Columbus Day isn't based by Noloben in debatealtright

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Whites should have stayed tribal and never left Europe

That ship has sailed a long time ago, why lament yourself over something that is irreversible.

He was one of the most disastrous people who ever lived.

For native-American civilizations probably, yes. But from the point of view of Europeans Columbus' actions didn't lead to disaster, quite on the contrary. Whites at some point in the 19th century constituted 1/3 of the world's population, up from the usual 10~15% before the age of imperialism. Things didn't start to go south for the West until the late 19th century, I would say. To assign the responsibility for the current degenerate state of affairs to Christopher Columbus is a stretch.

Colonialism and proto-globalism wasn't based.

Expanding your people's living space is not only based, it is arguably a natural impulse of any tribe/group. Imperialism is actually inevitable. The romanticization of tribalism is also the epitome of naive reactionary thinking. What exactly do you believe would have happened if Europeans had stayed 'tribal'? That's right, the European tribes would eventually have been overrun (as they were in Italy, Gaul and Spain, for instance), either by a civilized power or by the hordes from the East. Complex Civilizations last longer, are more stable, and less mobile, than tribes.

Marrano Jew

These idiotic and baseless accusations of Jewishness happen all too often here and make us look stupid.

Read the comments, why does the "normie" right keep doing this? by Nasser in debatealtright

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It's called cowardice. The thought of feral, genocidal black and brown hordes coming for them and their defenseless families at some point in the future, slaughtering them and throwing them into mass graves is too terrifying to the coddled mind of the average middle-class urbanite westerner. That's why they will always prefer to rationalize such things. The same thing applies to JQ-denialism. The reality of genocidal Jewish anti-whiteness is simply too painful and monstrous for the majority to accept. The realization of how bad things actually are would mean they couldn't possibly keep going on with their cowardly lives. It would make inaction indefensible.

What it amounts to is essentially kicking the can down the road. It's procrastination. The pain these people might suffer a few decades from now for ignoring the obvious warning signs of a coming mass killing will be much greater than the pain of going through the red-pilling process.

Alt-right and Mugabe by Noloben in debatealtright

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Why should we support a leader who has committed genocide against an european-descended people by stealing their land and killing them? I don't care what he said about Jews, has has ordered white families expelled/killed and the women raped. Mugabe is an enemy.

HAPPENING: Race War in Paris, Sirens turned on for first time since WW2, IEDs and Attempted Prison Break by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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I don't think many people care about some random mulatto thug getting what he deserves. In fact, 70% of French support sending in the army to smash the rioting roaches, which is a very different public opinion situation from 2020 in the infinitely more pozzed US. This kind of niggardly niggerism doesn't get nearly as much sympathy in still relatively sane Europe as it does in xanax-fueled yankland.

After our victory... by DisastrousDepth14 in debatealtright

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We can't restore european monarchies because the social class that formed its backbone has mostly disappeared and the ones left are horrifically degenerate. "Fascist dictatorship" is a terrible form of government that leads to mismanagement and catastrophe. A complex system of checks and balances similar to the US constitution will probably be needed.

I think this isn't that big of an issue though, as the reconquest of Europe is naturally going to lead to the emergence of a new legitimate ruling class. The form of government will have to be designed pragmatically and we still can't know what the circumnstances will be. The most important thing by far is to ensure long-term legitimacy and stability.

HAPPENING: Race War in Paris, Sirens turned on for first time since WW2, IEDs and Attempted Prison Break by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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It's evident that there are a lot less far-left whites participating in this than in 2020 BLM riots. It's also evident that the turd here is a lot better organized and they are actually managing to blow up police stations and steal govt ammo. Might be due to the fact that many of these invaders are disciplined muslim jihadists with military training and not simply useless, fentanyl-powered ghetto trash as US niggers are. Arabs are capable of causing A LOT more damage than niggers for despite being less animalistic/psychopathic they are a lot more intelligent and can actually think in terms of guerilla warfare and not simply random looting.

American Nationalists, how do you view the Virginia and New Jersey governor elections? by Nasser in debatealtright

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I feel slightly better about it than I've felt about past GOP victories, because if you look past the cringey Republicuck sugarcoating and "Dems are the real racists" kind of rhetoric, the issue that has actually swung this race is anti-white racism. It is obviously too little, too late though. But if our goal is to radicalize and take over the right, we have to start somewhere, I guess. It is undeniably a progression.

With that being said, this paves the way for a GOP landslide in 2022 and a possible return of Trump in 2024. We might actually be stuck within the Trumpist paradigm for another decade or so, and I honestly cannot foresee where this would lead us to.

Should women have the right to vote? by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Married women should have the right to vote. Women who are lost in life and refuse to fulfill their purpose shouldn't. The same thing applies to men by the way. Only men who fulfill their duty as providers and actively contribute to society by working and raising a family should have the right to vote. Putting it short, only people who have a stake in the future of society. That way we would weed out 90% of the degenerate elements and human detritus who make modern democracy the clown show it presently is.

Thoughts on the Trucker Convoy? by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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At this moment the COVID restrictions are, in fact, much more relevant than any other issue in the lives of the majority of people. Yes, there are other problems, but they become relatively minor if people are at the mercy of the increasingly totalitarian excesses of an illegitimate ruling elite that is becoming erratic, unhinged, and aggressive. The key point here is that the power that is doing this to us is completely illegitimate, and in fact openly hates us and wishes us to be gone. I could understand people who fell for the COVID narrative back in 2020, but now, with all evidence pointing to the total and complete failure of everything "experts" advised governments to do, to still believe any of this and be willing to defend the regime's course of action is just stupid and cringe.

The totalitarian infrastructure that has been created and normalized in the last two years will certainly be used against us in the future in even more morbid ways. The fact that we are seeing the largest mass mobilization in decades contradicts your view that "masks or vaccines have had no influence" on people's lives. I'd say Covid restrictions amount to ritualistic mass torture and humiliation. Wearing masks is dehumanizing. We are on a slippery slope that leads directly to hell, and if people don't stand up against this now, I actually believe mass graves are just around the corner for us, no exaggeration here.

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen by PrawoJazdy in debatealtright

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Let's also remember that Die Grünen can trace its roots to explicit pedophile activism in the 1970s and 1980s. Many pedophiles had prominent positions in leading German newspapers at the time. In 1979, left-green newspaper Tageszeitung actually published a pedophile manifesto, and other leading newspapers (including "centrist" ones) routinely published pro-pedophilia positions and advocated for the abolition of the age of consent. Pedophilia was on course to being normalized in Germany up until the 90s. The effort failed because society wasn't ripe for it yet and it generated a backlash, but this really shows us where transhumanist ideology and leftism inevitably will lead to. The German left has always been a pioneer in absolutely stomach-turning degeneracy that would shock even the most repulsive 2021 Anglo Bugman. No other country has such a large Zoophile movement and such an enormous problem with the most extreme kinds of porn.

Putinist Russia and communist China would likely provide material support for White Genocide in South Africa. by lokke767 in debatealtright

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There is a lot of good will among White nationalists when it comes to Russia. Lots of us admire and wish we could fully support the Russian regime. But any state which supports or financing anti-white third-worldism would automatically become an enemy of White people. So Russia must think very carefully about what it is doing in Africa and Latin America because the consequences may be catastrophic.

The bar is really low here. It's really not that hard but the soviet boomers in the Kremlin are somehow still managing to screw it up.

Joe Biden's next Supreme Court is a Black Woman. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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Of the last 5 Democrat nominees a total of FOUR were outright jewish and the other one is the dumbest and least qualified person to ever dishonor the Supreme Court (Sonia Sotomayor). Now comes the Big Black Bitch to complete this squadron of horrors. The fact that ALL Democrat SCOTUS nominees since Carter have been either rabid militant marxist Jews or grotesquely unqualified colored tokens is a perfect illustration of the ethnic nature of America's political divide. Too bad Republicans are still very far from even realizing that they are, in fact, fighting a racial war.

Keith Woods: "Are people still going to call Tucker a gatekeeper and a net negative now that he's calling out the great replacement on Fox?" by [deleted] in debatealtright

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Stealthily infiltrating mainstream discourse and institutions is literally the only path forward for us, it is how the left achieved almost absolute power and should be our main long-term goal. Tucker Carlson is the best thing that has happened to White America in decades, the fact that some of our people are actually complaining about it leaves me speechless, not to say disgusted.

Tucker escalates, calls out The Great Replacement in segment about Census Data and exposes Jews and non-whites exploding in glee over a declining White population by lokke767 in debatealtright

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Yeah, Tucker obviously isn't perfect but this is still a massive shift of the overton window. Fox News and the boomercons are moving in the right direction. Nothing like this would be allowed on television even 2 years ago.

2020 US Census shows White population has DROPPED by 8.6% in a decade. The first ever in U.S History. by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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"Whites" are now where "non-hispanic whites" were 10 years ago, at 61%. White people as we understand it are probably at 53-54%, if we're lucky we're still more than 40% of under-18s. Also "two or more races" has almost quadrupled in 10 years. It's at least 6% in every state except WV and Mississippi now. Lousiana is now as white as America as a whole.

Expect a parade of triumph by the whole jew media in the coming weeks.

Roe v Wade set to be overturn by Richard_Parker in debatealtright

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This is a necessary step for the dismantlement of the activist judiciary system - one of the most important wings of the globalist anti-White establishment. Frankly this is the one area where GOP conservatives are actually winning - the left losing its supremacy over the judiciary is a major setback for their centuries-long march through the institutions. Overturning all these dictactorial, illegitimate judicial decrees and handing important matters back to the people's representatives (especially on the state and local levels) is of vital importance. The process will take decades and could still be derailed but this is a major milestone. Regardless of what you think about abortion, it is a win.

Thoughts on the Trucker Convoy? by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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If you want to solve White Genocide you must remove the people who are perpetrating it from power. Coincidentally, those are the same people who have given us covidism, masks, social distancing, school closures, mandatory experimental vaccines, etc. Apparently, you believe they have our best interests in mind in the latter case, that's your opinion. But even if just for practical purposes, I still think you should support the protesters.

This is right now the globalist regime's weak spot. It's been a power-grab that has had disastrous consequences. Vaccines have failed to stop deaths, let alone transmission. Social distancing and lockdowns have been unmitigated disasters with negligible effects on virus transmission and catastrophic social costs, and everyone is starting to realize this now. People are seeing that it might indeed have been all for nothing and they are pissed. The bizarre mask clown show is also finally losing its appeal. The totalitarian covid narrative is going down and the potential for total loss of legitimacy and destabilization is here. Great time to strike, I'd say.

Can Lebanon's lack of success be blamed on Israel? by radicalcentrist in debatealtright

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To a large extent it can. Israel has been sabotaging its neighbors since its inception. The long-term goal of a large portion of the Israeli elite is to depopulate the entire Levant to open up space for Greater Israel. They will settle the land with orthodox and chasidic Jews who breed like rabbits and have explosive growth rates and a level of ethnocentrism and fanaticism that is unparalleled by any group on the face of the earth. The same phenomenon is going on in America BTW, with large swathes of NY and NJ threatened by unstoppable, roachlike chasidic expansion. Just look up Lakewood, NJ. It's alarming shit.

Speaking of Lebanon, another factor that plays a role in its sorry state is the fact that it's a nonviable multicultural entity with no religious or ethnic unity. Lebanon shows us how a Muslim minority in a Christian country can quickly become a majority through a combination of higher birth-rates, intimidation tactics and civil war. The Lebanese diaspora is overwhelmingly Christian BTW, mostly people who escaped persecution by the emerging Moslem majority. They also tend to be based. Lebanese Christian money plays an important role on the identitarian French right-wing for example.

Eric Zemmour is eating Marine Le Pen alive by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Zemmour seems incredibly based to me, I find it even hard to believe he's been allowed to get this far. Also, good thing that he's replacing Le Pen, who has already demonstrated she isn't viable and has moved so much to the "center" that I don't even think it would be all that great to have her in power terms of cost-benefit, considering the backlash she would generate and the attrition the right-wing would inevitably take. I hope the Le Pen base completely switches over to Zemmour, as a divided right would be the worst-case scenario.

I have two questions pertaining to Zemmour, if OP or someone french could answer them it'd be appreciated: 1- How is the fact that he is an afro-jew perceived by the Marine Le Pen base, and do you think of it as a problem when considering whether or not to support him? 2- Economically speaking, would he be a classic free-market conservative or more Le Pen-style statist? I would assume that free-market economics could alienate some of the youth and white working class voters, while at the same time winning over some older people and cuckservatives.

Tucker escalates, calls out The Great Replacement in segment about Census Data and exposes Jews and non-whites exploding in glee over a declining White population by lokke767 in debatealtright

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The Murdoch media machine is starting to explicitly talk about whites and has been dropping news articles about anti-white racism, which used to be a verboten topic. Keith Woods has mentioned this recently. They use the boomer talking points of "the left trying to divide us" but I guess this indicates there is a ceiling to the commitment of the Anglos who run Fox News to Jewish supremacy and anti-whiteness. I doubt even elite WASPs can afford to stay silent much longer before the jewish hydra starts coming hard on them. The Koch think tanks are fueling the fire of anti-CRT protests too so maybe we're seeing actual elite polarization now, that is a prerequisite for civil war.

George Soros's right hand man Howard Rubin caught raping women in an New York sex dungeon by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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Satan has indeed already been released from the abyss, and is in the process of taking hold of Earth. I don't think evil has ever been so widespread at such a planetary scale, ever.

Secession is inevitable - Part 2 by Dragonerne in debatealtright

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Top three are in my view Idaho, Montana and Wyoming - high dissident population already, few Jews, huge territory, stunning nature, less urbanized.

Next I'd say NH and Maine - they are basically swing states now and even a small influx could have tremendous political influence both on the local and on the federal level. All the dissident right has to do is take over the Republican side of the spectrum, you probably need less than 20% of the population to do that. A dedicated minority of 10-15% white nationalists would radically change local culture and winning republican primaries would be easy.

I'd exclude Delaware and also Rhode Island from the list - too many blacks (Delaware) and Jews (Rhode Island) and also too small territories with a high rate of urbanization.

Russia signs military deals with 40 African states by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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It doesn't simply "look" bad. Russian money will be financing the bullets which Julius Malema's feral niggers use to slaughter White South Africans. In fact, it almost certainly already is.

Is France in the worst state compared to other White nations? by 8thmonitor in debatealtright

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France has relevant people with mainstream media presence openly talking about "race war", in these exact terms. Shitlib Macron might actually have the balls to send in the army to smash the brown cockroaches vandalizing their public areas.

Britain meanwhile is under the yoke of a Judeo-Brahmin mafia and is literally governed by a Brown dwarf, who is the head of the furthest right political party they have. Britain is unequivocally worse off than France, also when it comes to miscegenation, which is calamitous circumnstance in England. England has become a dark, satanic mill which sucks vulnerable, single Eastern European women from their homogeneously white homelands into afroislamic ghettoes and makes them breed with negroes and asiatics only to subsequently deport them back to their home countries w/ their mongrel children, thus polluting the previously pure bloodline. England is literally a machine which sucks in youthful, blonde-haired, blue eyed polish girls in the springtime of their fertility and spits out gloomy mulatto thugs and wh*res into continental Europe non-stop.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a total failure and could lead to Russia's downfall by lokke767 in debatealtright

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An ukrainian victory was never on the cards, but this was supposed to be a quick and decisive win for Russia. Every russophile analyst predicted the war to be over within days and so did the Kremlin. Anything short of total, quick and decisive victory is a failure in this case.

The collateral damage is an order of magnitude worse than what the Kremlin predicted. Ukraine has been irreversibly depopulated and radicalized. This will lead to chaos long-term.

Russia has been surprisingly quiet, are they winning or are things not going as planned? by JuliusCaesar225 in debatealtright

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Russia certainly needs to do better on the PR and propaganda front. Calling the jewish oligarchic government of Ukraine "Nazis" surely isn't helping. They should stick with reality and drop the laughable soviet framing that will only convince octagenarian babushkas and the most retarded tankies.

edit: deploying Chechen hordes into the heart of Ukraine is also a horrific look and borderline insane move in PR terms, to say the least. I can only hope that Russia manages to pacify Ukraine soon, but things are looking worse than I initially expected, especially considering Putin needs a quick victory as the war is hardly popular among the Russian populace. Though it is true that the hardcore information war being waged primarily by the West makes it almost impossible to accurately evaluate the situation. I guess we'll have to wait.

Thoughts on the Trucker Convoy? by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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Nah, Israel is the world's most vaxxed country and deaths are surging again, their ICUs are just as full as they were in the last surge a few months ago as well as in the first 2020 surge. Not really all that far from the all-time peak. The same thing can be seen in nearly all Euro countries. The prediction was that the virus would not only cease to kill people once a high enough proportion of people was vaxxed, it would also prevent transmission altogether. The predictions were grotesquely wrong, just like they've been wrong about lockdowns, masks, etc. So tell me again how this eccentric vaccination campaign in which people need a new dose every few months (unprecedented and medically questionable, to say the least) is succeeding.

The regime's narrative has worked while people still had faith that the pandemic would come to an end due to the "miracle vaccines". People are now disillusioned. The narrative is crumbling. The fact is that the predictions from the manufacturers about the vaccine's efficacy were completely wrong. We might be dealing with an exceptionally bad vaccine. You can't really blame the unvaxxed when there are surges in countries where 95%+ of the population is triple-jabbed, soon to be quadruple-jabbed. This is quite clearly an unmitigated policy disaster. The most painful thing about all this is that the amount of people who have actually died isn't really demographically relevant - we are talking about a 10% increase in mortality or so, with a negligible increase among healthy young people (the people society should be focused on protecting and developing). So, our leaders have upended our society, destroyed young people's lives, and wrecked the children for very little gain.

Eric Zemmour is eating Marine Le Pen alive by Ethnocrat in debatealtright

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Sounds great.

I feel like China is the one that's actually playing 4D chess by casparvoneverec in debatealtright

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The problem for China is that their society is also degenerating as a result of the adoption of wild capitalism. The Chinese population is very shallow and materialistic. That is already manifesting itself in the low fertility rates (1.2 and going down despite large rural population), rampant degeneracy and "female liberation".

Xi seems to have realized the scale of the problem and that is why he is clamping down on vices and western influence. He will not succeed in his intentions, it is too late to reverse course.

China will likely see a few decades of material progress and immense power but its fall will be precipitous. All the nefarious social trends that took centuries to metastasize in the west are already present in China and will metastasize much more quickly, because their transition from a traditional society to technological modernity has been too fast and too radical.

Funny: In Peruvian election, 80% of Peruvians in US voted for the ultra-right-wing candidate by lokke767 in debatealtright

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Fujimorists are actually far more right-wing than every republicuck in Congress.

“I slacked through teen years. I went into debt for a worthless bachelor’s degree. I failed to foster community and healthy coping mechanisms. I’m overweight, addicted, depressed, and anxious. I create no value for others.” “Damn you, capitalism.” by Republican58 in debatealtright

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Nah, being a wage slave is way more respectable than being a degenerate parasite who only complains and lives off other people's money. If peasants want to rise to the top and change the system they must do so by working hard with a stoic attitude. Whiners who refuse to be productive are social detritus who would literally be exterminated in any healthy society.

Potential Coup by Wagner PMC underway in Russia by ifuckredditsnitches_ in debatealtright

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Let us hope that the scenario of Civil War w/ thousands of nuclear warheads disappearing into mercenary hands can be avoided.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a total failure and could lead to Russia's downfall by lokke767 in debatealtright

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Russophiles aren't exactly happy with the results of the invasion either, it's not just CIA propaganda. The invasion IS a failure objectively speaking. The long-term ramifications for Russia and Ukraine are nothing short of catastrophic.

Thoughts on the Trucker Convoy? by send_nasty_stuff in debatealtright

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It is lower than in the US and a bit lower than in Europe, yes, but not really exceptionally low. And it's identical right now to what it was during the first covid wave in 2020. So that does look like failure to me. I doubt we'd be having a black death-like scenario without the vax, which is what you are implying. The elderly are about 99% vaxxed in most of the developed world, and we are seeing similar death rates to when the rate was 0%. And that with "milder" omicron.

But go ahead and keep taking your infinite boosters, just don't force healthy young people to do it for no reason. Nobody is protesting against the right to vaccination, they just don't want to be denied citizenship and treated like cattle by their traitorous government.

Genuine question on views of DR anti-vaaxxers/covid-skeptics by talmudstein-returns in debatealtright

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There is zero evidence any of the mitigating measures even work at all, and the mainstream is starting to realize that, which is why we are seeing a gradual but obvious narrative shift. Brazil as far as I am aware also did draconian lockdowns and even vax passes, it is also a non-example because it has very similar death rates to similar countries that adopted even harsher measures. The country with the highest death rate by far has been Peru, which had an extremely harsh approach, and it's likely due to genetic reasons, as its genetic makeup is primarily indio. The Vax is a whole different matter, but what is crucial is to understand that there is no reason at all to force healthy, young people to take an experimental gene therapy that won't even prevent transmission in the first place.

I view this primarily as another step in the west's descent into a highly managed totalitarian society composed of weak, pathetic individuals who are too afraid to venture outside because of a virus that will kill a negligible amount of healthy, young people. To prioritize saving the lives of fat, sick and old people at the expense of society's functioning and young, healthy people's livelihoods is not only bizarre, it is criminal and a symptom of a terminal sociocultural illness. The pandemic totalitarianism is another step in the murder of the european spirit and its replacement by semitic-asiatic insectoid collectivism.

Small whitepills - The Biden government has already crumbled and the right has won the 2020 narrative war over BLM by lokke767 in debatealtright

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Leaving Afghanistan was Trump's decision, not Biden's. His spending proposals are filled with globalist and anti-white shit. The non-white invasion via Mexico is also accelerating and reaching unprecedented levels, so explain to me how Biden is the "best president in at least two decades".

Searching google images for "white people" brings all anti-white sources and almost all blacks by peaceful in debatealtright

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I get the impression that the term "white people" is mainly used by non-whites (especially blacks) and almost always with a negative intonation. I have rarely seen actual "white people" use this term. Usually they simply say "whites" to refer to their own group.

I bet most people on the internet who are using this term are rabid anti-white SJWs, hence the bizarre results. The possibility that google curates their gallery isn't excluded, though.

Argentine president: "Mexicans came from Indians, Brazilians came from the jungle. But we Argentines came from boats, boats that sailed from Europe. That is how we built our society". by lokke767 in debatealtright

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Argentines are no longer purely white but it is still a good thing that they reject the wicked indio side and value their European origins.

Percentages who say political correctness is a big problem in the US today by Fourth_stage in debatealtright

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Blacks don't care about political correctness, especially about LGBTFreaks (who they hate) and slut-shaming. As long as you properly worship the blacks they don't give a shit about all the rest.