This was an old post I never published to a Q&A board. It is from a few years ago now. Instead of deleting it, I'm just going to publish it here. by Mcheetah in Random_Shit

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I can't seem to get this girl out of my head. She's someone I could see myself marrying, and I no longer even want to get married after almost doing so before. I just feel like there's this connection there I've only ever felt once before. It just seems like we fit together so well. Or at least she matches me really well. Her feelings about me seem to be either neutral or not there. I don't know.

If I were in your position, I would go to her in person and say, "You are an amazing person. I hope you will be my friend forever. Also I think you're out of my league -- I recognize that you are beautiful, but I know you can do better than me so I will try not to be a beta orbiter. But hey, romantic attraction is not the most important thing in my life, so we can still be friends."

Is Saidit a good alternative to Reddit and Discord. I am Permabanned on Reddit. And something Awful happened with me on Discord, so I uninstalled it for a break. But I am feeling the need to engage by AngelaMagic in AskSaidIt

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Reddit seems to be full of people who are needlessly unpleasant to me. I try not to pay attention to them. Edit: Reddit was pretty decent ten years ago but it has gone steadily downhill since Aaron Schwartz died.

I am not familiar with Discord. I did some voice-chat TRPG gaming on Discord for the "Cyberpunk RED" version of Cyberpunk 2020. Also I have done voice chat with people I know on Discord once or twice. As far as I can tell, Discord is not a discussion forum, it is mostly a voice chat service.

Saidit seems to be an ordinary discussion forum of the sort reddit used to be ten years ago.

In 1963 Chrysler Released An Experimental Turbine Car And Lent Them To 203 Families To Test. The Car Ran On Virtually Any Fuel And Had Little Vibration Due To It's Design. by Tom_Bombadil in whatever

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I love the percussion beats in the 1963 soundtrack. I think I could hear bongo drums in several places.

I'm thinking about quitting using this website cuz it's a bunch of bullshit by sandmax in whatever

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I expect good quality service when I pay good money to use a service

Wait, some people are paying money for this website?

Why you faggots never upvote my high IQ intellectual posts to karma heaven by sneako in whatever

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Keep posting. Eventually you will strike gold.

The anons who say "trust the plan," the antifa riots of 2020, and the insightful erudition of Sabrosky's commenters by ceck in debatealtright

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Do you think it is a coincidence that all 3 "white antifas" shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were jewish? It isn't.

It was certainly not a coincidence.

It was also not coincidental that Kyle Rittenhouse shot three antifa and at least two of those antifa turned out to be a sexual pervert and a domestic abuser.

Rosenbaum, as told by patheos:

It may well turn out that Gaige Grossekreuz was abusive toward a girlfriend in 2013; I have read thinly-sourced accusations about the character of all three antifa but I don't have solid evidence against all of them.

The anons who say "trust the plan," the antifa riots of 2020, and the insightful erudition of Sabrosky's commenters by ceck in debatealtright

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Your post was hard to read

When a text and head collide, producing a hollow sound, the hollow object is not always the text.

Why do I have to block one or more new "users" every day so I don't have to see these stupid ass bone conducting headphone posts? by IkeConn in AskSaidIt

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But there also is some nifty theory (I actually forgot right now) trying to explain the bolts and nuts why any human society dipping into three digits of members seemingly needs either some form of administration or rather resilient individuals.

You might be thinking of the "Dunbar number" theory of tribes, which claims that proto-humans evolved to live in groups of one hundred to one-hundred-fifty members.'s_number

(Poll) Do you think Pseudo-Lesbians (aka "Weekend Lesbians," "part-timers," etc.) are more so actual lesbians pretending to be straight, or actual straight women pretending to be gay? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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Most people, I'm gonna say 90%, are not exclusively straight or gay/lesbian, or at least they wouldn't be except for social disapproval. That makes them bisexual. But bi is next to invisible in our culture,

Most people, I'm gonna say 90%, secretly want to fuck goats. But goat-fucking in invisible in our culture, so tragically the world is full of sexually frustrated humans, all because of bigotry. Prove me wrong.

(Poll) Do you think Pseudo-Lesbians (aka "Weekend Lesbians," "part-timers," etc.) are more so actual lesbians pretending to be straight, or actual straight women pretending to be gay? by Mcheetah in AskSaidIt

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I think it's hard to consider the issues because many modern Westerners are starved for ordinary human contact. Ordinary humans are supposed to see other humans, to touch other humans, to share food and songs with other humans. In modern Western countries, we are little units of labor and consumption. We meet our deadlines, we adjust our schedules, we pack ourselves like sardines, and we have lost human contact. Under such circumstances, we are over-civilized. How can we analyze sexual needs objectively?

IKEA oriented development by Fourier in programming

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This is a really good article. It expresses important ideas in simple language.

Claim: The mods should update the link to the normies' guide to the alt-right because the Daily Stormer website is down by ceck in debatealtright

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Thanks very much for the working link. It shows up properly in my browser. I notice the author is Andrew Anglin, so now I will have an opportunity to examine a sample of his writing thoroughly.

God = abstract embodiment of the group. Faith = program to ensure all group members are loyal. Garden of Eden myth = Nash equilibria of the social game are not pareto optimal, people defect. Chastity = if men don't have easy paternity certainty they won't build civilization by Chipit in Religion

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This is a very interesting viewpoint. I would like to argue that there is more to spiritual experience than faith.

Short Story: I've Always Been a Demon Worshipper by ceck in ScienceFiction

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I found this through the post at:

which is likely to be of interest to many readers of this group.

In the Canaan religion, Yahweh was a lesser god, who was assigned the land of Israel. Here's how he became "God Almighty." by [deleted] in history

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Thank you for bringing up the topic of differences between the worship of El Shaddai and Yahweh. It is also worth examining the Ugaritic worship of El that became Hebrew worship of "El Elyon." I recommend the works of Thomas Römer.

A very short biography of the Devil by [deleted] in whatever

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Very interesting and worthwhile, but I don't believe the main claims have been properly proven.

Regarding The Book of the Watchers, the original wrote:

It’s the first time in Judeo-Christian thought that we get the idea of demons living in something that sounds a lot like hell.

I am very skeptical of the use of Judeo-Christian there. Incidentally, the article seems to be pulling a sleight-of-hand by not explaining the context of that book:

The original also wrote:

In the Gospels, Lucifer is promoted from cameo to main character.

The Gospels do not mention "Lucifer" in the original Greek. Several years of Gospel study have convinced me that Jesus did not believe in a personal Devil. It is quite possible Saint Paul did believe in the Devil as a person, because Saint Paul seemed to introduce a lot of ideas that had nothing to do with Jesus and a lot to do with Zarathustra.

Isegoria's readers comment on one-sided ethics and non-reciprocity by ceck in whatever

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Isegoria is a good general blog covering an interesting assortment of topics. If you have an interest in military history it is particularly worth a spot on your reading list.

Why are there essentially no women in online white nationalism or the alt right? by IlorinYuri in debatealtright

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I was going to talk about women in category A. In my experience, there are a few white women who support the white race, but they do so by taking care of their husbands' babies and their immediate families. But I think that situation is already well-known to most users on this thread so I won't belabor the point too much.

What is Right Wing Art? What is Left Wing Art? Recall that Aesthetics, Epistemology, and Ethics can be considered as subfields within Philosophy by ceck in Philosophy

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I assume you are making an oblique point, so I will steelman your comment.

Claim: Mona Lisa (the person shown by the famous painting) was neither Democrat nor Republican. The Mona Lisa (the painting) was neither Democrat nor Republican because those terms apply to a society that was created long after the Mona Lisa was created.

Your unstated insinuation is that using "right wing" and "left wing" to describe premodern societies runs the risk of bad historical mistakes such as "presentism."

Did I interpret your comment correctly?

How/where can I find other artists who are not liberal? Are there any art forums I can potentially go to? by Cel in AskSaidIt

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So here is my crazy idea: maybe you should spend some time on saidit's philosophy forum talking about what kind of art you want.

Here is my argument:

Heroic mom saves terrified five-year-old from raccoon attack | USA TODAY #Shorts by sandmax in news

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Note that if this raccoon was NOT wearing pants, then this is the pantsless raccoon kara-te we have heard so much about.

Is it child grooming? Or is it just normal human nature? Looks like child grooming to me, otherwise why would Hollywood produce things like this? It's not necessary. by AmWomanDontCallMeBro in conspiracy

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No doubt I'm reading way too deeply into this, again these are subtle hints in this cute wholesome show, but my eyes are wide open. These are subconscious thoughts I had and they sound ridiculous when I write them out but here it is.

Nobody is truly objective. Every public thinker takes the risk of sounding ridiculous to other thinkers, and every person takes the risk of sounding ridiculous to his own inner critic. So I advise you to embrace the ridiculousness, as long as it can't be traced back to your real-world physical address.

We know how the CIA and their psychological manipulation hides in plain sight and they call us crazy for calling them out on it.

I think you have hit on something significant, but I also think it's NOT direct CIA planning. It's cultural shift prodded onward by decadent Hollywood elites with some indirect ties to the CIA. The Sexual Revolution picked up speed in the 1960s, but loosening sexual mores were causing social tensions for decades before that -- in my humble opinion. Of course, because I am voicing my thoughts publicly, I am taking the risk of seeming ridiculous.

Is it child grooming? Or is it just normal human nature? Looks like child grooming to me, otherwise why would Hollywood produce things like this? It's not necessary. by AmWomanDontCallMeBro in conspiracy

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A mature woman recently linked to Gidget, a hedonistic show of the 1960s, and opined that it showed the sexual grooming of children for sexual abuse.

In my opinion, the core problem of Gidget is not that it encourages the sexual abuse of prepubescent children. (It might encourage improper sexual relationships between mature men and immature teenaged girls -- I have not watched enough to comment on that.) The core problem of Gidget is that it is an excessively optimistic, early-1960s vision of how much fun the Sexual Revolution would be if only people were all pretty and rich.

(The Sexual Revolution was undermining monogamy by encouraging extramarital fornication. One key tactic of the Sexual Revolution was the idea that the "age of consent" justified fornication. Traditionally, "age of consent" only meant "old enough to marry a single socially appropriate man" not "old enough to fornicate with multiple men of one's choosing." The problem is that when the Sexual Revolution handed all women the power of extramarital promiscuity, it intensified competition between women.)

In fact, in the real world, the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s was attended by venereal diseases, increased sexual violence, decreased reproduction, and a host of social problems. But the people who were making Gidget did not foresee the chaos that would soon become evident. But Gidget is not scary to modern mature women because it is about child sex abuse. Gidget is scary to mature women because it shows that a very young post-pubescent girl is a sexual competitor to mature pre-menopausal ladies. Sally Fields, the star of the show, was apparently 19 years old when she made the show. The real problem is not that she had a baby face that would somehow encourage child sex abuse. The real problem is not whether her character was 19 years old or some age younger than that. The problem is that even a 19-year-old girl is really quite immature, foolish, and childish -- but Gidget shows that such a foolish female can compete in the sexual marketplace.

A pre-menopausal woman who is X years old can say to herself, "Of course I am smart and wise and mature -- of course I can be trusted with the power of extramarital fornication -- but that little girl Gidget -- she is a tiny child, she is pre-pubescent, she must not be sexual competition for me!" Now perhaps a woman of X years is truly wise and mature and trustworthy -- or perhaps not -- or perhaps it varies from woman to woman. But regardless of wisdom levels, the Sexual Revolution pressured all women to act sluttier in order to compete for high-quality men.

Is it child grooming? Or is it just normal human nature? Looks like child grooming to me, otherwise why would Hollywood produce things like this? It's not necessary. by AmWomanDontCallMeBro in conspiracy

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Put on your tin foil hats and watch the first couple episodes of this show if you can stomach it.

It would not fly in today's overly-sensitive climate.

I have not watched all of these episodes, but thanks for telling me that they are on YouTube. I never would have stopped to look for them. I do not see them as grooming. I think you may be oversimplifying. The cultural issues around teenaged sexual desire are complicated.

Edit: The more I watch the show, the more moderate it appears. I really do not see the Gidget show as grooming at all. It would be tranquil if everyone could live in perfect chastity, free from sexual thoughts, free from the desire to "be in love," but that is a world of asexual angels, not a world of human beings. Humans can be de-sexualized by force, but the results are never tranquil or free from suffering.

Where can I buy a large amount of dynamite? by JennyG in whatever

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I know that you're a super-genius, but you have got to listen to me, that roadrunner isn't worth it.

delusional animu fan thinks she's an animu character by Zoomergroid in whatever

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Do you remember the 1990s, when Kate Moss made the term "waif" fashionable? Or for that matter, do you remember 1950s media, which featured "gamines" -- sexualized women who looked quite young?

The issue looks weird to me because I live in East Asia, where I see a lot of cute, petite ladies (well over 21 years of age) every day. Many of those ladies are ultra-feminine and some of them talk in exaggerated voices. The fact is that women want to be pretty. So you get a complicated social landscape as girls and women try to be pretty in various ways that seem reasonable to them. However, anime is not likely to help us understand the real-world situation. Try watching live-action TV from Japan, or Hong Kong, or India and note how the adult actresses from those countries are much, much more feminine that actresses from Hollywood.

This lady was born in 1998, so she was in her 20s when I first saw her on TV, but she still looks like a pale, ethereal waif.

This is a quick game that shows how people disagree about what rules are supposed to mean. It will take about three minutes of clicking. More in comments by ceck in whatever

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I found this game very insightful. Apparently the creator was raised by lawyers and was inspired by famous legal cases as well as his parents' discussions. My takeaway from the game is that it is seductively easy to make a rule that sounds simple, but the interpretation of that rule in a real community quickly leads to severe disagreements. That is a phenomenon I have observed in many tabletop role-playing games. The basic games don't allow for much creativity. The deeper games that do allow for creativity are a higher risk of causing the group of participants to disagree violently with each other.

How/where can I find other artists who are not liberal? Are there any art forums I can potentially go to? by Cel in AskSaidIt

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Actually, I just created my first sub, so I can't create another one for a whole week, but you should create a sub dedicated to right-wing art of the exact type that you like best. Possibly right-wing visual art, or right-wing print literature, or right-wing sculpture. I would do it myself but I just made "Low Skill Hacking" to chatter about my hobby programming.

If you people don't start upvoting my raccoon posts I will be forced to demonstrate my fearsome naked karate moves. Justice will be brutal and merciless. by [deleted] in SaidIt

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You are no match for my Wu-Tang style

無糖? Yeah, it makes sense that I would be no match for that.

my raccoon posts
Imagine this, but without pants

So the raccoon will not be wearing pants, and you will not be wearing pants either?

How/where can I find other artists who are not liberal? Are there any art forums I can potentially go to? by Cel in AskSaidIt

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There are some guys who seem semi-sane at:

There is also Vox Day, who seemed somewhat mentally imbalanced when last I checked -- that was ten years ago or more.

Edit: There used to be a decent blog by this guy:

but I don't know how much help his blog would be to you. Ideally, you might benefit from an imageboard, but imageboard culture is frequently nihilistically deranged, and thus not very useful for real right-wing discussions.

Caitlyn Johnstone is not the arbiter of what is or is not populism by ceck in USPolitics

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To develop the idea a bit further, Johnstone wrote:

This is a perfect illustration of what right wing "populism" looks like in the 2020s: phony, manipulative talking points geared toward convincing war-weary red staters who lost loved ones in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep supporting war and militarism, but anti-wokely.

She also headlined her screed as "Right-Wing Populism is Fake and Stupid." That is to say, she wants to imply that Left-Wing Populism can be okay, provided it is the sort of left-wing activity of which Caitlyn Johnstone approves.

Caitlyn Johnstone is not the arbiter of what is or is not populism by ceck in USPolitics

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Caitlyn Johnstone looks like a faux-populist to me. How can she prove that she's a genuine populist? How can she prove that her vision of populism is the right one? What makes her more trustworthy than any other aspiring demagogue?

What's your opinion about the NOMAP community (Non-offending minor attracted person)? Not to confuse with the MAP community. by bucetao6969 in AskSaidIt

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Grover Cleveland. He groomed his future wife from the age of 11 onwards.

I don't believe that claim to be correct. Grover Cleveland was much older than his wife Frances. Cleveland also claimed paternity of an additional child named Oscar Folsom Cleveland with Maria Crofts Halpin. Neither looks like a case of "grooming." Has any actual historian written about this alleged grooming?

I don't think Russia is incompetent, but the guy who writes ACoUP is probably smarter and better-informed than I am by ceck in Geopolitics

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As a side note, ACoUP is "a collection of unmitigated pedantry" and it's really interesting and entertaining reading.

That aside, I also have seen many smart folks saying that Ukraine is losing very badly. I trust Larry Johnson's judgement in many things, and Larry Johnson linked to:

from his site at:

Proof that Israel controls Trump, the USA and so many other things by Alphix in Geopolitics

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I followed the link and found some text as follows:




I am not sure I understand the argument. The claim is that Israel controls Trump (and lots of other stuff).

Certainly it is well-known that Trump has a disproportionate number of Jewish power-brokers in his support network. For example, Trump's former mentor, Roy Cohn, is often cited as a Machiavellian Jewish power-broker. Maybe the argument is supposed to be "powerful Machiavellian Jews (who resemble Roy Cohn) control Trump." If that is the argument, I guess many people would consider it to be common knowledge and not worth debating. I suppose some people would say that Trump is controlled by powerful Machiavellian capitalists but it's unfair to notice the ethnicity of those capitalists.

By "Israel" most people mean "the government of Israel." However, the author might mean "powerful international Jewish interests" or even "the hive-mind of international Jewry."

One reading of the argument is that given Inconvenient Facts #1 and #2, we can infer that the government of Israel controls Trump. That argument might need some refinement. For example, assuming a combination of Jewish in-laws and the Jewish-run Rothschild banks control Trump, it is not clear that the government of Israel controls the Rothschild banks. In fact, the Rothschild banks might control the government of Israel, rather than the other way around.

Greetings and wish I found this app sooner. by [deleted] in Introductions

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Hopefully its not infiltrated and modded by mental toddlers and ideological misfits.

If the users of saidit fit in well to reddit, we would probably all be on reddit. (Assuming that we are not paid advertisers, spies, cops, or Pinkertons) the fact that we bothered to create user accounts suggests that we did not fit in to the better-known, more mainstream communities.