but it's a low confidence guess.

Can you guys read the article and let me know what you think?

If anyone knows someone who is prediabetic or diabetic and vaccinated, are they experiencing any blood sugar or insulin resistance issues ?

A case-control study of autoimmune AEFIs following COVID-19 vaccination reported to VAERS by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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This study concluded and went public early this July. If you look up some of these terms it makes a lot of sense with what we're seeing. I wonder if Newsom's injury might've been myasthenia gravis, or related, where there is no control over or paralysis of certain facial muscles.

So even with the order of magnitude or two underreporting they found some strong signals as far as auto immune diseases:

myasthenia gravis (ROR = 3.90, p < 0.001, 95% CI: 2.63-5.80)

Immune thrombocytopaenia (ROR = 26.83, p < 0.001, 95% CI: 16.93-42.54)

The third signal detected is Psoriasis, which is not a serious condition.

South Africa Hospitalization Rate Plunges in Omicron Wave by jet199 in Coronavirus

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same for Denmark:

The Danish data also show that people with Omicron are both less likely to be hospitalized than those with other variants and released from the hospital much more quickly - in line with what South African health authorities have reported.

further, some interesting stats:

Most new Covid cases in Denmark occur in people who are vaccinated or boosted - and that is true for both Omicron and earlier variants. More than 76 percent of non-Omicron Covid infections in Denmark are in vaccinated people, along with about 90 percent of Omicron infections.

Further, only 25 of the 561 people currently hospitalized in Denmark for Covid have the Omicron variant. The Danes do not provide an exact number for patients in intensive care with Omicron, saying only that it is fewer than five.

further, it looks to me that ADE might be happening:

About the only reason for concern in any of the Danish data is that Omicron still appears to be preferentially infecting younger people - though not people under 15, who are more likely to be unvaccinated.

Evaluation of Effects of Zinc, Quercetin, Bromelain and Vitamin C on Patients Ill with the new SARS coronavirus by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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simple to just get the ready to go Z stack. Have one ready in the cabinet just in case.

Imho, given how widespread T cell immunity is this most likely will never be an issue for most healthy individuals who keep their D level btwn 35 ng/ml to 60 ng/ml and take a daily 300 mg ascorbate and 100% rda zinc and selenium. Best to knock it out before you even feel it. And best yet to take some hygienic precautions so you don't get any large dose exposures over ID50.

Possible systematic miscategorisation of vaccine status raises concerns about claims of Covid-19 vaccination effectiveness by infocom6502 in Coronavirus

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link reposted from ycombinator's u\techBro8615

Airline Pilot Deaths are disclosed in Peer magazine. Staggering Death numbers beyond belief! by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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Refusal to get coerced is a big factor, as is the shortage just from demographics. A lot of commercial pilots are retiring, and after age 65 retirement is a FAA requirement (max age used to be 60 not long ago). There aren't enough new pilots to replace them. I think 2020 pretty much scared most kids from investing in an expensive education as aviator. I'd love to fly but the takes so long to get licensed that's a pipe dream at my age. For those under 30 it's something to consider; i think the pay might be in the 200k/yr ballpark range.

Airline Pilot Deaths are disclosed in Peer magazine. Staggering Death numbers beyond belief! by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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from what I understand that's not a valid debunk. The list is detailed not just by year, but by month of the year. Take a quick glimpse at the list by looking briefly at the video, or this screenshot here. list.jpg It does seem though that some retirees are included (eg TWA is no longer a current airline).

Airline Pilot Deaths are disclosed in Peer magazine. Staggering Death numbers beyond belief! by infocom6502 in VaccineInjuries

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39 airline pilots died in the month of July 2021 alone.

The 2021 list is yet to be completed. It is two orders of magnitude bigger than it should be.

Public CDNs Are Useless and Dangerous by infocom6502 in Security

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TLS used for device fingerprinting by infocom6502 in malicousJavaScript

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The above link is a great find by u\pimterry

The technique described in the article is often used by malicious actors for identification and targeting.

For demo of TLS fingerprinting in action, see:

pangolins in nature? lab? or serial passage in humanized mice? by infocom6502 in test

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According to a survey conducted by psychologist Kevin Dutton—called the Great British Psychopath Survey—here are the top 10 professions with the most psychopaths:

Media (TV/Radio)
Police Officer
Civil Servant

^ politicians are subgroup within civil servants I assume. I'm wondering where pathogen researchers fit in this range.

In what profession are co-workers safest from psychopaths within:

And here are the professions with the least psychopaths:

Care Aide
Charity Worker
Creative Artist